The Wandering Empress

Chapter 8- The Godfall dungeon.

10/10) enchanting movement—> (EX)(MAX)Flowing movement 10/10

(10/10): enhanced sight—> (10/10)Enhanced sight+ —> (5/10)Enhanced sight++

(10/10): thought acceleration x10 —->(10/10)thought acceleration x100—>(MAX)(EX)thought accelerationx1000

(10/10) : thought acceleration x100—>(10/10)thought acceleration x1000—>(MAX)(EX)Thought acceleration x10,000

Thought acceleration x1000(0/10)–> (10/10)—> Thought acceleration x10,000(10/10)—> (EX)(MAX)Thought acceleration x1,000,000

Her total thought acceleration with all of them put together is 10^13 or 10,000,000,000,000. (1k x 10k x 1m)She can only maintain this level of thing because of the evolved mind skill

Evolved mind full(0/10)—> (10/10): 100% of the brain is unlocked.

Disregards the other evolved mind skills so this is the only one.

Perfect memory(MAX): Perfect recall/memory

Tailer and Chef skills all of them obtained and only a few which have already been shown have leveled passed 1.

Sound magic affinity: rank S (due to wind, lighting and time affinity being high)

Acting (3/10)

Sixth Sense (2/10): Merges well with heavens eyes but can feel the spiritual plane/spirit dimension.

Body control (10/10)–> advanced body control(MAX)(EX): can control the way the body moves and flows to its utmost peak. Can do unnatural things (EX: change skin, or increase bone size) but can utilize DEX 100x better and STR,AGI can be utilized more efficiently. Similar to energy control, her unique skill but just for the physical body instead of energy.

Mind and Body fusion(2/10): Mind and body move as one naturally. Higher proficiency = more natural. 10/10= complete fusion

Parallel thoughts: can separate her thought processes. (I.e she can fight and strategize without affecting either process. Works very well with her thought acceleration skills)

(Basic)Swordsmanship(0/10)—> (Basic)Swordsmanship (10/10)—>

(EX)Advanced Swordsmanship (10/10)

(basic)Close-quarters-combat (0/10)—–>(9/10)


(1/10)Unique skill: Order of the 3 energies—> (4/10)

Unique skill: Heaven Eyes(1/10)—> (10/10): Ill explain this in later chapter.

One-hand assist: (10/10)Makes holding things with one hand easier to handle and maneuver. (increased dex and agi) (can evolve but requirements not met)

(EX)(rank 3 weapon)Soul weapon: True weapon of the soul; a weapon that is already one with the user, brings out the users most comfortable and skilled weaponry. (evolves with the user)

Soul Armament/True armament (EX)(rank 3 armor): same as soul weapon but armor instead

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