at quite a lot of people were going to participate.

I searched for an area where adventurers stay, a little away from the village center.

It seems that the village allocated an area for adventurers with no money.

Because that area seems to have a simple kitchen, it really saved me from troubles.

I found a slightly wide space.

Since there were tents put up, this should be the right place.


I imagined the area to be more crowded, but it seemed that the adventurers had gone to hunt for wild boars.

I guess it’s obvious because they need to earn some money.


Because I saw a kitchen as soon as I entered the area, I decided to make dinner first.

I don’t want to use magic for cooking because I only have a low amount of magic power.

This area’s kitchen is handy because it has fire-inducing magic stones.

I cut the dissected field mice into proper size and grilled them.

I wrapped one portion of the grilled mice in bana leaves.

Another one portion is for today’s dinner.

I enjoyed my lavish dinner while checking the map I found at the dumpster.

For the time being, let’s check the name of this place.


The village where I was born was called Latomi.

When I checked it on the map, turned out that it was located really far from other towns.

The village next to Latomi was Latoff, though I didn’t go there, and the next village is Latone.

Perhaps this village is called Latone.

My next destination is Latoto.

According to the map, the distance seemed to be closer than my previous journeys.

I don’t know who threw the map away, so let’s not trust it too much.


Looking at writings after a long time, I remembered the fortune teller.

Even though I could read simple characters, I couldn’t really read.

The fortune teller who knew about this taught me how to read and write essential characters, and she also taught me simple calculations.

I want to see her gentle face again.

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