The Wandering Empress

Chapter 9: Inside the duegnon (floor1)

”Are you ready, Kuromi? ” said the feminine voice. The tone sounded as if she was worried and anxious about something.

”Don worry mother, Im ready as Ill ever be! Ive been trained for this moment. Just hope I actually decide to visit home after I start exploring the world! ” I proudly shouted to help my nervous mother.


”OW! MOM! I was just joking of course Ill come visit there was no way I wouldn come and see you all. ” I retaliated.

”Hmph! Glad you know it. ” said my mother before she came behind me and embraced me. She was still nervous and upset with herself for agreeing to what I had to face.

The day after I revealed my status to everyone I was informed of my fathers decision. I was to be trained and schooled for 5 years before I faced our countrys hidden dungeon that only the royal family knows about. This dungeon is S-ranked, also hypothesized to be a multi-element dungeon. A multi-element dungeon is as it sounds like a dungeon that has multiple types of elements thus meaning different types of monsters.

Luckily, my training wasn all for naught. I believe I am ready and I can only improve from here. Patience is what separates the strong from the weak and goals are strived by greed as one wants to achieve them. My goal is freedom, the freedom to explore and I will do anything to keep that freedom for myself as Im greedy for it.

This is what I learned about myself throughout my training. It was actually the first thing I learned as training without a goal vs with a goal is completely different. Having a goal is more productive and I was the most productive I could be during it. I trained and studied for 18 hrs a day with only 6 hours of sleep. This occurred 24/7 for 5 years so if I fail to beat this dungeon then I only can blame myself.

”Status ”

/Status/Map/Inventory/Main Class Skills/Subclass Skills/Unique skills/basic and extra skills

Name: Kuromi Pendragon

Level- 52 (Ascendent core)

HP: 250,000/250,000

MP: 884,348/884,348

Race: Vragien

Class- Magical Martial Artist: One-handed Weapon Master [S- evolution requirements not met yet]

Sub-classes: Assassin, performer, Chef, Tailor, Analyst

Title(s): {Unique Race} {Dominating Presence} {Reincarnator} {Patient One} {Greedy one}

STR:2,100—-> 5,100

AGI: 3,500—> 11,500





Unassigned Status points: + 42,000→0

Elemental affinities: Space-Time[SS+], Creation [?], Destruction [?], Dark: [A+] lighting[A], wind[B], fire [no affinity], Earth[no affinity], Water [no affinity], Light:[No Affinity]

(A/N: Not gonna show skills here as there is to many, check chp 7.5 for all skills)

Good progress if I do say however the easiest skills to level up were heaven eyes and Swordsmanship. I think because one is always active and the other is related to my class but still it was stupidly easy. Anyways, I have a dungeon to clear so lets go do that.


”So, Kuromi listen closely. This dungeon is estimated to be 30 floors with a maxim of 40 and a minimum of 25. The elements of this dungeon are all present. ” My father explained with a serious expression.

”Wait, all of them? How I thought dungeons couldn have more than 3 elements at once even in a mutation. ” Kuromi asked with a shocked expression.

”We don know the reason but we can infer that due to a major war with sovereigns in the past caused the dungeon core to have a wide amount of elements to form its core with. ” My father answered.

Sovereigns, huh? Over my years of training I learned the ranks that separated people. They are as follows:

Foundation level/core: early levels of 1-50

Ascendant level/core: Later levels of 51-101

Earth level: Levels of 102-200

Transcendent: Levels 201-500

Sovereign: 501-1,000

There is also a level theorized to be above sovereign but not even those said sovereigns have only one piece of such a stage; goddess Astraea. Apparently, the sovereign stage is hard to get to but when looking at it in just numbers it doesn really feel all that hard. If anyone heard that I probably would be smacked for my arrogance, haha.

”We have arrived Kuromi! None of us will be able to follow you inside this dungeon. We can even go in the teleport room so unfortunately this is all you form now on. I hope that when you come out the first thing you do is come visit us. No matter how long it takes for you to clear this dungeon you will always be welcomed here. ” My father said with a sad expression.

”Don worry father, I estimate to be out of the dungeon within a year at most, and 6 months at the earliest. So, don worry! ” That was the last thing I said to my father before I walked through the door. Right when I did though I was instantly teleported away.

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