r, and put it in my magic bag.

When I was going to return to the way I came from, a slime appeared from behind the grasses.

An ordinary slime with green color, and shaped like a triangle with rounded corners.

…an untamed slime is a monster.

Honestly, I’m scared.

It seems that the slime of this world is not cute at all.

This is my previous soul’s opinion.

My previous soul who looked for cuteness in a monster, might actually be stupid.

Leaving that aside, I have to think about how to escape…

Slimes are weak, but they attack by hurling themselves or shooting sticky bullets.

I can’t use neither offensive nor defensive magic.

I do have a sword, but a sword is not effective against a slime.

To escape is my safest bet.

I ran towards the village road to avoid grassy places where slimes appeared.

I searched around for any presence from the village road, but I guessed it didn’t chase after me.

I was glad that one slime was slow.


I heard if you have high magic power, you can bring down a slime by using basic fire magic.

But my magic power is extremely low.


In this world, they use some magic in their daily lives.

These so-called basic magic are the ones used to create fire, spill water, remove dirt and so on.

They said everybody is able to use those three kinds of magic.

Of course I, too, should be able use them, but I can’t.

The reason is the amount of my magic power.

Because my magic power is too low, I can’t use magic.


The amount of times you are able to use basic magic varies from person to person.

The difference is determined by the amount of magic power you have.

I used basic magic since I was 5, and practiced to increase my magic power so it wouldn’t hinder me in my daily life.

However, in my case, no matter how much I used basic magic, my magic power had never increased.

Or it might have increased a little, but the increase was very insignificant so I couldn’t tell at all.


With my current level of magic power, it will decrease to almost zero after I use fire magic once.

If my magic power decreases to zero in the forest, I won’t be able to sense for any presence.

Sensing for presence doesn’t require magic power, but when my magic power is zero, my physical ability decreases.

It can be deadly in the forest.

I may need magic power if I fight against something.

Even if the battle goes well, there is no such thing as next battle for me.

That’s why no matter how weak the slime is, I can’t fight it.

Just run away.

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