The Wandering Empress


Name: Kuromi Pendragon

Level- 10

HP: 100,000/100,000

MP: 180,000/180,000

Race: Vragien

Class- Magical Swordsman: One-handed Weapon Master [S- evolution requirements not met yet]

Sub-classes: Assassin, Musician, Chef, Tailor, Analyst


AGI: 3,500





Unassigned Status points: 0

Elemental affinities: Space-Time[SS+], Creation [?], Destruction [?], Dark: [A+] lighting[A], wind[B], fire [no affinity], Earth[no affinity], Water [no affinity], Light:[No Affinity]

{A/N: In case anybody forgot, Kuromi can use space magic and time magic separate from each other or fuse them. So she can use space, time and space-time magic.}

Welp, here we are, in the royal lounge area with only me and my family. Thankfully there are no servants or outsiders here so I at least feel a little bit more comfortable just laying out everything like this. Additionally, my titles are hidden so thats a plus. Ignoring that though, I have to say that the faces on everyone right now is hilarious! They all look like theyve seen a ghost HAHA.

Sigh~, but I really wish I didn have to do this, you know. I just wanted to train and manage my abilities in secret but no my familys ancestors just had to make this a **ing tradition. I guess, there is no use crying over spilled milk; might as well finish this quickly.

”Um, Kuromi dear, what exactly is your race? ” My mother asked.

”Its a fusion between a dragon and a vampire. ” I said in a very carefree manner.

”WHAT?! ” My father and mother both shouted. I don really get why though. I mean it can be all that shocking right?

Fortunately , my brother Arthur came to the rescue and explained why my race was so shocking. Basically, it was because the dragon gene was thought to be 100% dominant to other genes so even if you were a human and had a baby with a dragon it would come out 100% dragon. My case is that although I came out dragon I wasn supposed to have any vampire genes in me. A win for me then!

”Ha. Kuromi, you can close your status now. My only question for you is how did you increase your level and how did you get those insane stats? ” My father asked.

”Simple, I maxed out some basic and extra skills which in turn gave me some exp and with some other things I got to level 10. ” I replied I mean Im looking at them right now actually and I can believe I did this within 5 years. The stuff being bored lets you accomplish.

/basic and extra skills

Mana manipulation 10/10 →Advanced mana manipulation 10/10—> (EX+)Supreme Mana manipulation 3/10

Space-time shift 10/10—> (EX)Rift shift 1/10

(basic)Space-time Barrier 1/10—> (EX)Space-time Barrier 4/10

(basic) Ki control 1/10→ Ki control 2/10

(basic)Mental power (0/10) acquired but not proficient enough to use properly

(A/N: check next chapter for all skills and abilities she leveled up)

Quite amazing, Im curious as to what skills I should fuse though. I did gain that skill fusion reward and its pretty amazing so I can waste it! Maybe I should just ask for advice? Hopefully, they all don freak out though I don think Ill be able to tolerate it. But thankfully I have the patient one title so it won show anywhere except for my thoughts.

”Father and mother, I have a question? You see I got this skill fusion reward and I was wondering what skills to fuse. ” I asked

What??! Even that as well? Its just nothing but surprises with you, but lets see, what did you have in mind already? ” My father asked.

”Well, since it doesn have a skill fuse limit I was gonna fuse my mana, ki, and mental energy control skills.

”Hmm, good choice but you could think bigger you know? I want you to look at all of your skills and see what else is possible before you make that decision. ”

”I understand, give me a moment father. ”

*10 mins later

”Well, is your decision still the same? ” My father inquired. Along with my mother giving me an interested look.

”Yes and no father, I will be adding 3 other skills to my previous 3 that I mention! ” I announced excitedly

If what I have in mind works Ill probably get another unique skill with ”heavens ” in the name! I can already imagine it being op but I mean its what I deserve fusing 6 different skills.

While having that thought I started the fusion process without waiting any longer. I chose the 6 six skills and let the system do the work. There was no pain but I did feel drained after the process was done.

[System notification: Skill fusion success: creation of Unique skill: Order of the 3 energies]

Effect: Control of mental, ki, and mana energies is absolute. The higher the proficiency level the more absolute the control is; max level 10. Comprehension on the nature of the energies is increased by 10%; %increases as proficiency level increases max of 100%. Chantless casting, no longer needing to chant to use magic. Immune to energy take over/absorption. Control over enemy energy (locked until proficiency level 10)

Wow. I don even know what to say to this. I don get the chantless casting part as I already did that but maybe the system just threw that in there to solidify it or something. But basically this skill is gonna make me have complete control over my own energy so one that I don waste it, two that I truly understand what affinity/energy does what. Three I can also assume that Im immune to energy blocking techniques or things related to such. Oh, I can probably regen energy faster but that one is just pushing it, maybe at level 10 but definitely not before that.

As I got out of my world and looked around I saw everyone giving me a look that screamed curiosity. However, I decided that I would keep my unique skills hidden. Why? It is simply because they are my individual skills, if I let my family know them and they leak it either intentionally or not and regardless of intention it would cost me my life.Of course, there is also the situation where I might have to fight my family which I hope doesn happen but the possibility is there. I can take no risk.

”I won be revealing what the outcome was, however I know where to give thanks and I would like to thank you for your advice father. ” I stated with a serious expression, an expression to show that I wasn yielding regarding this matter at all.

”I understand, and you made the right decision. Skills should be known only to yourself and never leaked. If the enemy figures it out themself good for them otherwise never let your skills be known. ” My father said before letting us all leave the room.


{Issacs pov}

Kuromi was the first one to leave but surprisingly she didn leave through the door. She just disappeared from her spot without saying a word! What was that ability? Magic or skill? Was it the new one she just obtained? Ahh, so many questions but at the end of the day she is still my daughter so it doesn matter.

”So, everyone I assume you all know that everything in this room shall never be leaked! If it is, I don care if you are my child or wife. I will eliminate you in the name of my ancestors and our traditions. Understand? ” I said while unleashing my aura, I hate to threaten my family but it is necessary.

”We all understand dear! There is no need to be so hostile over this issue, we all know the rules and traditions. ” said Akari. Thankfully, after she said that everyone nodded their heads with no hesitation. She is truly a gem I don deserve, I still remember the issues my father had with his wives.

”Good, then another question for all of you. What do you guys think of what we saw? Keep in mind that we didn even see her skills or titles. ” I asked curiously.

”Father, if I may be frank with you, unlike any of us she doesn need to be involved in our empires affairs and politics. She should be an adventurer; a free spirit if you will. ” This idea was spoken by Arthur and everyone agreed with that opinion. I swear they must have agreed on this before this meeting even started.

”So, you all agree huh. Well then I will be sending her into our empires S-rank dungeon then and only she will have access to it. Once, she clears it that is as she won be able to come out once she enters. Additionally, any thing she experiences or finds will also be kept by her. This will happen when she turns 10 before then she will undergo sword art training, body training, martial arts training, as well as schooling from mathematics, literature, science, war tactics, and politics as no matter the profession, as having multiple fields of skills is always beneficial. ” I took a breath after finishing my proclamation and I wasn gonna let it be changed.

”Understood! ” Everyone replied in unison, clearly eager to see what kind of prowess Kuromi was going to show.

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