96 – Kalua-san

“Let go of me.
What are you doing? Makasha, let me off!”

Louiselia-san screamed and struggled.
Her face was full of fear, like she had sensed something.

“Louiselia, just stop.
We already knew that you conspired with the organization.”

“…I don’t.
I swear I don’t! I don’t know anything! I know nothing about the organization!”

“That’s enough!”

Rattlua-san’s yell resounded through the entire shop.
I trembled involuntarily due to the intensity of his yell.

“Ah, I’m sorry Ivy.
Are you alright?”

“Yes, I’m fine.”

Although Rattlua-san apologized profusely, to be honest, I was scared.
I have never heard him yelling like that.

“You owe me an explanation, by the way.”

Kalua-san looked at me and Rattlua-san in turn.
I looked at Rattlua-san.
She doesn’t expect me to explain, right?

“Ah, before that, let me ask.
Why do you work alongside Meira and the others?”

“Hm? I thought you have investigated the situation here?”

Ah, Rattlua-san is looking a little troubled.
I got them involved without saying anything.
I’m sorry.

“We concluded that you’re not part of the organization from our investigation, but we haven’t dig deeper than that.
However, because you move together with Meira, who is a part of the organization, we think you must have your reason.”

I mean, I don’t know about the organization you’re talking about… are you saying this organization is the number one pest in the town?”

“You didn’t know about that? Meira is their agent.”

Meira-san is their agent?
So that’s how it is.
If she has a deep relationship with the organization, she won’t be so easily discarded, right.

“…Is that so? I didn’t know that.
I’m searching for my older sister.
It’s possible that Meira’s brother took her somewhere…you don’t say, he handed her to the organization?”

Kalua-san’s complexion suddenly turned pale.

Then, she glared piercingly at Meira-san, then grabbed her by the collar.

“You bastard! Where did you take my sister!”

“Kalua, calm down!”

“How can I calm down!”

“We almost corner the organization right now! So calm down a little!”

Kalua-san suddenly stopped moving after she heard Rattlua-san’s words.
Both Meira-san and Louiselia-san looked surprised.
Perhaps it just dawned on them that the organization is driven to a corner.

“Lies! You’re lying!”

Louiselia-san collapsed on the spot as if her strength had been drained out of her.
Then she shook her head and mumbled something.

“Shut up!”

Kalua-san stabbed something into Louiselia-san’s neck.
Her body then slumped down, away from Kalua-san.

“Huh? Wait, Ivy, this is not what you’re thinking.
I didn’t kill her! I just gave her tranquilizer.
Makasha, explain to Ivy!”

“Ahahaha, that’s right, Ivy, Kalua is one scary person.
If you scoot close to her, she will… cough, cough…Kalua, your elbow!”

Makasha-san dropped to his knees, clutching his stomach.
Kalua-san looked mighty scary at that time.
I wondered if she is really still alive, Louiselia-san.

“Don’t worry Ivy.
Kalua is a medical practitioner.
She probably just put her to sleep.”

I nodded, though I wondered how credible that sentence was, with ‘probably’ added to it.

“Then, are you perhaps going to act after this?”

Rattlua-san and I nodded simultaneously, answering Kalua-san’s question.
Kalua-san glared at Rattlua-san.

“Hold on, don’t tell me you’re making Ivy help! Ivy’s still a kid, you know!”

“No, that’s wrong! I’m the one forcing Rattlua-san to let me in.”

“But, still!”

“Kalua, we will protect her properly, so don’t worry.”

“I get it, but to do that to a 6-year-old kid?”

A new record!

“I’m nine!”

“What? I remember Meira said something like that.
Sorry, your appearance is just…”

“Kalua, sorry.
Please handle Meira as well.
We took a little too long here.”

Hearing Rattlua-san’s words, Meira-san tried to escape, but was soon put to sleep.
We tied her hands and feet, then just as we ponder what to do next, Rattlua-san ran out of the shop and told us to wait.

“Are you sure you’re not being forced to help?”

“I’m sure.
They have been protecting me since they knew that I am targeted by the organization.
Since this is also my own problem, I’m trying my best to help them.”

“I got it.
But I forbid you to force yourself too hard! Absolutely!”

“I understand.”

Kalua-san is a good person.
I’m glad Kalua-san is here with us.

“Sorry, I made you wait.”

I looked towards Rattlua-san, and there I saw someone we met recently.
This person should be the one from shop Floflo.
Come to think of it, Rattlua-san told us about a reliable former adventurer who owns a shop.

“I heard the gist.
I just need to keep these 2 from escaping, right?”

“Yeah, I’ll try to grab them as soon as possible, but I can’t be sure of the time.”

“No problem.
If they are related to the organization, I won’t let them escape.
You’re saying they are adventurers?”

He seemed disappointed that there are traitors among adventurers.
And not only them.
Many more adventurers are involved with the organization.
I can’t imagine how many more people would be disappointed if they know about this fact.
I really wonder why they betrayed us.

“Kalua, Makasha, we need your help.”

“Sure…ah, can I bring some more people?”

“Ah, about that…”

“What about that? I don’t think there’s any problem.”

I can’t say anything at this point before checking first.”

“What do you mean? You don’t trust us?”

“Let’s talk as we move.
Then, please take care of these guys.”

Leave them to me.”

I was shocked to see the guy from Floflo carrying 2 people on his shoulders and walking out of the shop.
I can’t believe he carried 2 people in one go.


“Yeah, looks like he still has his strength.”

Makasha-san looked so impressed, perhaps he is some kind of celebrity?
As we moved out towards our base, Rattlua-san told them about the organization, and about the people who work for the organization.

“Huh, there are that many of them?”

Makasha-san asked Rattlua-san, looking surprised.
Kalua-san also wore a stiff expression on her face.

“Yeah, you see Kalua.
I can’t just trust your colleagues right now.”

“I understand.
Indeed that’s the case.
But how do you check them?”

“Borolda checks them using a magic item.
These are the things that we’re going to do from now on, first, to dig out organization’s lackeys hiding around our base, and next is to eradicate the criminals hiding together with Meira’s brothers.”

“Around the base?”

“The organization put multiple watchers around the former merchant’s house, Borolda is going to find them.”

Then, how should we help you?”

“Please help us capture the criminals.
The more people, the better.”

“Criminals? Is it that bad?”

“It’s a den full of wanted criminals.
Worse, most of them are murderers.”


“Makasha, please don’t swear.”

“Looks like they have managed to capture the traitors from vigilante group.
The suppression team have returned.”

Following Rattlua-san’s gaze, I saw people looking abashed neatly lining up.
Around them, non-traitor people from vigilante group that we have checked are walking around holding weapon in their hand.
From inside the base, people with bound hands and feet were thrown out…carried out to the yard.

Oh, there is a person dressed in a very luxurious outfit.

“That one should be a noble, if I guess right.
Nothing to be happy about, though.”

Gilmas-san clutched his head as he looked at that noble.
It seems that he ranks quite high even among the aristocrats.
I think Lord Volonda would be enough?
For someone the organization can’t touch…

“Hey, what’s that?”

“Hm? That’s the outcome of capturing the organization lackeys who came to steal evidence off our base.”

“I have a feeling that there might be nobles among those bunch, though.”

Rattlua-san laughed wryly hearing Kalua-san’s question.

“Well then, Kalua and Makasha, please come with me.
And Ivy, ah there he is! Borolda is over there.”

I followed Rattlua-san’s gaze and saw Borolda-san’s figure at the head of where people line up.
He has finished the preparation, it seems.
I guess that’s where I should go.

“Alright, then I’ll go over there.”

“Huh? Why?”

Kalua-san asked curiously.

“It’s safer to be by Borolda’s side, you see.”

“Ah, I see…but, there might be organization lackeys among the people in line, right? I’ll go with you.”

“Thank you.”

I go to Borolda-san’s place with Kalua-san.
Borolda-san was surprised to see Kalua-san, but he seemed to have guessed what happened.

“Sorry, Kalua.
Thanks for your help.”

“You’re welcome…um, may I put someone I know in this line.”

“Yeah, no problem.”

“Thank you.”

I felt someone patted my head.
When I looked up, Borolda-san was grinning widely.
He seems to be happy that our strategy has been successful so far.

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