The Wandering Empress

Chapter Spoilers: Explanations


1st: any percentage based explanation is multiplied. (High Importance)

Simplified: Not this 1.00% + 15%=15;

Correct way:100.00%x15%=n% n%+100.00=Ability total.

So, if sight gets a % increase for a human, the human will go from 20/20 vision to however much n% increased sight. If it was a 5% then it would go to 20.05/20.05 since 100% is full 20/20 and 5% of 100% or 1 (in this case) is .05% thus is basically is (20.05/20.05)

Additionally, all increases stack off boosted percentage not base. So if said human who has 20.05/20.05 vision gets another increase, the 100% is now 20.05 or 1.05. Thus, it looks like this, another increase of 30% to sight would be 1.05 x .30 =.315, then 20.05+.315= 20.365/20.365.

2. Every being in the verse has only 1 main class and that will not change even for our beautiful MC. However, sub-class amounts will vary between individuals; some can have 0 or they can have a max of 5 like our MC.

2.5: Classes main or sub are based on born soul strength. Any evolutions to any class are based on acquired(trained) soul strength at the time of evolution.

3. Skills can be evolved. Common to extra skills have the same evolution path; unless a variation/fusion occurs with a higher ranked ability/skill. Unique skills are well unique to the individual and can vary from e-rank to s-rank. Unique skills are dependent on the main class or subclass but other random factors can influence said skill.

4: Ranks/Cultivation level/ core levels (High Importance)

Foundation level/core: early levels of 1-50 where base skills and exp are at its lowest.

Ascendent level/core: Later levels of 51-101 where previous base skills evolve/improve a little unless a variation occurs. 51-101 after passing the 50th level any skill trees or abilities given in this class are more complex and follow their base counterparts.

Example: reached 51st level with no variation occurring; fighting→ advanced fighter; with variation= fighting—>Martial arts(which incomposes more than just fighting like techniques footwork, ki control, etc)

Earth level: same as ascendent however the levels are from 102-200. Also, any chance of variation at the stage is close to 0. Like .005% or less.

Transcendent: 201-500. This is where the skill tree and classes fuse with the individual, so at level 500 all the skills and abil

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