After meeting a slime for the first time, I came across a lot of slimes on my way to Latoto.

A large number of slimes seemed to spawn near the village road leading to Latoto.

I didn’t hear about this when I collected information, but perhaps information about weak slimes was not that extensive.

Nevertheless, I was tired even though I was only escaping.

I think it’s about time I arrive in the next village.

Oh no, I ran out of water.

I must refill my water bottle somewhere.

I still don’t know where the village is located.

In case the village is still far away from here, I need to refill my water bottle.

I could faintly hear the sound of water when I listened carefully.

It seemed a little far from here, but it couldn’t be helped.

I entered the forest, and walked towards the sound of water.


There was a slightly large lake located where the sound of water led me.

There were a lot of unfamiliar flowers blooming on the surface of the lake.

I don’t know its name, but it has large leaves floating on water surface, its stems grow out from the water between its leaves, and slightly large white and pale pink flowers sway from its stems.

I was fascinated by the flowers for a while.

I came to myself, I quickly looked around to check if there was any strange occurrence.

Although I did say I couldn’t lose my focus in the middle of the forest….

I found a river flowing into the lake and refilled my bamboo tube with water.

I wish I could obtain a few more bamboo tubes, but most people don’t use things like bamboo tubes.

The dumped ones are all broken.

If I find bamboos somewhere, I guess I should try making them myself.

In order to return to the village road, I looked for the mark I left in the forest.

The mark I left was a thin green rope.

I was about to return to the village road as well as retrieving the rope.

“…What is this?”

There was a strange living creature in the place near the village road.

I thought it was a slime at first glance, but looked like I was wrong.

Its body was somehow like a slime stretched horizontally.

Its color was semitransparent blue, and its eyes were…evil but had some charms to them.

“…So cute.”

…Even though it was a monster, I thought it was cute.

With this, I couldn’t mock my previous self any more.

But somehow, this creature resembling a crumbled slime is cute.

The slime wannabe was staring fixedly towards me.

…Slime wannabe? I remembered seeing it in the slime section of a book about collapsed monsters.

“I remembered…crumbled slime?”

It was mentioned in the book as a rare slime without name.

It was a rare slime called the weakest slime, or crumbled slime based on its appearance.

When they said rare, I imagined something powerful, but this one was the weak kind of rare.

“Surely, it will disappear if it’s blown by strong wind?”

It shares the same fate with me as the weakest, but because I don’t want to say ‘weakest’, let’s call it a crumbled slime!

I felt some sense of familiarity towards it.

Wind blew strong enough to muss my hair.

The crumbled slime in front of me rolled around blown by the wind.

“…It’s really weak.”

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