A Relaxing Time?


Ciel was asked to hide for a little while.


This was because Adandara were very rare demons, and I have never heard of anyone having tamed one.


If the story of the taming spreads, there was a possibility that I would be targeted again.


I was told that since Ciel was there, they could not do any forceful work, but that there were many options to break through, such as exploiting a weak point.


People were frightening.


“Ciel, I’ll come back after I hand them over, will you wait for me?”


Ciel purred at my words and immediately ran off to somewhere in the forest.


Their speed was something to behold every time I saw it.


“Amazing! Come to think of it, Ciel is still quite young.”


“Is it? I’m not well-informed about that.”


“Hmm~ that’s what I think? I don’t know much about Adandara as well.”


Rattler-san turned his head, recalling something.


Come to think of it, I think there was less information in the books about Adandara than about other demons.


There was information about their appearance, their coat color, and what they eat, but almost nothing about their growth process.


“Young Adandara are rare.
It’s said that they leave their parents 10 years after birth.”


Ten years with their parents.


That was pretty rare for a demon.


He mentioned that Ciel was young, but could Ciel have been more than 10 years old? 


“But from its appearance, that one is much younger.
Perhaps two or three years?  Considering that, it could be an excluded child.”


Cival-san looks thoughtfully in the direction Ciel ran off.


“…What’s an excluded child?”


That was a very nasty word.


“Adandara is a demon that raises only strong children.
If they deem the child weak, they are expelled from the herd.
I heard that many of them are killed by their parents at that time.”


Cival-san’s words make my breath pause for a moment.


I remembered the situation when I first met Ciel.


At that time, Ciel was on the verge of death.


I had always wondered what had targeted and tried to kill an Adandara, who was supposed to be so strong.


Was it the parents? 


“That’s terrible.”


I nodded at Rattler-san’s words.


“Well, from our point of view, it would be, but the world of demons is a world of the weak and the strong.
If they don’t leave behind strong children, they may not survive as a species, you know.”


Strong children, it was the same in the human world, I thought to myself.


The weak, the starless, were cut off.


Were Ciel and I similar? 








Sora’s cry caused Rattler-san and Cival-san to stare at Sora.


They tilt their heads at it.




Come to think of it, I might have never mentioned that Sora makes noises.


Because I thought that it was something that slimes does.


But maybe slimes were not supposed to make noises? 


Looking at their reactions, I thought so.


“Sora is special, isn’t it?”


Cival-san nodded as if he was convinced of something, and Rattler-san nodded as well.


Only Sora seemed to be enjoying by itself, bouncing and jumping around.


“We’re almost there, hide Sora for a while… wait, what’s up?”


Borolda-san seemed a bit puzzled, as if he sensed something strange had happened.


Should I mention that Sora was making noises? 


“It’s nothing.
Are they awake?”


Cival-san didn’t seem inclined to tell him.


I wondered why?


As I wondered, I hid Sora in my bag.


They did tell me to hide Sora as well because of her special appearance.


“Nouga is waking them up.
It’s too much trouble to take them with us while they’re unconscious.”


A few groans could be heard from a short-distance away.


It would seem that Nouga-san’s way of waking them up was a bit extreme.


I wondered if the person who was blown away by Ciel a while ago was all right? 


Ciel knocked him down, and Nouga-san smacked him to wake up.


After a while, four men who were a little wobbly came toward us.


They were tied up with their arms behind their backs so that they could not escape and were not tied up using straps but strong rope.


They seemed unusually anxious about their surroundings, and were very nervous.


What could that be about? 


“Hey, move quickly!”


Nouga-san’s words caused one of the men to jerk his body.


He seemed a little uncomfortable being among the adventurers.


“I had no idea you were involved with the organization.”


Cival-san called out to the man.


But the man walks away, trying his best to avoid eye contact.


Did Cival-san know the man? 


“He’s the eldest son of a slave trader.”


“Slave trader?”


“Nn? I’m talking about a legitimate one, not a black market one.”


I see.


So, he was the eldest son of a legitimate slaver.


So, that was why he had a different vibe from adventurers.


But why would the eldest son cross that dangerous bridge? 


If nothing went wrong, he would be the definite heir to the family business.


Could it be that the whole family was involved in the organization? 


If so, it would not be surprising if the eldest son was involved.


When a problem arises, it could be an opportunity to spread their hands.


As I stared at the man, I heard a faint laugh from Cival-san, who was walking next to me.


“Um, what is it?”


“Well, I was wondering if you might be thinking the same thing as I am.”


“…Are you suggesting that the entire family is involved with the organization?”


“I thought so as well.
But why do you think so?”


“I have heard that the eldest son or daughter usually have a special place in the family, so him doing this is strange.”


“Fufu, we have the same eye for the same things.
Maybe we’re similar in the way we think?”


Same as Cival-san.


I smiled spontaneously, feeling happy.


“This is the first time I’ve ever heard someone say we think alike and have a happy face.
It’s kind of refreshing.”


“How terrifying that you and Cival think alike.”


Rickbert-san shuddered.


Why did he have to say those words so often, I wondered?


Now look, he heard you.


“Rickbert, let’s have a long talk later.”




That was self-inflicted, wasn’t it?


I wonder why they were so freaked out when they were caught? 


“Haah, that’s enough Cival.
Come on, let’s move.”


What was that about? 


What were they doing? 


Maybe he was sending out a murderous intent? 


I heard that when one became a high-level adventurer, one could direct one’s killing intent at will.


I thought I would appreciate it if it were possible, but I wondered if it was. 


Cival-san was a wonderful man, after all.


“Ivy likes Cival, doesn’t she?”


Rattler-san said curiously.


I wondered if I do? 


I was not really sure, but I nodded my head in agreement.


I certainly liked the way Cival-san thought and behaved.


“That makes me happy~.”


Cival-san gently pats my head.


And a smile appeared on my face.


“It’s rare for you to be liked by a child, isn’t it?”


Nouga-san looked at me and Cival-san alternately with a curious expression on his face.


“That’s true, most of them fear me.”


“Scared? Cival-san is very kind, though.”


Borolda-san and Rickbert-san’s faces cringe at my words.


Nouga-san and Rattler-san laughed.


They were walking slowly because they had to match my walking speed.


So, it took us a little longer to get back to the town.


As soon as they saw us, the gatekeepers started to panic.


One of them came running toward us.


I wonder what happened? 


“Good work~ Ivy was safe.”


“Thank goodness.
The deputy leader has been inquiring about it several times, and we were having trouble.”


The Deputy Leader-San? 


We hadn’t really talked much, but did he have business with me? 


“Ivy likes people with strong habits, doesn’t she?”


Another bad comment from Rickbert-san was unleashed.


Cival-san glanced at him, making him look pale.


Borolda-san looked disappointed.


“Does Rickbert-san want to be tormented by Cival-san?”




Rattler-san, who was standing next to me, suddenly started to burst into laughter.


I hurriedly looked next to him and saw that he seemed to be holding back his laughter by shifting his gaze from me.


I wondered if he had uttered out aloud the words that had just crossed his mind. 


“I never meant to say that Rickbert-san is a man of unusual proclivities!”


I hurriedly explained, but my voice was a little too loud.


“Oh, wait, Ivy, what do you mean? What proclivities?”


Rickbert-san, who was handing over the captured people to the vigilantes, shouted in a panicked voice.


Both Rattler-san and Cival-san started laughing out loud.


Nouga-san was also laughing, his shoulders trembling.


…I was glad that they were having fun!

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