The Wandering Empress

Chapter 3: The S rank item and My amazing luck!

Hello~, Kuromi here and a lot has happened in the last year! Where to start? Oh! My eyes are extremely beautiful. It seems that [Heavens eyes] decided to bless with beauty and not just power Hahaha. Also, my mana manipulation has reached a tier that a baby shouldn be able to reach. I can manipulate my higher affinities but Ive come to realize that the other affinities that I do have that are F rank are basically only for life skills. For example, my fire affinity can only light a candle, while my wind affinity can create a storm or tornado but umm don ask how I found that out, just know though.

My strongest affinity, space allowed me to do something quite crazy. About 3 or something months ago while training at night, I accidentally swapped my room with my parents room. They thought it was an attack at first but I was lucky that they never caught who did it.

Oh, thats right, I am a princess, the 3rd princess of the Dragonic Empire of Pendragia. My mother and father married for political reasons and all that nonsense but they love each other so there is no strain there. More surprisingly, My mother and the other wives get along very well, kinda like they are best friends, which shocked me when I first learned it. In my other life, it was rare to see an empress and the other wives get along, usually, they tried to fight each other.

Continuing further, I have 2 older brothers and 2 older sisters. My eldest brother shares the same mom, Akari, so we are full-blooded siblings but his race is just a golden dragon, just like my fathers. His name is Arthur Pendragon and he is good at magic but his martial art skills are crazy crazy good. My second eldest brother is the second wifes, Phoenixias child, and his race is taken from his mothers which happens to be a fire dragon so as you can guess, he is extremely good with the fire element. His name is Julius Pendragon.

My sisters are actually twins from the third wife, Ardrina. The twins aren hard to tell apart as one is super hyper and shows many expressions while the other is very calm, collected, and silent. The silent one named Mizue Pendragon has long Light blonde hair and eyes like water and guess what? Her highest affinity is water. The hyper one named Arturia Pendragon has short-shoulder length blonde hair and sharp blue eyes while her highest affinity is light.

Now, my parents are very different from each other but the main thing to take from their relationship is that my mom holds the power. She has long silver-white hair and silver sharp eyes. Shes a vampire which is where I get my vampire genes from. My father, on the other hand, has short trimmed obsidian-black hair and dark brown eyes.

Welp, now that I got that out of the way, I guess Ill go back to practicing and controlling my mana. Wait, who the hell am I talking to? I think being a 30+ sentient being in a babys body does something to you mentally.

Starting to mess around with space particles in air, I try to make them more fluid and activate them. As space mana is very solid and stays in the same place unless you had strong control over your mana; as well as a strong affinity for it. The space particles slowly but surely gathered in my palm and answered my will.

*opening door

”Kuromi~, are you ready for your first adventure outside of the castle! ” My mother came in all excitedly throwing off my concentration.


Knocked out of my focus, the spatial mana gathered in my palm was sent out and unintentionally created a blade that went through the crib, and put a thin but deep crack in the wall. Fortunately, I don know how mom didn seem to notice. I probably only noticed due to my unique eyes.

Wait. Did she just say adventure? I looked toward my mother and tilted my head in confusion. She was very excited for some reason and not to mention what she was wearing. She was wearing a black and silver silk dress that was endowed with golden embroidery. Her jewelry looked super and I mean super expensive, almost like rare artifacts that housed some mysterious power.

”Alright, lets get you ready! We are going to an auction house and we are gonna see if there is anything that you want. Now, I know you can speak but you know how to express the things you like and dislike, right? ” My mother asked me this but what kinda 1 year old actually understands everything she just said.

Regardless, I nodded my head up and down while my mother picked me up. She called some maids in and they dress me up


Woah~. This auction house is super big and more overbearing than the exterior of the royal castle. Speaking of which, the castle was a medieval-type castle and all that nonsense. This auction house however was in the shape of a tower that tried to reach the sky.

Once, I got close enough to see the name of the building. I realized for the first time that even if I understood what people around me were saying, that didn mean I could read what was written. What presumably was the name of this place was written in an unknown language to me and honestly looked like a bunch of scratches on a metal board.

”Hello, Your majesty Pendragon and her majesty the empress. ” A man said rather dramatically, noticing me and my family. He was dressed in an expensive golden-white suit that matched his golden eyes and white hair.

”Ay, Dominick, my old friend, you can do away with the formalities. We are just here to enjoy ourselves tonight. ” My father replied, addressing this man known as Dominick.

”Yes brother, you should really do away with that. Aren we family? No need to be stiff. ” My mother nonchalantly replied revealing some very shocking information. This man is my uncle? Man, I already knew my family was filled with influential people but this just adds icing to the cake.

I mean if he is running this auction house which seems to be the headquarters; that must mean there are branches. From my previous life, I know that houses like this were highly influential and had informants everywhere. Fuck, if you had enough money you could probably buy any information or item you wanted in that world. Thats how powerful they could get and by looking at my uncle, he seems to run this powerful group.

”Oh. You decided to bring Kuromi with you tonight? ” Dominick asked with a baffled look on his face.

”Yes, well you see we wanted to see if we can get anything before her status board appears. You know anything to increase a magical affinity or a weapon that could be used for her class. Well, she has to get a combat class first but you get the point. ” My father answered the baffled Dominick very quickly.

”Heh, you just wanna spoil her don you? ” Dominick teased.

cough* ”No, okay maybe a little but my point still holds. ” My father confirmed a little flustered which was something I could tell Domnick wasn gonna let slide.

”Well, lucky for you some of those items you wanted to see are actually in tonights auction. Lets just hope you can afford them now. ” Domnick added before leading us to our room for the auction.


Fuck. I shouldve known our seat was gonna be luxurious and open. However, I didn expect to be able to be seen by everybody in the damn house. How am I supposed to watch this auction in peace!

During my internal distress, my uncle walked out in the center stage and began with a long speech. Nobody wants to hear this so let me sum it up. 1. No fighting during the auction. 2. All items will be handed over after the auction is over. 3. Attempting to steal during the auction will result in death. Yep. Just the rules. But, now the auction has officially started so time to see what my uncle has in store!

The first item was a dagger which was apparently of good quality because the crowd below me was going wild. I guess Ill take a look with my eyes; gotta use your resources to your advantage as they say!

[dagger of healing- rank C

Effect: boost self-regeneration by 10% but only when hp falls below 20%. Can also heal up to two others at the same time but they must be within 4 meters of the user. They must also be still.]

Yikes. Do these people really think this thing is any good? This is honestly very bad and not to mention the dagger looks more like a kitchen knife that wasn sharped at all. I don even think you could kill with this thing. But, if the starting item is gonna be ranked C, I can wait to see the other items.

My uncle kept introducing C-ranked items for quite a while which were a little bit better than that dagger. Finally, though we got out of C-ranked items and were now starting with some B-ranked items.

”Now, everyone, may I have your attention! I do encourage people to stay and watch the auction. However, if you no longer wish to participate or watch please leave now. Actually, I advise you to leave now before any form of greed blinds you of reason, causing you to do something stupid. ” My uncle announced to everyone in a threatening tone. This was probably to get rid of the weaker willed people.

Which worked very effectively as the number of people present was now about less than half of what the auction started with. So, to my estimate, about 200 people left, not that Im about to count every last person. After everyone finished exiting my uncle put on display 5 B-ranked items. These of course were significantly better than the C-ranked weapons as far as I could read. Obviously being a year old, I don even know what the ranks properly look like.

[B-rank: Longsword of extreme flames

Class: two-handed blade

Requirements: str stat has to be 5000, Level has to be 40, and gotta have a main or subclass relating to two-handed weaponry.

Effects: When mana is channeled through the blade, a deep red flame that can be defended against through normal weaponry or armor will cover the blade. Additionally, if used by someone with a high natural fire affinity the ability of this blade will be increased by 200% A- rank fire affinity for this to occur]

[B-rank: Glacial necklace

Class: accessory armament

Requirements: B or higher water affinity

Effects: Will increase the speed of training for the water element by 30%. For those with a super high affinity (A+), an additional effect will occur which produces a high-quality water shield at the will of the user; can block B ranked fire magic at ease, Blocks C-rank magic for the other elements]

[B-rank: Affinity pill medium

Class: Medicine

Requirements: None

Effects: Lets the user increase the affinity of their strongest element.]

[B-rank: Storage Ring small]

Class: Accessory armament

Requirements: Have to be able to manipulate mana

Effects: gives the wearer a subspace that is 3mx3m in size.]

[B-rank: Light Grimoire

Class: Grimoire

Effects: The user gets a guaranteed B-rank light spell

Requirements: The user has to have a B-rank or higher affinity with the light element.]

Wow, these items aren actually half bad. Most of them are useless for me but for my siblings, these would probably help a lot. Heck, the storage ring although having a small subspace size would be a life-saving item if you were ever stranded or lost.

”Mother! Father! Can I get the Light Grimoire?! PLEASE! ” Arturia asked, screaming very loudly. I can really blame her though since that grimoire is of great benefit to her.

”Hmm, Sure I don see why not but we have to wait for the bid to start since we are still in the inspection period. Oh. Speaking of which seems like it just started. I bid 1500 gold for the Grimoire! ” My father answered while bidding with what I could consider a small amount. You know with him being a ruler of an empire and everything.

”1500 gold for the Grimoire from his majesty! Are there any higher bidders going to attempt to go for it? ” My uncle questioned

”Your majesty, may I ask a question? ” A buff-looking guy with a crimson mohawk asked father.

”Hmm, Marquis Anderson, yes you may. ”

”Well, are you gonna buy any more of these B-ranked items or more specifically the storage ring? ”

”No, my family and I have no use for such a small storage ring so if anyone wants it go ahead and bid. As for the other items currently present. ” My father paused before turning towards my other siblings and asking them if they wanted any of the items present. Unsurprisingly, they wanted to claim a higher-ranked item. ”No, the other items my family won be bidding for. ”

”I see, thank you, your majesty, and forgive me for overstepping my boundaries. ”

”Its alright, it was a fair question to ask though do remember that the items here are for the highest bidder. ”

”Yes sir! ”

After that little conversation, the spatial ring ended up in Marquis Andersons hands. The Necklace went to a very pretty noble-looking lady with dark blue hair and aquamarine eyes. The pill went to a researcher-looking guy who honestly I can really say he holds a candle to those in the VIP seats. The sword well nobody bid on it, probably because of its requirements.

”Now, everyone. The real auction starts now! ” Dominink exclaimed while gesturing for the A-ranked items to be revealed. The staff all hurried out with 3 non-see-through containers, all encased in multiple magical formations and barriers. Once, all of the items were on stage, my uncle chanted something and opened all of the containers.

Holy shit. I didn think this is what it meant to be an A-ranked item! I mean looking at these items and their effects honestly is leaving me kind of speechless. Whoever created these has to be on another level honestly.

[A-Ranked: Glacia the grimoire of frost

Class: Grimoire

Effects: Will increase the water element affinity by 1. If the user gains an S rank in water affinity after use, the element will evolve into the Glacial element (Ice and water). Additionally, it will give a title to the user but the title depends on the user. Requirements: No other element affinity can be higher than water.]

[A+-Ranked: Phoenix tears

Class: Medicine

Effects: Will evolve the fire affinity into a blaze affinity. Also, 20-25% chance of unlocking the [Phoenix regeneration] skill. Requirements: A+ or S rank affinity with Fire, additionally must be 10+ years of age.]

The next item was just a bigger storage ring which wasn really anything too crazy. However, the tears and grimoire were insane. I know I don really know much about this world but even I could tell how life-changing these items could be for someone who met the conditions.

Nearly instantly, the bidding price was at 10,000 gold, knocking out any normal competition. Julius and Mizue both looked at my mother. Yes. My mother and they pleaded with her to try and get the items they wanted. My father was slightly taken aback by their instant go-to of mom but who can blame them? She has the power in the relationship. Kind of surprising, Arturia didn do the same.

”15,000 gold each for the grimoire and the tears! ” My father shouted, silencing the entire auction. Needless to say, it seems that all the high bidders were only bidding to keep the other powers in check. They can have someone get a powerful item and then use that same power against them.

After that insanely quick round of bidding my uncle made another announcement. ”Everyone, this next item will be the last one of the night but let me warn you now. This item and its exact rank couldn be identified by any of our inspectors. So, if you are going to bet for this item be warned of that. ” Finishing that warning as he put it, the item was brought out.

My uncle unwrapped the item and I immediately used my eyes on it. The result was my first time seeing only the item name and its estimated rank!

[~S-Rank: Time-Blessing Grimoire]

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