I dissected the field mouse caught in the traps.

Compared to the beginning, I have become able to dissect them considerably faster.

When dissecting, the smell is my greatest enemy.

The smell of blood permeates no matter how I do it carefully.

I quickly dissected it as much as I could, and moved away immediately.

This is my basic principle.


I washed the dissected meat in water and wrapped it neatly with large bana leaves.

Bana leaves have sterilization effect and are used widely.

Bana is one of the trees that you can find easily in the forest.

I put the meat into my bag, and I left the remains of dissection such as bones and the others on the ground.

Even if I dissect swiftly, monsters will come invited by the smell of blood.

Leaving the bones and others is to lure the monsters over there so I have some time to move away.

After several experiences, I realized that this method is the safest one.

(T/N: You didn’t read it wrong… ‘bana’ not ‘banana’)


I stopped and listened carefully.

I could sense presence of people, and I could hear their voices faintly.

Apparently, I had arrived at the second village.

From here on, I planned to go into the village and collect some information.

The meat in my bag was just prepared a little while ago, so I should be able to exchange it for a little money.

Let’s look at the village situation and think about it.



I could see a large number of travelers in the village.

There were also a lot of people dressed as adventurers.

An outsider selling meat would not stand out in this village.

I heard that dried meat of field mice was popular because it has high nutritional value.

Freshness is important if you want to sell something.


I looked around from a street in the center of the village.

Among shops selling meat, I entered a butcher shop closest to the center of the village.


“Excuse me, I’d like to sell some field mice meat.”


“Oh, field mice? Let me see for a bit.”


A well-built man came out from inside the shop.

He was a little surprised to see my stature, but he didn’t ask any question.

I handed him the meat wrapped in bana leaves immediately.

The man checked the meat and nodded once.

My heart was beating loudly because this is my first time doing this.


“This is fresh.
I can give you 100 dall for this quantity.”


I looked at the price of dried meat that was sold nearby.

Dried meat that I could eat for five days, was it around 100 dall?

I guess that was about right.


“Then, please.”


“Okey dokey.”


He handed me 100 dall.

I was a little emotional for earning my money for the first time.


“If you catch them again, please sell it to me.

Lately a lot of them are aiming for big things.
Only a few people bring in field mice.”


I bowed my head once and left the shop.

I put the money in the bag tied around my waist so I wouldn’t lose them.

I re-tied the string on my waist, left the village and entered the forest.




I broke into a grin for having earned my own money.

I couldn’t get any job with my skills.

Although it is difficult, but if I go hunting and sell the meat, I may be able to earn a living.

I’m happy because I can imagine my future even just a bit.


“Shall I hunt for field mice, and leave after I earn a little more money…”


I found the perfect tree I could use as my bed in the forest.

I checked my surroundings to see if I could sleep here.

I examined monster traces left around the tree.

I tried to search for any presence once again, but I couldn’t sense any dangerous presence.

Looks like I will be able to sleep well today.

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