he beans.
I thought to dodge his question, but apparently I couldn’t hide it from him.
That basket is the outcome.”


“I’m sorry, Ivy.
He found out about you.
He’s retired, but still retains his sharp senses.”


This is the man who is like a mentor to Nouga-san and Cival-san.

I can only imagine that he’s a very unique person.


“If he’s your mentor then I have no problem.”


“Thank you.”


Cival-san looked elated.

Nouga-san also looked somewhat happy.

I wonder what’s in the basket.

I stop eating and reached a hand to the basket.

Sweet aroma wafted out when I checked inside.


“Is this dessert?”


“Looks like so.
Man, for that person to buy dessert…this is too frightening.”


Cival-san’s expression was incomprehensible.

Nouga-san also made the same expression.

I wonder what kind of person is he?

Just by buying desserts, persons around him went baffled.

I finished the meal they prepared for me, then cleaned up.

I prepared tea for everyone, then we’ll spend relaxing time.

I guess Saizerg-san’s group is also spending today leisurely.


“Then, what did Leader say?”


Borolda-san looked confused when I asked him.


I thought he said that Leader sent a message for me.


“Ah, that’s right.


Perhaps he was still tired from all the things happened that he forgot about the message.


“Leader said that you need to wait for your reward money, expect around 2 weeks.
They have a lot of documents they have to check this time.
Seems like all the vigilante members are tackling it together, but it will take time to finish.”


Reward money?

What is this reward money they’re talking about.


“What do you mean? Is it related to the organization?”


“Hm~ as I expected, you haven’t thought about it, huh…”


Borolda-san smiled helplessly.

Rattlua-san for some reason offered a kind smile.

What’s with this vague atmosphere?


“It’s related to the organization.
Reward for helping us planning the operation and providing information.”




I certainly had a part in building the plan, but more like pushing everyone forward.

Providing information is only natural since I’m the one targeted.

Should I receive the reward?


“No need to hold back, you deserve the reward.
You played the biggest part in this operation.
Including Sora, too.”


Rattlua-san happily patted my head lightly.

Oh, I see.

We could devise an operation like this because of Sora’s ability to examine people.

Then, it’s reward money for Sora, rather than me.


“I understand about that part of reward, but what is this reward for providing information?”


“We prepared reward for people providing information about the organization.
It’s not much but that keeps information coming.
That said, information about Count Faltoria, and Meira’s group.”


I see, so they prepared reward money for information on Meira-san.

Do they mean that I also provided information on Count Faltoria?

But that one is done by Sora, so I guess it should go towards thank-you money.


“No need to think so hard about it.
Rules for the rewards this time are indeed complicated.”


“Do you think so?”


I tilted my head.

What do you mean by complicated?


“Usually, after we received the information, vigilante group will reconfirm it and only after that we take action.
This time, the order of receiving information and taking action are jumbled.
It’s not the usual thing.”


“Yeah, moreover, adventurer guilds in other towns and cities are also paying out rewards as well.”


Borolda-san, as if remembered something, mentioned other rewards.


“That’s for information on wanted criminals, right? I think I don’t contribute anything towards that one?”


Vigilante group did all that work.

I would understand if the reward is given to adventurers who are members of annihilation force, though.


“Well, technically, that’s indeed the case.
That reward includes the strategy to capture them, you know.
So, you deserve the reward as well.”


So that’s what they mean?


“You can never have too much money.
Just accept the reward.”


Indeed, just like what Cival-san said.

Winter is coming after summer is over.

Perhaps I can consider it as getting money for lodging during winter.



“That’s right.
I’ll accept it.”


“Good for you~ now you can afford a slave.”


“Huh? Eh, what are you talking about?”


“Hm? Your reward money.
I think you will get quite a lot of money.
Such amount that could get you an expensive slave.”


Huh…such a scary amount.

I personally thought the amount would be around my cost of lodging.

T/N: OMG sorry for going MIA for weeks, I just moved into a new place *finally rented an apartment unit* and there’s still a ton of things I need to do haha, you know how tiring moving is sobs.

Thank you to rielly for the coffee!! I know this is hard time to all of us, so please prioritize your needs first! ^^

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