give us permission.
I’ll prepare the paperwork, you just need to sign it later.”

“Got it.”

Leader took away those things and headed to the base.
I saw the townspeople were beginning to gather outside, their faces stiff.

“Let’s speed up.
We have chairs and tables.
Let’s just use them.
Please get Ivy to sit next to me.”

Saizerg and the others began to set up the room as per my instruction.
Have Ivy and the others arrived?
I wonder if something happened to them.

“Excuse me.
I got an order from Vice Leader to look for Borolda-san.”

I heard a voice came from outside the building.
I saw Maarleek headed off that way to handle the matter, so I looked towards the sweet shop’s direction.

“Huh, so it is just around here?”

Ivy and Rattlua, then Kalua and Makasha?
I have no idea why Makasha is with them, but he’s peeking inside the base.
And is that Gilmas over there?
Ah, they saw the captured aristocrats.
My condolences.

Ivy saw me and looked visibly relieved.
I lightly raise my hand to the four people approaching.
I was shocked to see Kalua glared at me viciously for whatever reason.
Rattlua gave me a wry smile then looked at Ivy.

What’s going on here?
Is she mad because I let a kid in this operation?
Ah~ well, that makes sense.

“Sorry, Kalua.
Thank you for your understanding.”

I feel sorry for letting a kid participate in this operation.
But if I say that this operation is Ivy’s idea…she’s gonna be even more enraged.
I’m glad to know that she’s thinking of Ivy’s wellbeing, though.
Just then, I saw Lord Volonda’s horse carriage stopped in front of the base.
Immediately, 5 people guided by vigilantes were shoved inside the carriage and they drove away with Lord Volonda.
Ivy was watching them drove off with concern.

“We can leave the matter of the aristocrats to him.”


Ivy’s words brought a smile to my face.
Lord Volonda wouldn’t visit the base if not for this kid’s words.
I think aristocrats would never take part in this kind of ridiculous thing.
Ivy looked up at me concernedly as I patted their head.
What a strange kid, I wonder if they actually know what they’re doing or not?
Perhaps quelled her rage already, Kalua headed to the base to join in the criminal annihilation team.

I try to ask about the point that sparked my curiosity about Sora’s reaction as we headed to the room together with Ivy.

“Can you do something to make Sora react in the opposite way?”

“Huh? What do you mean by that?”

“We need to examine quite a number of people.
If Sora reacts at every unproblematic people, will it be tired?”

“Ah, so that’s what you mean!”

Ivy hurriedly looked inside the bag, and gave instruction to react the opposite way when examining people.

“Sora, no need to react if the person is unproblematic, do you understand? Just wobble when the person is problematic.”

Does it understand what I mean?
Let’s give it a try first.

“How about we check on Rattlua?”


Rattlua, who was listening to our conversation recited his name, but it seems that Sora was staying still without reaction in the bag.

“It’s fine.”

Uh, I wonder if it is really fine?

“Sorry to interrupt you guys.
Are we good to go now? The line’s getting longer.”

Ivy nodded at Maarleek’s words.
We have no other choice but trust Sora…

“Ivy, Sora.
If you get tired we can slip some break time in.”

Ivy checked into the bag and nodded.

“We’re fine.
We’ll do our best!”

“Alright, enter the room in order and recite your name.
If there’s no problem then it will be over in no time.
We’ll know right away if you step away from your line.”

After Maarleek instructed them, soon people began to enter the room.
The first ones are vigilante interns, it seems.
I saw Vice Leader stood at the entrance.
I’m gripping magic item under the table.

“The name’s Tabarida.”

I feel something tug on my shirt.


I was so shocked I let out a scream.
If I get a tug means the person is problematic, isn’t it?
Isn’t it too soon?
…Let’s trust Sora.

“You’re a traitor.”

Tabarida turned pale and tried to flee, but soon caught by Vice Leader.

“I can’t believe you’re with the organization.
I need you to come with me.
Rose is coming in a bit, I think.
Thank you for your hard work.
I’ll leave the rest to you.”

Vice Leader dragged the intern away, leaving the building.

“Um, Borolda-san.
Did we find the traitor already?”

“Hmm? Well, yes.
I’m shocked, I can’t believe we got him at the first take.”

I pat Ivy’s head as she sits next to me.
I’m healed~

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