sed a little, and they all went there; they said it is easier to hunt them now.”


I see, because nobody hunts field mice, I caught a lot of them.


“Furthermore, I saw a bunch of wild boars in the forest yesterday.
I guess they are gathering people now?”


Was it the cause of the bustling before?

If the wild boars moved in a bunch, it might be dangerous in the forest.

I have to think about where to sleep for today.


“Here’s your money.
Because there is nobody else hunting this, the buying price increased a little, I’ll give you 2550 dall.”


“Thank you.”


Combined with what I earned on the first day, I earned a total of 2550 dall.

It’s about time to go to the next village.

But I saw the butcher’s dried meat.

The price had increased.

It can’t be helped if there is a demand, but I should have bought them before the price increased.

(T/N: I thought she earned 100 dall before?)


“Hmm? Do you want some dried meat?”


“Yes, I’m thinking of moving to the next village.”


“Is that so…as a thank you for your help.
Please wait a minute.”


The butcher brought back something from inside the shop.


“Shreds of dried meat.
I can sell you this for 100 dall.”


I took it to take a look.

It was certainly shreds of dried meat, but the amount was quite large.

This is enough food for 10 days.


“Thank you.”


I handed him 100 dall, bowed once again and left the butcher.

After I thought a little, I walked towards where the crowd of people were.

I wanted some information about where the bunch of wild boars were located.

I’m going to use that information as a base to consider which way I should head to in the forest.

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