to be forcing the monster to admit surrender by using force.

The latter seems to be taming method recommended for tamer with 3 stars or more, I can’t relate at all.

It is written if any of the method succeed, a mark will appear.

Transfer a little amount of magic power… I guess it’s okay if it’s just a little bit?

Anyway it’s just a little.

I looked at the crumbled slime.

It was staring back at me.


“Anyway just a little.”


I checked for any presence in my surroundings.

I didn’t sense any approaching presence.

I told myself that it would be alright, and I kneeled before the crumbled slime.

I put just a little bit of magic power on the tip of my right index finger, then I moved my finger closer to the crumbled slime.

My heart was beating noisily.

If I was rejected, that would be the end.

The crumbled slime rubbed its body against my fingertips, all the while bouncing.

I felt my magic power flowed from my fingertip.

I hurriedly pulled my finger and watched the crumbled slime.

It bounced and bounced.

Since it was faintly covered with light, somehow it seemed to accept my magic power.

Next, I announced my name and lastly, I gave a name to the crumbled slime….

My name.

Not the name parents gave me.

The name I thought up since I left the village.

I named myself ‘Ivy’ so I could live strongly even if I was trampled on.

It was a name I dragged out from my previous soul’s memory.

It seems like a name of a plant that will live strongly even if it was trampled on.

Then, a name for this crumbled slime…Hmm, because it’s blue then Ao? Blue?

I need something more…I looked up to the beautiful blue sky while thinking.

Ah…Sora, I’ll name it Sora!



“I’m Ivy, and you’re Sora!”


Its body bounced a little harder.

As I watched with worry if it would disappear, a small pattern appeared on its forehead.

I guess this pattern meant that I tamed the slime successfully.

I’m glad it went well!

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