I moved along on the animal trail as I searched for small animals, but I couldn’t find any.

What I could hunt were mice, rabbits, or other small animals.

I wish I could hunt for slightly bigger animals, but I will get hurt if I get greedy.

I learned that from my experience.

It was still impossible with my current ability.


“…I can’t find any~…too bad.”


There seemed to be no small animals around this area.

I couldn’t find them even if I looked for their presence.

I’m glad I gathered the tree fruits I found along the way.

Otherwise, I would have to reach for my last piece of dried meat.


However, somehow I felt that not only small animals, but large animals were also nonexistent in this area.

I tried to search for any presence in my surrounding once again, but I didn’t catch anything.

That was kind of strange….


After that I continued to search for a while, but I finally gave up.

I ate my tree fruits, then I looked for a place to sleep today.

There is no hole or cave where I can hide in…do I have to hide up on a tree today?

I looked around the surrounding trees and chose a tree with thick trunk.

Because that tree had a thick trunk with a higher sense of stability than usual, I decided to rest on a branch in a slightly higher location.

It’s a little early, but let’s rest for today.

I’m kind of tired.

Sleeping is the most inconvenient thing on a journey, since I can’t sleep soundly.

If I sleep soundly, my chance of dying increases.



I was awakened by a dangerous presence.

That presence was still a little distant, but it was heading over here at an incredible speed.

What should I do, move away?

Or else just hiding like this?

I calmed down my beating heart by taking deep breaths, and then I searched around for its presence.


Given its moving speed, I concluded that I couldn’t escape.

I pressed my body firmly into a hollow space in the tree I found.

I had no choice but to hide my breath, erase my presence as much as I could, and wait for that presence to pass by.


After a while, the rustling sound of leaves getting trampled on gradually got closer.

Based on the sound, there were not only one, but tens of them.

Since their presence were mixed together, I couldn’t grasp their actual number.

I held my trembling body tightly, and I stiffened my body as much as possible so that I didn’t make any movement.


They will notice if I make any movement!


The rustling sounds passed by under the tree I was hiding in.

I looked around slowly and confirmed the source of the sounds.

I could see black figures through the gaps among the trees, illuminated by the moonlight from above.

…those are certainly huge ants as mentioned in the book!

They must have been monsters that attack in a group of tens or so.

When I looked closely, there were several black lumps crawling under the trees.

They were bigger than 1m in size and they moved…so fast!

Because I trembled when I looked at them, I shut my eyes tightly and erased my presence with all my might.


After some time has passed, the huge ants’ presence faded away.

However, I still cannot move for now.

If I move now, they may come back to attack me.

After quite some time has passed, I was finally able to relax my body.

…I’m tired.


I didn’t sense their presence anymore, but I looked around to confirm.

Perhaps this forest is close to huge ants’ nests.

…That’s why there were no animal…

Haa, I didn’t notice.


There was a cause behind the unusual lack of animals.

Come to think of it, there were several traces on the ground.

I wonder if those were their footprints?

I don’t know since I had never seen them before, but let’s remember.

Even so, there were a great number of them.

I’m glad that I didn’t get found out.

That was scary~

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