ey don’t jump out first, there’s a chance they will get caught together along with the targets.

So, the organization indeed has ordered them to kill all the criminals, huh.

I will never let that happen, though.

We left the town and pushed our way through the forest.

After a while, we arrived in a place where the trees have lessened up a bit.

“It’s a nice place, isn’t it?”

There is enough room to spread out our nets.

And they’re right behind us.

“Aglop, get ready.”

We have 2 nets in our hands.

I handed one of them to Aglop.

When I, the one leading the line, came to a stop, Aglop quickly moved to the side.

When I stopped, the annihilation team stopped moving.

I wait for 10 seconds there until Aglop is ready.

I turned around and threw out my net at the group, who are making some noise.

The group members look dumbfounded at my action.

I can see another net spread in the air and came down.

“Alright! Got half of them!”

I guess we managed to capture about half of the traitors who were positioned at the front of the line of the annihilation squad.

The net is large enough to catch a gigantic monster and made of sturdy material.

And because this is a magic item, if a prey is caught in it, the magic will activate and strip the prey of its strength.

That Cival, how the hell did he came up with the idea of using this thing.

I laughed wryly at the group of traitors sitting down, perhaps having lost their strength.

Aglop also has done his job well, I see.

…oops, 2 of our allies are also caught…well, those 2 are on Aglop’s net.

I’ll leave the matter to him.

“Leader, what are you doing!”

Gabojula came towards me in a hurry.
He was not part of the leading group.

There is another traitor following behind him.

These two seem to be the only ones left.

In other words, 20 traitors and 2 of … our allies are caught in the net.

“What’s wrong?”

Behind Gabojula, I can also see our allies following in a hurry.

“What do you mean what’s wrong? What are you thinking? Doing things like this!”

“Gabojula, Dalgore.
You’re under arrest.
Catch them!”

Our allies that are following behind Gabojula looked puzzled hearing my command.

Well, it can’t be helped.

They haven’t been told anything.

“Leader, please don’t joke at a time like this!”

“You think I’m joking? Gabojula, check out the people caught in the net.
Almost all of them are members of the same kidnapping ring as you.”

I can hear Gabojula gasped.

The look on his face is one of surprise.

I guess he didn’t expect to be found out.

“Wh, what are you talking about? I’m part of an organization? Please say this is a misunderstanding.”

There’s no need to listen to Gabojula’s words.

Our allies were surprised with this revelation and looked at Gabojula and Dalgore suspiciously.

They won’t believe my words just like that, will they?

We are friends who shared joy and sorrows together.


“Catch them, quick!”

We don’t have much time.

Gabojula tried to flee, but someone pointed a sword right at him.

“You think I will let you run away, you traitor!”

Aglop quickly stands in front of me.

Looks like Aglop managed to control the chaos at the rear.

“What are you all doing? Follow Leader’s command right now!”

Hearing Aglop’s yell, the dumbfounded members started to move in a rush.

They caught Dalgore, and Gabojula also got caught with his hands tied up behind his back.

“It’s over now, Gabojula.”

Gabojula fell on his knees as if he lost all his strength.

“Leader, Vice Leader.
Is it true that these guys are involved with that organization?”

“That’s true, I checked with a magic item.
There’s no mistake.”

The members nodded quietly.

They must have a lot of thoughts swirling on their minds.

“Um, then what about us…”

Those 2 allies who got caught in the net raised their voices.

“Ah, you guys are alright.
We just kinda made a little mistake…sorry.”.
”This is for the sake of catching all the enemies in one net.
You have any problem?”

Aglop cut my words with a terrifying smile.

Both of them paled in fright.

And the 2 members supporting them are petrified.

“…No, no problem at all!”

“I think so too.
But I apologize for my mistake.
You will forgive me, right?”

“Yes, we will!”

The other 2 also voiced their agreements.

Too scary.

Anyway, we should move on to the next plan.

“You guys, we’re going back!”

“Huh? Leader, what about the band of murderers?”

“Ah, we’ll deal with them later.
For now, we’re returning to the base.”

“Got it.
I’m sure things will turn interesting.”

Hahaha, Aglop, can you return to your usual self quickly?

“Let’s move!”


We start moving by dividing our number into two 2 teams, one to transport the traitors, and one to return to the base.

On the way, we met with a team of adventurers with a blank look on their faces, wondering what Borolda and the others had done to them.

“What did you do?”

“We just had a little chat, as their seniors.”

They are scared to death.

“… I see.”

There are some types of kindness you don’t want to talk about.

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