Chapter 36.
…Did You Drink Poison?


“What are you saying all of a sudden, Father?”


Adenmir couldn’t hide his perplexity at the sudden words of the emperor.


Break up with Elodie Perdia?


He couldn’t guess why his father would have him do that.


Perdia was currently the greatest force behind Adenmir, who had almost no maternal power.


It was also the reason why he could easily deal with the second empress’s son, the second prince Beltran.


For Adenmir, who was on the defensive, Perdia’s engagement proposal was like sweet rain.


The emperor, who was bedridden at that time, also had no objection to the engagement.


Why does he want to break this solid engagement?


“My thoughts are shortsighted, so it’s hard to keep up with what the emperor is thinking.
Please explain.”


Cough! The emperor pursed his lips and let out another rough cough. 


Adenmir waited with patience until his father calmed down.


Soon, the emperor’s dry lips opened again.


“Look…..not only at a tree, but the forest.
In the future you will be crowned emperor. Cough! ……Do you believe that power…….will be completely yours?”




“Son…..Perdia is…..too big for you….to hold….”


Adenmir could understand what the emperor was trying to say.
Between intermittent coughs , the emperor talked for a very long time about why Adenmir should not borrow the power of Perdia.


Perdia does not compromise.


As the rulers of the shadows, they knew the dark side of the empire better than anyone else.


So the people of the Wallentian Empire could never escape their influence.
Even the imperial family was no exception.


It was a family that threatened even the imperial power, but they did not act, they just crouched in the shadows.


He became acutely aware of the threat as he reigned as emperor.


He condoned borrowing Perdia’s power because he was lying sick in bed and couldn’t do anything himself, but that power would eventually become a noose that could tighten around Adenmir’s neck more and more.


Perdia should not be in the imperial castle.


They must not be allowed to drag on and become a shadowy powerhouse forever.
If Elodie Perdia were to be empress, this empire would be completely in the hands of Perdia.


Adenmir would just be a scarecrow emperor.


The emperor foresaw it all.


“It’s not that I don’t understand my fathers will.
But I need immediate strength.”


“Then, take the……..rather manageable…….Angellus.”


Among the four major families, Perdia and Angellus were the only ones with a lady similar in age to Adenmir.
So now the emperor was telling Adenmir to be betrothed to Dorothea Angellus. 


Recalling Dorothea, the flower of society, Adenmir calmly refuted.


“However, Angellus is already the second prince’s power.”


“If that guy thinks it’s to his advantage…..he’ll do anything.
And that…..will help you…….”


Adenmir’s mind became complicated.


He thought in his head that his father’s words had some truth, but his lips refused to say yes.


‘Break up.
Break up.
The other person involved also talked about breaking up the engagement, and even my father is urging me to break it off.’


As if breaking the engagement was the only road prepared for him.


Instead of saying yes, Adenmir left an ambiguous answer.


“I’ll think about it.”


He wasn’t sure what to do yet.


The emperor forcibly opened his eyes, which kept closing as if they were too tired to stay open, and were asking for their work to the end.


“Make a wise decision.
I believe you won’t let me down, my son….”


This father doesn’t have much time left to live. 


Though unspoken, the words rang in the air between them.
This entire conversation was a father’s concern for his son, the only child of the woman he loved.


Then, a servant outside the door announced someone’s visit.


“Your Majesty.
Her Majesty would like to see you.”


It was the visit from Empress Salvatrice, Adenmir’s political opponent and the emperor’s second wife.


She entered the bedroom without the emperor’s permission to come in.
Behind her came a maid holding a bowl of medicine.


As soon as the empress saw Adenmir, her eyes widened.


“I came because it was time for His Majesty to take medicine, but I didn’t expect the prince to be there.”


Hearing those words, the corner of Adenmir’s mouth went up.


‘No way you were unaware.
You must have known.’


She was a woman who had gone mad because she was bent on putting her stupid son on the throne.
She must have rushed as soon as she heard that he had entered the emperor’s bedroom.


Is she that afraid? To the point where she can’t even leave a little time to talk.


Adenmir laughed and replied to empress Salvatrice.


“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen him, so the story has been extended.”


“Oh, I didn’t mean to, but I interrupted the conversation between father and son.”




In front of His Majesty.”


A blade was hidden in her caustic smile.
At those words, Adenmir’s expression hardened.


“I can’t seem to laugh.
Maybe it’s because I’m in front of Her Highness the Empress.”


“You’ve improved a lot, Prince.”


“If so, give the medicine to the emperor.
I’ll be on my way.”


Without listening to the empress’s answer, Adenmir turned around and left.


There was the empress’s voice behind his back.


“Come on, Your Majesty.
Eat slowly.”


Cough, cough!


Adenmir took a heavy step.


The emperor’s groaning as he swallowed the medicine grew further and further away. 






Raeyan, who was commissioned by Elodie to find the owner of that name, dispatched his men immediately thereafter.


“She has dark brown hair.
I’m sure she’s a year or two younger than me.”


It was not enough information to find a person.


However, the fact alone that his client was Elodie Perdia gave Raeyan a reason to complete this mission without fail.


Mercenaries who were good at gathering information were dispatched to various places.
They mainly searched within the Wallentian Empire, but the scope was not limited to Wallentia.


Since the name Estelle is not a very unusual name, there would be countless people with the same name.


Among them, it would not be easy to find a woman whose appearance and age matched.


Even if she was found, there was no guarantee that it would be the person that Elodie, the client, was looking for.


But he had to find out.


Because it was what Elodie wanted.




Raeyan first organized the search agenda documents that came up first and handed them over to me.


“She’s a person who meets the conditions you have stated.”




I marveled at the enormous thickness.


“If you hit someone on the head with this, the person will die.


Raeyan’s face didn’t even twitch.
“Is there anyone you want to kill? I will take care of it.”


“That was a joke.”


I cautioned Raeyan, who said he would kill and deal with anything and then slowly turned over a bunch of deadly documents.


Information on the search target, family relationships, and descriptions were described in detail there.
Lastly, a picture of the face of the target recorded with a magic tool was also attached.


It was a very detailed and complete document.
It was a document……


There was one fact that had been overlooked.


‘I don’t know Estelle´s face?!’


No matter how much they searched and documented it, I didn’t have the ability to determine whether it was the original Estelle or not.


Because what I read was just a type in the book.


I glanced at Raeyan.


“Raeyan, you know……” I began sheepishly.


“Please speak.”


“I don’t know Estelle’s face anyway.
You don’t have to go this far.”


This much searching would be useless if I didn’t recognize her.


In the first place, the main stage of the original work was Somnia, the capital of Wallentian.


Although the original work did not describe Estelle’s past, there was no description of her being from another region, so it was likely that she lived nearby.


“Please investigate only the vicinity of Somnia.”


Even though the terms of the absurd request were revised, Raeyan nodded as if it were natural.


“Yes, I understand.”


I scratched my cheek and looked at Raeyan.


‘I really don’t know what you’re thinking…..’




As Elodie went up to the room to make an antidote, Raeyan remained in the office and took care of the work task by task as the mercenary leader.


Vice-captain Mario, who has been glancing at him, opened his mouth slightly.






“Are you sure you have nothing to do with Miss Lili?”


Mario, who had become close to Elodie in just a few days with his unique affinity, asked smirkingly.


Raeyan slowly raised his head.
But his eyes were unusual.




Mario was freaked out at the strangely eerie sounding voice and began quickly making an excuse.


“The lady gave me permission! She said I can call her Lili!”


“Don’t call her.”


“Well, that’s her heart, and–ah! Don’t use your power!”


Aaaagh! Mario ran out of the office shouting.


But after a while he ran into the office shouting again.


“Argh! Captain! There was an incident!”




“Yes! Class 4 and Class 5 large monsters have appeared in Leven forest in groups.
But they say that something is strange-”


Before Mario could finish his words, Raeyan left the seat and quickly walked away.
Mario sighed and followed his impatient leader.


Leven forest was a small forest that was reached by riding east for about three hours from the capital city Somnia.


When Class 1 monsters appeared, they were so weak that they could be dealt with even with the resident’s shovels.


However, large monsters of Class 4 and 5 had appeared in Leven forest.


Upon arriving at the scene, Raeyan examined the body of a large demon that had already been disposed of.


At a glance he could see that there was something unusual.


He has never heard of a species like this except for in experiments from the large magic tower.
And he faintly felt traces of magic addiction.


Raeyan’s red eyes darkened.


“Did he make his move already?’




At the time Raeyan was investigating in the Leven forest, Themis stopped by the black market unofficially belonging to Perdia.


As soon as she entered, the black market owner ran out barefoot.


“Is everything all right?”


The worm insecticide you left last time works very well.
The farmers are very pleased because the yield has increased dramatically.”


“That’s good news.”


“We’re also inundated with overseas orders.
Hehe, what did they say? It’s the best way to make rotten husbands who go in and out of brothels get sick and die.”


“That’s good news, too.
I’m happy that my poison is useful.”


It was the secret of the black market owner that it was sold more prominently for the latter than the former.


“These days, the release of new products has been accelerated, so we are also very busy working.
Did you find a competent pharmacist?”


At the words of the black market owner, Themis nodded, recalling Elodie.


“It’s a cute kid.”




Cute kid?`


“Anyway, I’m going to bring another poison soon, so be prepared.”


“Yes, just leave it to me.”


After completing the black market reconnaissance, Themis walked down the street at a leisurely pace.


Then, she suddenly remembered that there was the Earth Hawk Mercenary Corps headquarters nearby.


‘She said she went to the mercenary corps again today.’


She called the maid Martha, but the answer comes back as only news of her absence.


Elodie had said she was making an antidote in an empty room at the mercenary headquarters.


After pondering for a moment, Themis’s steps headed somewhere.




When she opened the door to the mercenary headquarters and entered, a simple person stared at the visitor.


“…….Pe, the Duchess of Perdia!”


The entrance hall of the mercenary guild was greatly shaken by someone’s cry.
It was because there was no one in Somnia who didn’t know Themis’s face.


“I heard my daughter is here?”


When Themis smiled and asked, the frozen desk staff answered with great nervousness.


“Yes, but the captain told me not to let anyone into that room…….”


“The mother said she was coming to see her daughter, would that be a problem?”


She didn’t consider herself to be just “anyone.” No one dared to protest at the added words.


Themis climbed the stairs with light steps after figuring out the location of the room where Elodie was.


Oddly enough, it was a quiet hallway.


‘They gave her a room where people can’t come and go on purpose.’


She wondered how the antidote needed confidentiality to make it, but she didn’t intend to find out unless the other party revealed it. 


Today, she was just going to talk to Elodie while she was nearby.
Then Themis, who finally stood in front of Elodie’s room, knocked lightly.


Knock, knock-


But there was no answer.


Knock, knock.


This time, too.




Knock, knock.




Themis called her name, but didn’t feel her presence.


Was there something wrong?


Themis, who felt something unusual, turned the doorknob, but the door did not open; perhaps it was locked from the inside.


When Themis’s fist hit the doorknob without hesitation, it snapped and broke easily.


Themis opened the poorly treated door, stepped inside, stared at the miserable scene in the room, and stiffened.


Poison vials strewn across the floor.
Their deadly contents were nowhere to be found.


Elodie, lying curled up in bed and sweating.


Themis was appalled.


No way.


No way……


“…… did you drink poison?”


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