The Wandering Empress

Chapter 6: Laying it all out

/Main Class Skills/

Level 1(unlocked): One-handed affinity: +100% comprehension and feeling towards one handed objects/items/weapons

Level 10(unlocked): One-Handed Boost: gives a 5% to agi and dex stats when holding a one-handed item/object/weapon

Level 30(locked): One-hand assist

Level 40(locked): soul weapon

Level 50(locked) Soul Armament/True armament (armor)

/subclass skills/

Assassin: level 1: stealth(1/10), Level 10: senses boost(1/10), Level 20: Shadow boost, level 30: Sixth sense, Level 40: Body control Level 50: Mind and Body fusion

Performer: Level 1: enchanting movement, Level 10: enchanting voice, level 20: Acting, Level 50 sound magic affinity(random affinity rank)

Chef: Level 1: enhanced touch, Level 10: enhanced smell, Level 20: parallel thoughts, Level 30: material fusion (food and herbs), level 40: perfect storage, Level 50: Food Boost(support)

Tailor: Level 10: enhanced sight, Level 20: material differentiation, Level 30: perfect condition, Level 40: mana repair, Level 50: clothing boost

Analyst: level 1: thought acceleration x10, level 10: thought acceleration x100, level 20: perfect memory, level 30: evolved mind 20%, level 40: evolved mind 40%, level 50: evolved mind full and thought acceleration x1,000

(A/N: The evolved mind skill is basically her unlocking the rest of her brain as mortal beings in this world operate using 20% of their brain just like ours.)

/Unique skills/

Heaven Eyes [Unique S- Can be evolved]

???: fusion reward(not yet used)

(A/N /basic and extra skills: Ill show these later)

Sheesh. This is too much information to sort through but what I do know is that Im going to save that subclass fusion skill reward. I don know if it will interfere with getting sub-class skills later-on so Ill wait till level 50. Speaking of level 50 is that the level cap of this world or is it something else? Ill just ask when I leave.

Lets see how about I pull up the skills Ive unlocked and see what they do. I don want to be ignorant of my own abilities after all.


level 1: stealth(1/10): Silent footsteps and presence is naturally lowered but can be lowered further if trained.

Level 10(1/10): senses boost: Touch, sight, hearing, feeling, and taste are increased a moderate amount passively.. (about 15% above normal senses)


Level 1(1/10): enchanting movement: Walking or any minor movement of the body looks graceful and lacks waste.

Level 10(3/10): enchanting voice : Voice sounds clearer and gives presence


Level 1(1/10): enhanced touch: sense of touch increased by 5% (passive)

Level 10(1/10): enhanced smell: Sense of smell increased by 5% (passive)


Level 10(7/10): enhanced sight: sight increased by 5% (passive)


level 1(6/10): thought acceleration x10: Thinking and comprehension speed x 10

level 10(4/10) : thought acceleration x100: Thinking and comprehension speed x 100

(A/N: thought acceleration stacks so as she has unlocked both her thought acceleration is 1000x more than normal and its passive but she can choose at what power she wants it at. Additionally these acceleration skills can evolve and go to the next stage. I.e: 10x gets (10/10) proficiency it goes to 1000 and for x1000 skill if its gets (10/10) it goes to 10,000)

(if you forgot) Heaven Eyes(6/10):Can see the elements of Mana (all regardless of affinities) and pure mana(mana without an element), Immune to illusions, 50% increased in sense of sight, depending on the type of object and its construct user will be able to see through it, Can see the mana paths and Ki Paths of a living being (can be blocked by s rank or special skills and equipment), Full night vision, additionally user can see the status of other people or things even if their a disguise skill/armor present but the user has to be the same level(level for people) /rank(ranks for objects) or higher then the targeted being if the target is a higher level then the user all that will be shown is the targets name, estimated level, and sub-class.

(Active) Additional effect due to title {Dominating Presence}, if bloodlust is concentrated through ocular means the effect will be increased by 200%

Ah no wonder even though I thought this information was too much it really wasn because I still thought I was thinking at my old normal speed. Now, another thing is that these abilities stack. However, for those % based boost it stacks based on the already modified number and not the base. SUPER OP, think of the ways this could be useful!

Hmm? Wait a second, my sense of sight is crazy boosted now. HaHa, I dare anyone to try and hide from my eyes! I wonder if I can test my sight here. Looking towards the door, I focused on my eyes a little bit, and boom! My eyes easily saw through the door and could see all the kids getting their statuses unlocked. Further along, I found my family talking to the head priest and the other parents but it didn just stop there. I continued out about 100 miles until the surroundings got blurry, funny enough even though I say blurry it was actually quite clear but I couldn see beyond the area I was looking at.

AH! While Im at I should test this dominating presence title with my sight and see if it works. I have fought my fair share of battles so my presence shouldn be too weak. Only one way to find out!


{issacs pov}

”Haa, I really hope that she awakens in a heavenly class. If she does that would make another one in the family after Arthur. Imagine 2 heavenly classes and 3 saint-grade, none would question my fam-! WHAT THE! ”

*Rumble, Crack,

”EVERYONE COME NEAR ME! ” I shouted but to no avail. The space around the temple was distorting and cracking causing my voice to be blocked. In the distance, Akari and the other children are safe, thankfully Arthur has a good head on his shoulders.

What the hell is going on though? This pressure is very strange; its strong but its not targeted at a single area. I would dare say that space can handle not because of its strength but because the magical affinity of the person has to be strong in space. Though, I can clearly tell its not just space either. I can sense time fluctuations in this pressure.

Wait! Could it be one of the 3 heavenly sovereigns sensed something within the temple of awakening?! If thats true then one of them must have felt the awakening of a heavenly class at the minimum with a lot of potential. Shit, if thats true I have no power to stop this at all.

Huh? The pressure is retreating and space is fixing itself so quickly! Its like everything is returning to its previous state before the pressure had descended. The space and time affinities have to be high within this sovereign but if I recall correctly none of the sovereigns have an ability related to time. Space sure but time no, so is it not a known sovereign? Hopefully this person doesn become an enemy, sigh~ ”

{Kuromis POV}

Oof, that felt way too good. I think I might just go ahead and wait here for a few minutes; just to relax.

[10 minutes later]

”Mom! ” I exclaimed running towards my mother who was surrounded by the rest of the family.

”KUROMI! ” My mother returning my call started to sprint towards me. Once she got to me she hugged me so tightly with a slight trembling of her body. Is something wrong?

”Um, mother, is something wrong? ” I asked genuinely worried

”Huh? Kuromi, did you not feel that pressure earlier? ” Mom asked confused but still had a worried expression on her face.

”Pressure? Um, OH! Um mom. ” I looked up at mom with a conflicted expression. Should I tell her or should I just keep it to myself? I doubt they will believe me but it looks like I created a big mess.

”Yes, Kuromi what is it? You can tell me anything so you have nothing to worry about. ” My mother reassured me before she held me in her embrace again.

”Okay, well I think that pressure might have come from me. ” I muttered softly only loud enough for the two of us to hear.

”Huh?! What do you mean? ” she asked worriedly

”You see, uh I think my status awakening might have caused it, ” I answered by twisting the truth a little bit because would anyone believe a child has developed any kind of bloodlust? I think not, so its better just to blame it on the status awakening.

”Ah, I see we will find out later when you show us later. ” My mom said straightforwardly.

”Wait, I have to show my status?! ”

”Huh, did your father not tell you? ”

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