I, am so tired…

We have been doing this for 3 hours.

Sora has been working hard all this time.

I, being the one who has to relay Sora’s examination output am also stressed.
I think I’ll soon hit my limit.

I turned my gaze from the window to the scenery outside.

There are still people waiting in line, but the number is definitely less than before.

Let’s hang in there just a bit longer.

“The name’s Adariccri.”

My bag shook when the man recited his name; so, I tugged Borolda-san’s shirt once.

“Catch him.”

“What? Wait a minute here.
I have nothing to do with the organization! Honest!”

That man looked flustered hearing Borolda-san’s command.


Something’s weird here; I tilted my head in confusion.

We have caught 22 people until this point.

22 people in 3 hours…frankly, this number is too many.

Does this mean that the organization has reached this far and wide?

But then, those people’s reaction and this man’s reaction are a little different.

Among those 22 people, some tried to run away, some tried to act overly normal.

Some shouted at Borolda-san and resorted to using violence, and there are also people who turned pale after Nouga-san gave them punch to the stomach.

Were those people alright?

Well, just leave them be because they clearly deserve it.
However, this man in front of us looks pale and somewhat extremely agitated.

I realize that his reaction is different compared to those people before.

Does Borolda-san also realize about this? let’s see.

“I swear, I have nothing to do with the organization.
If you just investigate…no, that’s not what I mean.”

“Are you hiding something from us?”

“No way! Just, it shouldn’t come to this…but that person got caught as well…”

This person looks like a timid one.

Is he really an organization member?


“Hey, quit it!”

“But I have to explain it properly…”

“If you won’t say it here, we’ll proceed with your arrest.”

“We are only keeping them!”

“…keeping them? What are you talking about?”

The person who appears to be his wife raised her voice as the man tries to stop her.

“We have empty house with no one living there, and they want to keep their things there.
We rented out the house with condition that we keep our mouth closed.”


“Enough! That person is already caught!”

“That’s…but…what about our debt…”

“Why would you even think about the debt at this point?! If people hear that we are involved with the organization, we’d have to leave this town!”

…so it was about that?

I asked Borolda-san discreetly; and he just shrugged.

Apparently it is true.

Well, I heard that the organization has caused a lot of casualties in this town.

It must be difficult for the townspeople to turn a blind eye to those who are involved with the organization.

“Where is that house located in?”

“It’s 2-story house 5 doors down from where we live.
You know that there was a crackdown sometime ago? That morning, this person’s childhood friend came to visit us out of the blue.
I know it was suspicious, but this man said we will be able to pay our debt, so I agreed…I’m sorry.”

The day of the crackdown, you said…perhaps the things they keep is the document!

I looked at Borolda-san; and he looked quite shocked as well.

We seem to have come to the same conclusion.

…I understand now.

They caught a whiff of the crackdown time, but they didn’t have enough time to move the document to a safe enough place.

So, they had to hide it in a place near our base.

Certainly, Leader said that he mobilized all the vigilantes to patrol the whole town.

I also heard that after the crackdown, they also increased patrols around the base.

“I see.
By the way, what’s your name?”

“Uh, my name is… Milea.”

I felt reaction coming from my bag.

…I was shocked, then quietly tugged on Borolda-san’s shirt

He froze for a moment and smiled bitterly.

“I see, so you have cut all ties to the organization?”

The woman became a little agitated hearing Borolda-san’s words.

“I don’t understand what you mean, I just…”

“Enough with the lies.
You knew everything and assisted the organization.
Isn’t that the case?”

“What…you got it wrong! I really have no idea…my husband might know something…”

“What did you say?! You’re the one who told me to do it!”

“Shut up!”

“How dare you, telling me to shut up! You decided everything! I was against doing this!”

“If you didn’t incur all that debt, we wouldn’t have to do this thing!”

“What did you say? Originally the debt was your idea!”

Wow, this place turned into a battlefield.

These people dare to fight in front of Borolda-san and Rose-san from the vigilante.

I can’t deny I was almost fooled by them.

Sola is amazing.

I gently petted Sora from the top of the bag.

Sora gave a minimum reaction.

I’m healed…

“Sigh~ somehow I feel damn tired.”

Borolda-san facepalmed and sighed deeply.

“Sorry, Rose-san, can you lead them away?”


Under Rose-san’s instruction, the vigilante interns drag the couple away.

Their fight seems to be continuing; I can hear their voices even after they exited the building.

They are really something.

“You’ve worked hard today.”

Rattlua-san put a cup of hot tea on the desk in front of me and lightly patted my head.

“You must have been shocked seeing that.
Are you alright?”

“I’m alright.
They are really something,huh?”

I drank the tea and I feel myself calming down by the warmth spread out from my body.

Perhaps I’m more tired than I thought.

But there are still people waiting.

I looked at Borolda-san and nodded once.

“Alright, shall we continue now?”

Next person, please come in.”

Maarleek-san was standing at the entrance, instructing those people who wait outside.

Let’s do our best, there are just a few more.

Less than an hour later…I watched the last person leaving the room.

The adventurers still have to make some decisions, but for now, the one task that we can’t predict how many people would be affected; I mean the examination of people around the base is finished.

I get up from my chair and stretch my back.

Feels good.

“Thank you for your hard work.
Even so, how should I say this.”

Rosa-san stared at the base from some near the window; while pondering his words.

We have gathered the captured people temporarily at the base.

A total of 34 people.

There were 23 men and 11 women.

“There are a lot, huh.
I expected around 10 people…but there are actually more than 30 people.”

Did Borolda-san also expect the number to be less than 30 people?

That’s right, there are really too many.

“I hate this.
Even there are 5 among the interns.”

I can sense some miserableness from his words.

He’s been enduring feelings for his comrades who got caught.


“I’m alright.
Thank you for your hard work, Ivy.”

“I should thank you for your hard work instead, Rose-san.
Ah, Leader and the other came back.”

I can see Leader’s figure from the window.

Leader reshuffled the members of annihilation team and was on his way to attack the criminal gang.

I’m worried because there are a lot of wanted murderers among them, but the vigilantes and adventurers looks calm.

We exited the building and headed towards Leader and the others.
They waved to us when they saw us.

He then glanced towards the base and froze.

He must be shocked seeing the number of people who got captured.

Even Vice Leader, who was standing beside Leader also looked shocked.

“Hey! Are you serious?”

Leader asked, a little hysterically.

“Cool, isn’t it? We were also shocked.”

Leader looks a little bewildered.

“Leader, please calm down.
Rose, thanks for your hard work.
Is there any problem?”

The problem is…ah!”

Rose-san looked at Borolda-san as if he remembered something.

Borolda-san looked confused for a moment, but he immediately realized something and looked around.

Borolda-san found Loucreek-san and Rickbelt-san and signaled to them to come here.

“We confirmed it.
We’re sure that’s the document.”

Documents…ah, the documents stolen from the base.

So what the pair of husband and wife said is true.

“Documents? What are you talking about?”

“We found the document that was stolen from the base.”

“… Really?”

Leader looked at Borolda-san.

“Yeah, there are a couple who spilled everything.”

Leader and and Vice Leader looked at Borolda-san, looking puzzled.

Rosé-san smiled wryly.

But, I see…so they found the document.

With this, we can hunt down the organization.

It was worth all the hard work.

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