n conclusive evidence of their individual crimes.
I don’t think we falsely arrested any person, but I want you all to wait for the announcement until we got the evidence.”

We arrested them based on Sora’s examination.
We still don’t actually know what kind of crimes they were involved in with the organization.
We are going to gather evidence and determine what their individual crimes are.
It’s going to be tough because there are so many people caught.

“I have a request to you all.
Please do not do anything to these people we arrested.”

The crowd immediately jeered.
Some of them booed while crying.
Leader quickly raised his hand.

“I think you all know that criminals are sentenced to be slaves, but few know how hard that punishment actually is.
But I know.
I know how cruel the place those criminals go to.”

The crowd once again went silent.
It goes without saying that criminals are punished to be slaves.
You call that slave labor, I guess.
But I have never heard about the place.
Seems like the townspeople have never about that as well.

“In that place, you don’t have any right to choose death.
You will be made to slave away every day for the sake of this world.
It’s a harsh life it cannot be described by mere words.
Just like hell.
And that hell will continue until the day you are pardoned.”

The townspeople began to calm down after the speech from Leader.
The victims want the criminals to suffer.
You can’t sugarcoat that fact, it’s the true intention.

“When their lives end, their suffering will also disappear.
Can you forgive them that way? Will you free them from suffering that easily? I can’t forgive them.
That’s why I’ll make sure they fall into enslavement.
For that, I want you all to promise that you won’t do anything to them.”

The townspeople have stopped hurling abuse at Leader.
Vice Leader and Gilmas-san slowly relaxed their stiff expression.

“How cool.”

Leader took all the burden on his shoulders.

“By the way, Ivy.
That one just now…”

Rattlua-san talked to me, sounding somewhat worried.
I tilted my head.
What does he want to say?

“Rattlua, I think Ivy has noticed.”


What are you talking about?
Noticed what?

“Ivy, do you understand why Leader said that?”

“Umm, to prevent the townspeople from committing crimes, right? That’s why Leader took all the burden himself.
He’s a cool person.”

If Leader didn’t give that speech, the angered townspeople would have stormed the base.
And we can’t dismiss the possibility that they might try to kill the captured people.
If that really happens, the victims will also turn into criminals, even if they have their just reason.
That would be too miserable.
That’s why Leader deliberately gave that speech.
That he will make sure the criminals suffer.
Precisely, as long as they are alive.
So he told them not to meddle.
Leader directed his speech towards the people who were brimming with anger caused by their anguish and suffering.
To quell their anger, even just a little.

So their anger won’t be directed towards the criminals.

“I told you so.”

Cival-san looked at Rattlua-san a big smugly.
Rattlua-san ruffles my hair.

“Whoa! What gives?”

“Nothing, just thinking that you really understand Leader, don’t you?”

“Understand? How he’s such a cool person?”

But I have thought about that since before.
He’s a flexible person who is able to deal with various things immediately, while also a person with leadership.
Also a person with strong heart.
I think he is indeed a cool person.

“I want to be like Leader.”


For some reason, 2 people shrieked in shock after I said that.
Of course, those voices belong to Cival-san and Rattlua-san.
Is it really that shocking?

“Ivy, it’s too early for you to give up on your life, you know.”


“That’s right, Ivy.
Are you sure you want to be like Leader? You still have a long way in your future.”

…But I thought we were talking about how Leader is a cool person…

“Ahem, you guys.”

I turned towards the source of that deep voice, Leader is there with his face twitching.
Apparently he had finished his speech.


“You delivered a great speech.”

I greeted him with a smile; Leader looked surprised for a moment, but soon showed his calm expression.
I really prefer this face over that stiff one earlier.

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