A Friend


I could smell the scent of the sun from Adandara as I embraced it.


Besides, my heart and body, which had been trembling with fear, suddenly lightened up.


“Thank you, I was so scared~”


Tears spilled out.


That moment when he grabbed my arm, when I hit his body to escape, and the pain transmitted from the arm that grabbed me.


Everything was scary.


I was really, really scared.


As I hugged Adandara’s neck tightly and cried, a gentle sound of growling reached my ears.


The warmth seeping in from its body as I hugged it.




It was followed by Sora’s voice, which sounded very carefree.


“Fufufu, thank you.
I’m okay now.”


I let go of the body I was hugging and smiled at the two.


Sora bounced around energetically, and Adandara purred.


All right, I then looked at my surroundings.


Four men lying on the ground.


What should we do with them?


Well, I need to tell Leader-san and the others.


I was in trouble.


I should explain why they fainted.


What should I say? 


Oh, someone was running this way.


Who could it be? 


Could it be one of them? 


With Adandara’s presence, I did not feel uneasy like before.


“What’s that? What is that presence?”


I felt the presence of the people approaching, the ones I had been with for the past few days.


After waiting for a while, I saw Borolda-san and the others in a hurry.


Cival-san and Nouga-san had already drawn their swords.


Rickbert-san and Rattler-san also looked grim.


“Ivy, thank God…!”


He was relieved to see me, but then his eyes widened as he noticed something.


I wonder what I should do? 


“Ivy, come here slowly.”


Rattler-san’s small voice reached out to me.


His face was a little tense with fear.


I looked closely and saw that not only he, but Borolda-san and the others all seemed to be afraid of something.


I wondered how they were doing.


I believed I was safe here with the presence of Adandara.


I looked at those who have collapsed, but they have not regained consciousness.


I wondered if there were others of their kind hiding out there. 


I searched for signs around me, but there was no sign of anyone else.


Adandara, my friend, rubbed its head against my body.


I tilted my head as I stroked the top of its nose.


What was it that was scaring them so much? 




I heard the surprised voices of Borolda-san and the others.


I turned my gaze to them, and for some reason they were staring at me.




What happened? 


I played with Adandara, who was whimpering and rubbing against me, to calm it down.


It would seem that Adandara was happy to see me after a long time.


But right now, I am worrying about the other’s condition.




What should I ask them? 


Rattler-san stepped closer to me.


“Uh, Ivy, that demon behind you is…”


A demon? 


I turned around.


Adandara’s eyes meet mine.


The tail was wagging wildly, as if it was happy to see me.


Or rather, it was smacking the ground, causing a little dust to rise.


I could sense that the power of Adandara had increased in the short time I had been away from it.


Speaking of which, a demon… wait, demon? 




That was right, I had forgotten.


Adandara was a higher ranking demon.


I believe it was said that several teams of high-ranking adventurers would be needed to defeat it.


The book also said not to bother if there was no threat.


What should we do?


Adandara and I looked at each other again.


I rubbed its throat happily.


“Um, it’s a traveling companion.”


I didn’t want to hide anything from them.


Besides, I wanted to introduce them to a companion I was proud of.


Even now, Adandara had rescued me.


“I see… I mean, that mark on its forehead, is it the same as Sora’s?”


Forehead mark? 


I looked at Adandara and saw a mark on its forehead.




My mind went blank when I saw it.


Because the mark was similar to what appeared on Sora’s forehead when I tamed it.


“Ivy was a great tamer, huh?”




I didn’t tame it.


It was impossible for me to tame him because I didn’t have enough magic power to do so.


Then how did it get the mark? 


…ah, no, that’s not it.”


He looked at it curiously.


“It’s a miracle to see Adandara up close like this! Speaking of which, what’s this little fellow’s name?”




Well, if it was a tamed creature, it should have a name.


Or rather, it is not tamed as I thought.


If it was not named, the mark would not have appeared.


What was that mark on its forehead? 


I was going to think about naming it after getting permission, but it would be strange not to answer the question here.


“It’s Ciel.”


My previous knowledge said it means sky.


Sora, also meant the sky.


I thought this name was fitting.


I hoped it wouldn’t be mad at me for taking the liberty of giving it a name. 


I gently looked at Adandara and saw its tail wagging wildly.


It was pleased.


I was glad…but…


“…Ciel, let’s stop smacking the tail for now, okay? The person lying nearby might get buried.”


The force of the tail hitting the ground seemed to be strong.


The ground was slightly gouged.


And the dust that was swept up by the tail fell on the person who was lying on the ground.


The tail stopped.


Ciel looked back, saw the ground, and used its tail to swat away the fallen person.


The person was blown off to the side.


Then it looks at me and tilts its head as if saying, “Was that good?”. 


Sure, the person was no longer buried in the dirt, but now I was worried about something else.


I mean, I could hear groans from the person who was blown away.


Was the hit too much, or did it hit something painful? 


A person just got blown off with just a tail smack.”


Nouga-san sounded impressed.


Borolda-san shrieked with delight.


Cival-san gazed at Ciel’s tail curiously.


Rickbert-san was caught by Rattler-san trying to get close to Sora.


Why was no one worried?


“Will that man be all right?”


“He got what he deserved.”


“He’s still alive.”


I suppose it was true that he got what he deserved.


But “he’s still alive” was a weird response.


Cival-san’s smile said otherwise.


“Yes, I see.
Speaking of which, how did you end up here?”


Oh, that’s right.


How did Borolda-san and the others end up here? 


“We were talking to some of the adventurers we captured, and we found out that there were still a few who had not been captured.”


Cival-san sounded pleased with himself.


Next to him, Nouga-san looked a little dismayed.


“When we heard from Cival, we immediately set the neighborhood watch in motion, but we couldn’t locate a few people.
And we got word from the gatekeepers that one of them had gone into the forest to follow Ivy.”


Borolda-san shrugged.


“So we decided to search for Ivy in a hurry, but the forest is so big, we didn’t know where to start looking.
I was in a panic at that time! While I was wondering, I heard a demon roar from the forest, and I followed the sound and ended up here.”


Rattler-san looked at Adandara.


The roar of a demon? 


I wouldn’t know, I was too busy trying to escape.


Maybe Ciel called them to help me? 


“Was that roar from Ciel?”


Rattler-san asks me, but I have no idea either.


“I was too busy running away from those people that I didn’t notice the roar.”


“I see.
What did they do to you that you were so desperate to get away from them?”


Rattler-san grabbed my shoulder and asked me.


So, I explained the circumstances from the beginning.


That’s what happened.
And it sounds like they know a certain pervert.
Don’t you think we need to talk about that? What do you think, Nouga.”


Cival-san said with a very nice smile.


Borolda-san and Rickbert-san immediately avert their gaze.


Rattler-san, too, sported a smile that sent a shiver down my back.


Don’t worry, Nouga-san was here.


Let’s make some preparations.”




Wasn’t he supposed to be the one to stop Rattler-san? 


I looked at Nouga-san and smiled.


“Don’t worry.
They will definitely discuss who that pervert is, I will persuade them.”


No, if they see the expressions on Cival-san and Nouga-san’s faces right now, I think they would talk about it instantly.


Whether they will let them or not, I wouldn’t know.


And if it were just persuasion, they wouldn’t need a lot of preparation….


When I looked at Borolda-san, he was looking in an entirely different direction.




“Hahaha, sorry, I can’t do it.”


Ciel rubbed its nose on Cival-san’s shoulder.


“Leave it to me.”




Ciel apparently agreed.

T/L: See you in the next chapter.

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