in a place like this? Oh, you’re that Ivy kid, right?”


Calm down!

I managed to tone down the stiffness in my expression.

When I turned towards that voice, I saw a man laughing gently.

However, the other three did not show themselves.

I took a slow, deep breath to keep my voice from getting too stiff.


You are the adventurer who came here to call Saizerg-san and the others, right?”


I remembered.

The morning after I came to this town, he was the one who came here to call Saizerg-san and the others.


“So you remember me.
That’s right, I’m Harle, mid-level adventurer.
Nice to meet you.”


When Harle-san said his name, the bag slung on my shoulder swayed slightly.

Oh no, I’m only by myself here.

And there are three more people beside him.

I felt their presence circling around as if they were to entrap me.

I could not escape.

What should I do to create an opening?


“Nice to meet you, too.
What can I help you with today?”


“Hm? Ah, just a few things.”


“A few things?”


“Yeah, I got some info about dangerous monsters.
I came here to confirm that info.”


He’s lying.

I kinda wanted to ask him if he came here to confirm, then why are the other 3 hiding?

Ugh, what should I do?

Should I follow along until some point to find an opening?

But if they drug me, I’ll run out of any tricks.

Based on Meira-san’s plan, they are supposed to use some drugs.

It’s do or die now.


“You’re lying, aren’t you?”




“Are you with the organization? The 3 people in the back, I know you’re hiding.”


Harle-san’s eyes went wide.

I can sense that the 3 people in hiding are also agitated.

Now, what should we do from here?


“What are you talking ab—”

“Leader and Gilmas-san already know that you are with the organization.”


I certainly hope so!

Harle-san was visibly shaken by what I said.


Now is the chance!


I slammed my body toward Harle-san.

Then I fled away.


“Hey, wait! Oi, what are you doing? Catch that kid! We can sell the kid for a lot of money!”


The other 3 were hiding behind me in case I run away.

That’s why I thought if I want to take them by surprise, I should do it to Harle-san.

I succeeded for now, but he’s fast, as one would expect from an adult.


“I won’t let you escape!”


Their voices and footsteps are approaching.

Is my strategy a failure after all?

But I don’t want to give up!


“This damned kid!”


He grabbed me by the arm and slammed me against a tree.


My chest is pressed and I couldn’t breathe.




“Hey, don’t hurt the kid! We’re gonna sell them!”


What do you mean by selling me!

Like I’m gonna let you!


“What, we can hurt this thing a little, alright? Anyway kid’s going to that pervert’s place, isn’t it?


“Hahaha, well, you’re right.”


He grabbed my arm tightly, it’s so painful.

It’s frustrating.

I have to do something…




I heard a man’s frightened voice.

I wanted to turn around, but I can’t because my chest hurt and my hands are grabbed.


“What? Why…?”


“Wait, what should we do!”


Uu~, gurururu…


I heard a heavy, deep sound.

The man who was holding me trembled and his hands loosened.

He immediately swung my arms around and pulled his hands away.


For some reason, the hand immediately pulled away.




I found that strange, and when I looked at that man, he was pale and staring fixatedly at something.


“Huh, what happened?”





I heard a menacing sound coming from behind me.

The next moment, the man collapsed backwards.




Looking around, it seems that all of them except Harle-san had already lost their consciousness.

Harle-san was also trembling on the ground.

I gathered all my strength and slowly turned around.




At that moment, all my strength left my body.

Adandara was behind me, baring its fangs and glared at Harle-san.

As I stared at it, it glanced back at me and then inched closer to Harle-san.

Then it opened his mouth widely…Harle-san went bug-eyed and fainted away.

I have never seen someone fainted so dramatically before.





I have no strength left and sat down on that spot.

My bag squirmed and Sora quietly showed its face.


“Adandara saved us.”


Sora bounced happily when I told it.

Adandara came up to me and rubbed its face on my head.

I hug it around its neck, I’m so happy to see it again after quite some time.




Ah, this is really Adandara~

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