I checked the traps I set up before.

There were 2 field mice.

Today, I was able to catch a total of five field mice.


I heard that we could hunt for wild boars in this village.

Since you could earn more money by hunting wild boars, there was not a lot of people hunting field mice.

When wild boars rampaged, field mice scattered away.

Once you found their escape route, all you have to do next was setting up traps.

I planned to set up traps that could catch 2-3 field mice in a day at first.

But I managed to catch way more than that.

In just three days, I caught 24 field mice.

I’m quite happy.


After I finished dissecting them, I wrapped them tidily in bana leaves.

My previous soul said that presentation is also important.

Is it true?

I don’t really understand.


I entered the village and checked if there was any change in the villagers.

This was unexpectedly an important thing.

If the villagers were in a flurry, then it might mean something happened in the village, or monsters beyond their capability appeared.

When you are worried about something strange in your surroundings, the information you get when you ask around is unexpectedly easy to understand.

Today, the villagers seemed to bustling with energy more than usual.

I wondered if something happened?

I headed towards the butcher shop where I would sell the meat cautiously.


“Oh, field mice again today?”


“Yes, is it all right?”


“Oh, no problem.

Since harvest season is finished, the peddlers will all move out this weekend.

There is a sudden high demand for dried meat, but, you know, the villagers are…”




“The number of wild boars increased a little, and they all went there; they said it is easier to hunt them now.”


I see, because nobody hunts field mice, I caught a lot of them.


“Furthermore, I saw a bunch of wild boars in the forest yesterday.
I guess they are gathering people now?”


Was it the cause of the bustling before?

If the wild boars moved in a bunch, it might be dangerous in the forest.

I have to think about where to sleep for today.


“Here’s your money.
Because there is nobody else hunting this, the buying price increased a little, I’ll give you 2550 dall.”


“Thank you.”


Combined with what I earned on the first day, I earned a total of 2550 dall.

It’s about time to go to the next village.

But I saw the butcher’s dried meat.

The price had increased.

It can’t be helped if there is a demand, but I should have bought them before the price increased.

(T/N: I thought she earned 100 dall before?)


“Hmm? Do you want some dried meat?”


“Yes, I’m thinking of moving to the next village.”


“Is that so…as a thank you for your help.
Please wait a minute.”


The butcher brought back something from inside the shop.


“Shreds of dried meat.
I can sell you this for 100 dall.”


I took it to take a look.

It was certainly shreds of dried meat, but the amount was quite large.

This is enough food for 10 days.


“Thank you.”


I handed him 100 dall, bowed once again and left the butcher.

After I thought a little, I walked towards where the crowd of people were.

I wanted some information about where the bunch of wild boars were located.

I’m going to use that information as a base to consider which way I should head to in the forest.

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