Sora in the magic bag….


“Oh crap, the potions!”


My huge stash of potions are in my magic bags.

The other bags are in similar condition.

The only empty one is the bag meant for trash…I can’t allow this.

I stared at Sora.


“I’m sorry, please endure for a bit.”


Because I only came to see the village situation and gather some information about the surrounding areas, I planned to leave the village soon.

I was very confused, but in the end I put Sora into the bag containing potions.

Let’s prepare a special bag for Sora.


I entered Latoto Village, then immediately searched for a place where adventurers gathered while checking up on the village’s situation.

I concluded from the village’s situation that there seemed to be no major problem around the village.

What I needed next was information about the forest.

I can get the most important information about monsters and violent animals from adventurers’ stories.

There are bars in the village center, and there are also a lot of shops where adventurers gather.

Since they brag about the monsters and animals they hunted in these kind of places, I can easily understand about situation in the forest.

The best time to gather information is in the evening since stories people say when they are tipsy are the most trustful.

If people go beyond tipsy, they start to blabber so their stories are useless.

I listened to their stories as I slowly walked along the street.

What I understood from their stories was that the forest near this village was relatively safe.

I was glad I could get Sora out of the bag.

But I heard a story that bothered me.

There seemed to be signs that the number of snake monsters increased, and they said that the village might issue a request to exterminate them.

The location seemed to be in the village road leading towards the next village.

I wondered if it was better to stay in this village for a while and checked the situation.

Besides…I wanted to go hunting and make some money.

If there are a lot of field mice, I think I can hunt them as well.

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