The Wandering Empress

Chapter 4: Full Status Unlocked!

[~S-Rank: Time-Blessing Grimoire]

I need this at all costs! I thought to myself immediately after seeing this item. Sure, I didn know the effects or its requirements but it was something in my gut. It was telling me to seize this opportunity at all costs!

I looked up at my mother whose lap Ive been sitting on this entire Item and made my best attempt at an asking face I could make. Luckily, my mother was quick on the uptake and immediately bid 250 gold on the item. 250 was a little unexpected for something unknown but I won complain if it knocks out other competition!

My uncle and father both looked at my mother stupefied. ”Umm, sister, do you know what this item is? ” My uncle asked which was followed by my father asking the same question.

”Nope, absolutely no idea but Kuromi showed interest in the item so I bid on it! ” My mother replied, looking like a mother spoiling her youngest child. Oh, wait. Thats exactly what she is doing right now though.

”Haha! Okay, then well, any other bidders? ” Dominick asked. Luckily no one else bid because they thought it was too risky but maybe more like they didn want to piss my mother off. Of course, the pissing my mother off thing was something I thought in my head but I mean thats what it looked like to me.

The auction ended and my family was led to the highest floor in the building. My uncles office which by the way is the most secure floor as well. With all the formations and barriers in place that I can see, it would take extreme skill to sneak in, not to mention take something.

”Alright, my little nieces come and get your presents! ” My uncle said in a joking kinda tone which for some reason hit me the wrong way. Arturia immediately made her way to her Grimoire and activated it. This didn cause any physical phenomena for normal people but for me, it was like being close to the sun.

All of the light mana particles in what I classified as the mana realm which is what my eyes were always observing; Rushed towards my sister. They continued to concentrate and It caused the mana realm to be super lit up, even to the point of pushing away the dark affinity mana particles. Luckily it only lasted a few seconds but man it was still bright as **.

Once the light particles finished gathering they went inside my sister and concentrated on her. I could tell she was benefiting from it because her mana path in her body was being widened while also strengthened.

”Father! Empress mother! My light affinity is an A now! ” Arturia screamed energetically while also jumping towards my father for a hug. It was very wholesome to watch and I could tell a smile was on my face.

Mizues turn was next and she made her way to her Grimoire. The same thing happened during Mizues turn as Arturia but instead of being blinded, I felt like I was in the deep arctic. The pressure was astounding which could only be because of the type of Grimoire she was using. Kinda, of what you would expect from an A-ranked Item.

”Father. Empress mother. My water affinity has turned into a glacial affinity and is ranked S- now. ” Mizue said very calmly and honestly, she looked like she didn care. However, both my parents could tell she was ecstatic.

Julius went for his turn but was stopped by both my uncle and father.

”Son, it would be wise to cultivate this with your mother or your grandfather. You would get more benefits out of these Phoenix tears. ” My father said which was followed by my uncle nodding his head in agreement.

”Yes, father. ” My brother replied a little sad but he understood what they meant.

Now, it was my turn and honestly, I didn even know what to do. My mother grabbed the Time-bless grimoire for me and sat down on the couch. She situated me in a comfortable position on her lap and then she put the grimoire on my lap. All my sisters did was put their palms on their grimoires so I guess thats why I do?

I immediately regretted it because, unlike my sisters grimoires, mine caused a very troubling physical phenomenon. The Grimoire flashed in light green colors before opening forcefully and turning the pages very quickly. My mother tried to take away the grimoire but it flashed even brighter and teleported her to where my father was.

Everyone tried to rush towards me but then the grimoire stopped flashing. It levitated into the air before it vanished and my status gave me a message. /status update/ Time element approved/ I read the message but before I could check my status my vision went black.


{Akaris perspective}

What! I was just next to Kuromi. Why am I next to my husband? Oh no, Kuromi! I turned back around to face her but then all I saw was her Grimoire disappear and her body fall over.

I rushed towards her and checked her bodys condition. Thankfully, she just passed out. Im so stupid! I shouldve gotten someone else to try and check it but I just let her go straight for it.

”Mother, is she okay?! ” Arthur asked very panicky and I reassured him she was fine. I handed Kuromi over to him and instructed the kids to wait outside of the room. They didn talk back probably because they could feel how angry I was which due to my ocular abilities was starting to have a physical effect on the surroundings. The gravity around the room started to increase, snapping some of the furniture into pieces.

”Akari! ” Issac shouted, snapping me out of my fit. The kids finally went outside and I took a minute to calm down. I glared at my brother who just shrugged like he didn care what happened.

”Akari, before you go on a blaming spree just remember that I told everyone that we couldn analyze the item. You still chose to buy it, so don start anything unnecessary. ” Dominick bluntly stated very boldly which ticked me off more.

”Besides sis, you should know that she is fine. Not to mention Kuromi probably got a blessing out of that thing, ” he added.

”Hmph! Better hope so, Dominick! ” I glared at him which caused him to flinch a little bit.


{Kuromis perspective}

Sheesh. That was a little too scary for my own good but luckily Im fine. In my crib at home and Im alone so I can see what I got! Lets go ahead and open up the status window and see the changes..if any of course.


Name: Kuromi Pendragon

Race: Vragien?

Class- Magical Swordsman: one-handed blade [S- evolution requirements not met yet]

Sub-class: Assassin

Title(s): {Unique Race} {Dominating Presence} {Reincarnator}

Level: 3


AGI: 1200





Status points: 1500

Elemental affinities: Space-Time[SS+], Dark: [A+] lighting[A], wind[B], fire [no affinity], Earth[no affinity], Water [no affinity], Creation [?], Destruction [?] Light:[No Affinity]

(A/N: The time and space affinity fused forming space-time as an extra affinity. So she can use space, time and space-time. I just show it as space-time to make it easier to understand.)

Hmm, so I gained the time affinity which then fused with the spatial affinity giving me space-time as an affinity; plus an increase in rank. Light, water, earth, and fire changed to no affinity while creation and destruction gained a ? symbol. I also leveled up as well and my base stats still went up without any of the status points distributed. Ill save the status points distribution for when I turn 5 because right now its kinda useless. Since I can barely move by myself anyway.

Eh? I can see that the separated Space and time mana particles are actually fused now. The color of it looks like a more vibrant purple instead of the old plain dark purple. I started to try and gather the new space-time particles into my hand and they rushed towards it at frightening speed!


Shit, that **ing hurt! My hand was almost shattered to bits and my room is…um lets not talk about that. Hopefully, no one else was caught up in that explosion but if you were, I apologize. It looks like Im going to have to train my mana manipulation harder if I wanna actually use my space-time affinity!

” ”KUROMI ” ” ” ” ” ”Little sis! ” ” ” ” My family rushed into the remains of my room and all looked like they had seen a ghost. I understand though if your family was caught up in that explosion who wouldn be worried? Hmm, why are they looking even more shocked now?

I looked down and found out the reason why. I was actually floating when I willed my body to move and it started flying! I thought I was higher than normal but come to find out Im actually flying. Strange though as I clearly am not affected by gravity but its also not letting me go any higher without willing it. My twin sisters tried to come near, but they were teleported back to where they started when they got close.

[Skill acquired: Space-time shift 1/10] [Skill acquired: Space-time Barrier 1/10]

[Skill acquired: Gravitational field] [Title received: One Loved by space-time]

(AN* #/10 is the proficiency grade that will be seen with skills in the future)

Interesting! This is a new message, I haven seen before. Does aging open more things within the status screen? If so then by age 5 everything would be open if thats when everyone is supposed to acquire it.

”Father?! What do we do? ” Arturia and Mizue both asked shocked, which kinda surprised me. Well not Arturia but Mizue showing that much emotion shocked me. True, Ive only known her for a little over a year, but she has never shown anything like she is now. I guess I should try to cut my mana flow for now and hope that works. If this was a passive skill that could be a little troublesome.

I did just that and started to fall at a very alarming rate. Unfortunately, that explosion earlier opened a hole that I was heading straight towards! Ah.

”I got you! don worry, little miss. ” Eric, who I didn even see enter the room, said while catching me. He was floating like I was but he was just doing it with wind magic which didn seem as good as mine. You know, I shouldn think that he clearly has better control over his ability than I do so I have no right to speak.

”These accidents with Kuromi at the center of it aren good for my health! My father sighed.

”I can agree more, dear. ” My mother followed up.

”Agreed! ” All of my siblings also followed.

~jeez Im in front of you! Show a baby some respect, would you!

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