“Ugh, I’m getting nervous.”

“Ahahaha, don’t worry, it’s gonna be fine.”

I’m heading to our meeting place with Rattlua-san.
In other words, we have started the operation.
Will it succeed or fail?
How scary.
Honestly, I feel like running away right now.
If we fail, some people might lose their lives.
I clenched my hands tightly.
If I don’t do that, I’ll start trembling.

“Ivy, thank you so much.”


Rattlua-san turned his gaze towards the sky as if looking at somewhere far away.
I could see his side profile looking somewhat gloomy.

“Up until now, no matter how far we think we have chased the organization, it disappeared right in front of our eyes.
Like we’re grasping clouds.
It happened time and again.
How much we resented our helplessness.
Not only that, Borolda and Cival’s colleagues’ kids might fall into their grasp.
My siblings might also be….
I can’t say anything because there’s no evidence though.”

My breath stopped for a moment in surprise.
Rattlua-san sometimes looked sad when he looked at me.
I knew there was a reason behind it.
I didn’t expect that Rattlua-san’s siblings might also have fallen into their grasp…

“The organization is a problem that always looms over this town for a long time.
Even if we reached out, we couldn’t catch them.
But thanks to you, we managed to catch a fragment of the organization.
We even managed to grab something more important than that.”

I’m sure he’s talking about the evidence.

“If you and Sora weren’t here, they would have run away with that.
I mean, it’s highly likely that it will just disappear from that place even before we notice its existence.
It’s all thanks to you.
More than anything else, you pushed our backs when we were on the verge of giving up.
Then, you cooked up a plan to outwit the organization.
We will do the rest.
We, who live here, will protect this town.”

I slowly unclenched my fist.
Yeah, they are not weak people at all.
They said they almost give up, but I think they were enduring for a long time, waiting for an opportunity.
Waiting for the right time to strike.

“I get it.
Saizerg-san and Borolda-san’s colleagues are all great people, so they will be alright.”

“Of course, that includes me, right?”


I can see our meeting place now.
Meira-san, Louiselia-san ad Kalua-san are there.
And one more people.
I have never seen him before.
My heart jumped a little, seeing someone unknown.
Calm down, no problem.

“Do you know him?”

“Yeah, he’s an adventurer just like us.
But, he’s…”

Rattlua-san was being vague with his words.
I wonder if he holds any prejudice towards that man.

“Ivy, Rattlua, good morning.”

Meira-san smiled and waved at us.

“Good morning, Meira-san, Louiselia-san, Kalua-san.
And um…”

“I’m sorry we brought one more person.
But he’s a nice guy.”

“Nice to meet you, my name’s Makasha.
I’m sure I have done some work together with Rattlua-san before?”

When the man told me his name, I felt Sora wobbled in my bag.
This man seems to be okay.
I slowly unclench my hand from Rattlua-san’s shirt, which I gripped the moment I saw that man.

“Yeah, long time no see.
Why are you here with Meira today?”

“I met Kalua after a long time, and she said that they are going to eat something delicious, so I tagged along.”

“This guy got a sweet tooth, you see.”

Rather than Meira-san’s friend, he looks more like Kalua-san’s friend.
So he has a sweet tooth, huh, I think he and Rattlua-san will get along well.

“We’re going to Mamaloco today, right? I really like the danzu from that place.”

“That one huh… you’re even worse than I am in sweet tooth department.”

Rattlua-san’s face twitched a bit.
Kalua-san’s face twitched as well.
Perhaps this sweets called danzu is a very sweet one?

“Ivy, don’t even try that.
That one’s really too sweet.”

“Certainly, that one is a little too sweet.”

Meira-san laughed cheerfully.
Because she’s beautiful, that laugh must have attracted some people.

“Ah, right.
Meira, there’s something I want to ask you about.”

“About what? You don’t have to ask here, right? Let’s go there first!”

“… I guess so.”

Meira-san urged us to go to the shop as if in a hurry.

Is it possible that there is some kind of trap in the shop?
What do you think?
If there really is, then…
I tugged at Rattlua-san clothes a lightly.
As he looked towards me, I asked him to crouch down a little.

“Please be careful about the food and drinks there.”

I told him in a low voice so that the others can’t hear me.
He looked a bit shocked, but soon showed a bright smile.

“Huh? What’s wrong?”

Meira-san’s voice was a little hushed than before.
Did she hear what I said before?

“Ivy wants to try danzu.”

“No way, please don’t.
That thing really can cause stomachache even with only one bite.”

Before Meira-san could open her mouth, Kalua-san objected first.
Next to her, Makasha-san is looking a little pitiful.

“Eh? I think it’s delicious.”

“There must be something wrong with your taste buds.”

Kalua-san’s mood is somehow different from before.
Perhaps because Makasha-san, her good friend is here?
She got the image of being someone reserved before.

“Hagu, good morning.”

As we entered a shop called Mamaloco, following Meira-san’s lead, a person called Hagu-san greeted us.
This person looks very friendly.

“I see you brought a first-timer here.”

“Yeah, the name’s Ivy.”

“Nice to meet you.
I’m Ivy.”

“I’m Hagu of Mamaloco.
Nice to meet you.”

My bag didn’t even twitch.
I kind of expected it though.
I grabbed Rattlua-san’s shirt and tugged once.
I think he has expected this as well, so this is just for confirmation.

“What would you like to order?”

I ordered Meira-san’s recommendation and one danzu.
I’m curious about danzu, which is resented by Rattlua-san and Kalua-san.
However, considering our situation, this is not the time to think about desserts, though.
I looked around the store, but there seemed to be no one other than us.
By the way, I wonder if they’re planning to kidnap me here?
In that case, what are they going to do with Rattlua-san and the others?
Don’t tell me they are planning to kill them?
That seems possible.
Well, we don’t plan to fall into your trap.

“Meira, I want to ask you about something.”

“About what? Why are you looking so serious for?”


“It’s about your brothers.”

Meira’s expression morphed a little at Rattlua-san’s words.
As I was about to turn my head towards Hagu-san discreetly, I saw Kalua-san doing the same thing.
As I thought, Kalua-san definitely knows something.
Perhaps we can ask her to help.
She’s on our side based on Sora’s judgment anyway.
I looked towards Hagu-san, he seems to be preparing our orders.
But for a moment, I saw him staring at Rattlua-san.
They indeed have planned to do something in this shop.

“What about my brothers? They are training in the forest right now.”

“Are they really training? You see, someone saw them in the forest.”

“Eh… what do you mean by that.”

Meira-san’s face stiffened a little.

“Hey, your brothers, they didn’t borrow money from bad guys, did they?”

“Of course they didn’t! What’s wrong with you? You’re acting strange since earlier!”

“I got information that they are sheltering criminals.
Then an extermination team has been dispatched.”

They should be out of the base soon.
Unless something goes wrong with the schedule.

“Eh? What do you mean?”

“It’s reliable information.
You didn’t know? Or possibly, did you know?”


Louiselia-san is wide-eyed and surprised.
I can see that she’s not the one keeping watch.
I can see from my peripheral vision that Hagu-san had moved a bit.
Looking from his movement, I think he’s about to go outside.
Apparently, he is the one keeping watch.
Perhaps he’s going to inform his colleagues outside the shop about the extermination team.
What should I do? I’m preparing so Kalua-san can move easily.
Rattlua-san has his hands full handling Meira-san.
I guess I’ll take a gamble here.

“Marma and Tort are sheltering a number of murderers in the cave.
An extermination team has been dispatched to catch them.”

There is a clattering sound.
Meira-san knocked over her chair and stood up.


Kalua-san moved.

“Kalua-san, no! Makasha-san, please catch Louiselia-san!”


“Whoa! G, got it!”

Thank goodness.
Kalua-san stopped Hagu-san from going out of the shop.
Louiselia-san tried to flee, but Makasha-san grabbed her hands firmly.
She’s struggling, but can’t win against a male’s strength.
She couldn’t escape.

“What is this? What do you mean?”

Meira-san is staring at me.
Well, it can’t be helped.
I’m a nine-year-old kid after all.
What should I do to deceive them?

“Ivy, thank you.
You followed my instructions.”

Rattlua-san, nice assist!

Did I do well?”

Kalua-san and Makasha-san looked convinced as they looked at Rattlua-san.
I’m so relieved.

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