sphere is somber.

Borolda-san’s team and Saizerg-san’s team are high-class adventurer team in this town.
It was said that their investigation result is so trustworthy that it can even influence a person’s sentence.
Thanks to that, no one dare to questions the magic item that Borolda-san uses.
I thought all high-class adventurers are such influential people, but it seems that’s not the case.
It differs between location, but seems like the high-class adventurer teams belong to this town are acknowledged by Gilmas-san.
I heard that they are high-class adventurers, but I had no idea that Borolda-san’s team is comprised of such awesome people.
I was surprised to learn that Gilmas-san is also an amazing person.
No one would think that if they see his expression when he found out that the adventurers he introduced to us were problematic, and the way he slouched when he saw the aristocrats.
Perhaps because his face doesn’t match his gestures, he gives out the vibe of pathetic person.
Anyway, without knowing since when, now I’m surrounded by a lot of awesome people.
That is what surprised me the most.

“Ah, looks like they’re here.
We gathered some adventurers and asked them to keep an eye on the base.
Leader will ask them to recite their names one by one, so can I ask you to help with the examination?”

“I understand.
Sora, let’s do our best.”

I whispered to Sora in the bag.

I felt Sora softly reacted.
I was relieved; then I headed towards where Saizerg-san and the adventurers were.

Gilmas-san didn’t call upon too many adventurers.
I was a little relieved seeing them.
It should not take too much time to examine them all.

“Oh, they’re here.”

As I stood between Borolda-san and Saizerg-san, I felt that the adventurers were sneaking a glance towards here.
…the adventurers must admire them a lot.
Looking at these 2 gentlemen…yeah, they look cool when they’re being serious.

When Leader talks about guard duty for watching the people we caught, the adventurers started to make a fuss.
When Gilmas-san told them to shut up, the adventurers all fell silent.
He wasn’t particularly reprimanding them roughly, so I got it, Gilmas-san is such an awesome person.

I got Sora to examine the adventurers introduced to us one by one.
There were 41 of them, in 12 teams.
If Sora reacted, I lightly tugged Borolda-san’s shirt.
I tugged his shirt thrice.
There are 3 problematic ones among the adventurers.
These 3 people each belong to different teams.
Here I can feel how malicious the organization is.


Borolda-san scooted to Gilmas-san’s position and talked to him.
Gilmas-san’s expression that he showed us the next moment is somehow~ hmmm…
Since he usually looks fierce, this miserable look of him left me a deep impression.
There’s not a lot of people who can change their image just with lowering the corners of their eyes.

“Gilmas is a compassionate person.
He must feel down because there are a lot of traitors.”

Saizerg-san explained because I was staring at Gilmas-san.
I couldn’t possibly say that I stared at him because his image changed a lot it’s interesting.
I can never tell him that.
Apparently, I’m getting tired.

“So that’s the case.”

I felt something moving inside my bag.
Does Sora also have some kind of magic that can see through me?

“With, this, I think we finished our operation.”

Saizerg-san made a funny face hearing my words.

“From morning until now, it has been quite a big day, hasn’t it?”

I think so.
The operation I cooked up demands some level of agility.
When I think about it, the vigilantes and the adventurers are amazing.
They can respond quickly to any urgent natter.

I saw someone trying to flee from among the adventurers.


The next second, I saw Gilmas-san chasing them in lightning speed…and landed a flying kick.

“Looks painful.”

The adventurer who went flying seemed to have lost their consciousness.
Well, he was sent flying full force.

“Hahaha, Gilmas is real scary when you make him angry~”

I see.
I’ll watch my attitude too.

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