-Leader Birksby-


Answering Aglop, Maarleek said casually that it was about 3 blocks, but…

Even if you said 3 blocks, there are about 120 buildings, you see.

It’s going to be a lot of trouble to lead all the people there to the base.


“We’re going to check with magic item, so it should be quick, but there will be people who refuse to cooperate.”


Indeed, there will certainly be people trying to flee, saying they don’t have time and whatsoever.

I really hate dealing with that kind of people.

I wish I had a better way to do it…


“Isn’t it better to tell them the truth? That there are members of criminal organization lurking there, and if they refuse to cooperate, they will be considered as accomplices and will be investigated.”


“Will they cooperate if we do that?”


“Hm, hard to say~ Ah, how about we word it as kidnapper organization? If word got out that someone is a member of that organization, that person’s life in town will be difficult.
Townspeople usually would even throw rocks at them, right? Unless they are idiots, I think they won’t be reluctant to cooperate.”


“That’s indeed the case…alright.
We’ll do it with a unique way this time.”


I think the townspeople will cooperate if we do it as Aglop suggested.

There are immense number of people who hate that organization.

If even rumor flies that someone’s a part of the organization, you can think of the worst consequences.

That’s why we always tread carefully, but this time we are mobilizing a number of people and we’re not going to let any single member slip.


“Aglop, please get the interns to line up so they can be checked as well.”


Maarleek looked surprised at my words, but Aglop was grinning evilly.

I guess he thinks that once we finished checking them all, we will have more people to mobilize.

Well, that’s certainly what I’m aiming for.

Even if someone’s just an intern, he’s still a part of the vigilante.

I’ll make sure they work hard.


“Got it.
I’ll make sure all the interns line up as well.”


It’s going to be a tough experience for them if there really is a traitor among them.

Well, they’ll have to get over it, or they won’t last long as vigilantes.


“Ah, right.
You need to go help with tasks at the base.”


“They have been put so sleep over there, so just anybody will do, right?”


“But Ivy’s worried in case any problematic people slip in there.”


“Problematic people? What do you mean?”


“Hmm, like the aristocrats?”


“Ah, I remember seeing names of aristocrats in the documents.
But, is there really aristocrat stupid enough to launch surprise attack in a base?”


“Well, that’s hard to say.”


“I’ll leave this matter to you.
I will go gather people in the guardroom, then head over to the base while leading people from 3 blocks.
I have instructed the interns to head over to Borolda.
See you later.”


I stared at Aglop’s figure, heading over to the guardroom as if this matter doesn’t concern him.

This punk Aglop is running away.

He harbors immense hate towards the aristocrats.

I sighed loudly, then Maarleek propped his hand my shoulder.


“We adventurers are also bad at dealing with this kind of matter.
Good luck! Who knows if there isn’t any aristocrats there.”


“Bah, you’re not taking this seriously, don’t you.
Hm? Did that punk Aglop forget to give instructions to the vigilantes here?”


“But, there’s no problem if you do that right?”



But I’m not very good at explaining things…


“We’re pretty tired already, but hang in there, we’re almost finished!”


I raised my hand at Maarleek’s light cheer, and headed towards the remaining vigilantes.

I guess all the captured people have all been locked in cells.

I can see the vigilantes tense up as they see me.

I’m not good at handling this kind of atmosphere.

Of course they would be tense, given that I captured their comrades.

I managed to suppress the sinking feeling.


“Leader, thank you for all the work today!”


I saw Borolda and the others with their hands raised lightly.

The atmosphere turned a little lighter at their appearance.

The vigilantes looked less tense now, perhaps they were surprised hearing Borolda’s cheerful voice.

I can’t help but chuckle a little.

These guys really know to read the atmosphere.


“Good job, have you finished preparing?”


“Yeah, no problem.
The remaining vigilantes, what are they doing to do now?”


Hearing Borolda’s words, the vigilantes are all looking at me again, but this time the atmosphere didn’t turn strange.

I really appreciate that.

Marche laughed at me when our eyes met.


“We’ll be on standby until Aglop comes back.
Then you’re to head to the base.
Marche, I have something to ask of you.”




“Please divide the vigilantes into groups of 3.
I need you all to lead everyone within 3 block radius from the base to head to the base.”


“…hmm? All of them? That’s quite a number of people, though.”


“That’s right, Marche.
All of them, not one left.
Please ask Aglop for the details after he comes back.”


“Got it.”


Since I have given them the outline of our plan, I’ll leave the rest to Aglop.

I’m leaving this matter to him, since he pushed all the matters in the base to me.


“Shall we depart now.
Ah, right.
Rose, Cridalo, you two please come with me.
Then… Marche, please choose 3 people who won’t yield even if their opponents are aristocrats.”


“Got it.”


3 people Marche chose, and 2 people I chose, they are people who can deal with the aristocrats who might be staying in the base now.

I’ll ask Borolda for our plans from now on, as we head off to the base.


“It depends on the situation at the base.
For now, adventurers won’t enter the base.
That’s in case something happens.
I’ll leave the base to you.”


“I understand.”


The aristocrats abide by vigilantes’ instructions, although unwillingly.
But they are very hostile towards adventurers.

There are also a lot of idiots who try to get away by flaunting their authority.


“We will join Saizerg, and start checking as soon as we finished preparing.”


“Do we have enough people?”


“Gilmas should have gathered some people.
We’ll start checking those people first.”


“I see.
Rose, you stay with Borolda.”


Borolda and Rose looked at me curiously.

Rose’s expression is frightening even in normal situation.

It’s scary, even for me.

So, it should affect Borolda as well, standing beside him.


“If anyone makes a racket, you just glare at them.
If your glare doesn’t work, you are allowed to use violence to restrain them.”


In this operation, the magic item Borolda brought has an important role.

To make things go smoothly, we need someone threatening.


“Ah, I see.
Rosé-san, was it? Nice to meet you.”


Nice to meet you too.”


We arrived at the base, but it was very quiet.

I peeked inside from the entranceway and found out that there are more fallen people than I imagined.

… Just how many people are here?

Borolda is standing next to me, smiling bitterly.


I followed his gaze and saw a man who dressed differently from those around him, no matter how I look at him.

He was lying face down so I couldn’t confirm his face, but he’s wearing a design popular among the aristocrats.

…There is more than one people.

Just by peeking from the entranceway, I can see 3 of them.


“Sigh, are they idiots?”


“Nah, they wouldn’t even imagine that this base is planted with sleeping bomb.
That’s why they weren’t worried and participate.”


A smile escaped from me as I heard Borolda’s words.

Yes, this is the result of their betrayals.

…the aristocrats also got roped, though.


“Leader, um, what’s this?”


“Organization members trying to steal evidence from the base.
There are also some of our comrades there, but no need to worry about them”


The 5 vigilante members were shocked hearing my words.


“Alright, the adventurers are hopeless in this one.
We’ll deal with this without them.
Rose, please guard this place until Borolda finished his preparation.”




“For now, we need to air out this place.
We don’t want people to fall unconscious once they enter the base.”


I wrapped a piece of cloth over my mouth, for the time being we have to open the front door entirely.

Alright, I’m looking forward to count how many organization people we have fished out.

The problem about aristocrats will have to wait until later.

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