t later than usual.

I was preoccupied with other things.

I must be careful.


I looked at Sora in my arms.

What should I do?

I couldn’t leave it in the middle of the forest.

When I got closer to the village while worrying, I sensed presence of people approaching.

I thought it would be dangerous, so I put Sora in my magic bag.

In an instant, three adventurers emerged from the forest.

They must have been hunting, seeing that they brought a slightly big snake.

For some reason they seemed to be hurrying back to Latoto village without dissecting their prey.

I walked slowly and waited for them to disappear from my sight.

When I was finally relieved.


“Ah, I put it in my magic bag!”


I stared at the magic bag where I put Sora into.

I heard that no living creature could get into a magic bag, whether it was a regular or degraded version.

They would be sent flying if they tried to get in.

I looked around me, but I didn’t see Sora’s figure.

…Perhaps it disappeared?

I went back to forest in a hurry and moved away from the village road.

I placed my bad on a toppled down tree while making sure there was no presence around.

I took a deep breath and reached into the bag searching for Sora.

Immediately a somewhat cold thing hopped on my hand.


When I pulled out my hand, Sora was bouncing.

Haa~ I lost all the strength in my body and I slumped down on the spot.

For some reason, Sora seemed to be alright being put inside a magic bag.

Perhaps it was just not well known that you could put some creatures safely in a degraded magic bag.

Oh, I see!

If I can put Sora in my bag, we can be together and people won’t see it.

I found out unexpectedly, but with this my problem was solved.

It was indeed resolved, but…hmm.


“I’m sorry, Sora.
I put you in a bag meant for trash.”


Yes, the bag I put Sora into was a bag with trash piled up.

There must be some discolored potions and torn clothes inside.


“I’m sorry.”

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