Chapter 24.
Please Hire Me



I looked back at Raeyan in a panic.
Without realizing it, I had called him Raeyan, not Ian, because I was glad to see him.


His name known to the outside world seemed to be Ian, so I hoped that it would not be a problem.


On the other hand, the Duke, who was uncomfortable with the fact that his daughter affectionately called another man’s name, suddenly felt a sense of déjà vu.


‘Raeyan? I think I’ve heard that name somewhere,’ he pondered.


But he was not sure where he heard it.
It just felt like it.


While the Duke was lost in thought, I tried to make eye contact with Raeyan.


I looked at him to see if he was okay, but he just stared back  at me.


‘I guess it’s not a big deal.’


I was worried that I might have made a mistake, but I was relieved when Raeyan appeared to be just fine.


Rather, the current situation was a problem.


‘You really came.
I wouldn’t have known if Martha hadn’t told me.’


If it wasn’t for Martha’s words that a handsome man with black hair and red eyes came to the mansion, I wouldn’t have known that Raeyan was visiting.


“Why didn’t you call me? Ian is the benefactor who saved me….”


“I was going to call,” Duke Perdia answered Elodie’s question calmly.




The Duke of Perdia lightly ignored Raeyan’s gaze that was staring at him.


I moved to the sofa to sit down, without noticing the subtle atmosphere between the two.


It was when I was about to sit down.






When I looked up at him in surprise, the Duke said emphatically, “Sit here.”


The Duke pointed to the seat next to him.


It was a very unfamiliar command for me, who had never sat next to the Duke.


I sat next to the Duke timidly and looked across.
I made eye contact with Raeyan again.


“It’s been a while, Ian.”


“Yes, how have you been?”


“Well, thanks to you.
Thank you, for last time.”


“I just did what I was supposed to do.”


Today was my third meeting with Raeyan.


The first meeting, which was embarrassingly short to even call it a meeting, and the second meeting that saved my life.
And now.


I became aware of the name and identity of the man that I hadn’t even known the name of, but I still needed to remain vigilant and consider him an opponent because I didn’t know his true intentions. 


‘If I’m not the only one who has memories of my past life, it would be a bit of a problem.’


Raeyan said he saw Yoon Ga-eul in his dream, but he didn’t say anything about himself watching the scene.


I recalled all the memories of my previous life the moment my mother’s keepsake was broken.


As such, I hypothesized that if there was an opportunity, Raeyan also might find memories of his previous life. 


Anyway, as Raeyan was a big variable, the idea that he should be observed nearby remained unchanged.


Elodie shook off her thoughts and looked over to the Duke, who seemed to be in a bad mood somehow.


“By the way, Father, what were you talking about?”


“We were talking about the price of saving you.”


If it weren’t for Ian, I wouldn’t be able to be alive like this.”


Those words made Duke Perdia feel even more uncomfortable.


The reward will be as I said.”


“I refuse.”


I glanced back and forth, caught in the middle of the Duke and Raeyan’s disagreement.
I was truly puzzled.


‘What price did you tell him?’


It was a Duke that ordered me to spend 100.000 Lalit a month, saying that I didn’t spend enough money.


So, he probably wouldn’t have said that because he was disappointed in terms of money.


Raeyan, who was confronting the Duke, soon turned his gaze back to meet mine.


“What I have sought is Miss Elodie, and I want to be paid by her.”


“Me? How do you want to get paid for it?”


Raeyan replied without hesitation.


“Please hire me.”


You want me to hire you?


Raeyan was the leader of the Earth Hawk Mercenary Corps and was powerful enough to be called the Mercenary King.
If such a talented person would directly ask for employment….!


“By any chance….Is the financial situation of Ian’s mercenary group very difficult?”


To the point where you have to sell yourself like this? 


I asked him cautiously, trying to keep my tone serious and free from the pity that I was feeling. 


The two men quickly became quiet.






I realized from their blank looks that I was mistaken. 




I cleared my throat with a cough and then asked Raeyan, “So, are you saying that you want me to hire you as a mercenary?”




“Why? If it’s not about money, I don’t understand why.”


After a brief look at the Duke, Raeyan turned to Elodie again.


“Because the Second Prince is trying to recruit me.”


“The Second Prince?”


Since it’s the only mercenary group recognized by the Emperor, he is contacting me to take me under his command.”


I could understand why Raeyan was proposing to be hired by Elodie Perdia.


As long as the second prince decided to subjugate him as his own power, he could not be completely free from the fight for the throne.


If so, it would be better to connect with the first prince’s power and block the second prince’s access.


‘It’s not bad for me either.’


I measured the scales in my mind.


Earth Hawk Mercenary Corps. 


The mercenary group, owned by Raeyan, had a record of making a big difference in the war with the Nelter Kingdom two years ago.


As a result, he was recognized by the emperor and earned the nickname of Mercenary King, as well as an honor that even nobles, though he is a commoner, could not treat him carelessly.


The best thing about Raeyan being hired to work for me was that I would no longer need Carlot to escort me when I went out.


No matter how common Raeyan is, the second prince would not be able to touch a man who was recognized by the emperor.


Anyway, as Raeyan knew my name from my previous life, I would do whatever I could do to earn my independence.


It was not a bad suggestion.


I answered with a willing nod. 




“I refuse.”


At the same time, Duke Perdia gave an answer of refusal.




The Duke and Elodie’s eyes met.


He looked at his daughter with a rather uneasy expression on his face.


“Do you trust him?”


“He’s the man who saved my life.”


“He could have saved you with a purpose.
Or it could be that he is allied with the one who attacked you and Carlot.”


I looked at Raeyan in embarrassment, shocked at how the Duke could say such a thing in front of the person in question, but he didn’t seem offended.


Rather, it’s a reaction that took the Duke’s reaction for granted.


‘I don’t know what he is thinking anyway.’


In any case, Raeyan was needed to earn independence funds freely.


After all, I also needed a justification to keep Raeyan nearby, so it was a good thing.


“I think this is not a bad condition for Perdia.
Externally, if the Earth Hawk Mercenary Corps is seen as having a close relationship with Perdia, the influence of the First Prince will grow even more.”




“Am I wrong, Father?”






The Duke sighed and swept over his face.


‘I can’t refute that.’


He didn’t like the fact that Elodie was attacked, nor the fact that a stranger saved his child, nor the fact that he was the Mercenary King, Ian.


No matter how many times he had seen him, he didn’t like how close they seemed, to even hire him as a mercenary.


But if what the mercenary said was true, he couldn’t let it go like this.


It was right to bring his power on their side.


After a brief consideration, the Duke came to a conclusion.


“Then let’s write a contract.”




The contract he spoke of was a magic contract that curses those who break the contract.


It was a contract produced by a man among the sides of the Perdia family who had the power of “curse”.


On the other side of the table, red eyes looked back clearly. 


Despite knowing that the contract proposed by the Duke was a cursed one, Raeyan agreed without a moment’s hesitation.


He had no other choice but to agree to any absurd curses as conditions.


‘Because I have to protect this life….
Yoon Ga-eul, you.’


At the end of his gaze was Elodie.






“I will definitely make an antidote today.”


As soon as I said that, Carlot stormed into my room.






I gave up and put the poison bottle deep in the drawer.
It has already been a few days since I told the Duchess to wait a little while and failed to hand over an antidote.


‘You’ll think of me as a lazy person.’


I was ashamed to see the Duchess’s face.


Carlot, who didn’t know of my sad situation, walked right in front of me with an agitated face.


“Is it true that a mercenary named Ian is Sister’s escort?”


“That’s right.”


“Why? Because I didn’t protect you properly? Is that why?”


Carlot, who was sitting on one knee in front of me, continued to ask questions with a distorted face.


“At that time, it was because I was careless, and I will not let that happen again.
Can’t I keep escorting you?”


To be honest, this attitude of Carlot was only burdensome to me.


He apologized for his mistakes, but that didn’t mean that everything that had happened between us so far had disappeared.


If it was later revealed that I was not the Duke of Perdia’s own daughter, he could change his attitude immediately.


The fact that he no longer showed hostility was nice, but I didn’t want to get any closer.


‘The relationship between an indifferent sister and a younger brother is just right.’


Anyway, I needed to calm down the agitated Carlot.


“It’s what our father ordered.”


“The order to designate me as an escort was also ordered by Father,” Carlot retorted.


Oh my.
The Duke as an excuse won’t work.


I couldn’t understand Carlot, who insisted that he would continue to escort me.


“I can’t help it, Carlot.”




Carlot looked sullen as if he were about to cry again.


I had seen his crying face so many times these days.


It was more work to soothe him if he cried again, so I patted Carlot on the shoulder and said as if instructing him.


“I hired him as a justification for Perdia making a deal with the Earth Hawk Mercenary Corps.
I signed a contract on the condition that I was escorted only when I went out.”


“Then am I still my sister’s escort?”




You don’t need an escort inside the mansion.


I was glad Carlot was stupid.


Anyway, Carlot seemed to feel better when I kept saying that he was my escort.


I guess we’re done now.
I’d like him to go now, but Carlot hesitated in front of me.


“Sister, at this imperial banquet…..”




“Who will you go with, no, not this….”


I extended my words and interfered with what he wanted to ask with what he was frustratedly trying to say. 


“Who are you going to the royal banquet with?”


“Mhh, if you don’t have anyone to go–”


“I was supposed to go with Ian.”




Carlot looked at me with empty eyes, as if he had lost his country.


“Why? His Highness the First Prince will be absent, and I originally attended alone.”


 “Why? Why is it him again?”


“Since I hired Ian as a mercenary, I’m going with him as an escort this time.”


It was necessary to attend an official event together to show the prince the relationship between The Earth Hawks Mercenary Corps and Perdia.


Each time my partner was the first prince, but since he was not attending this banquet, it was a good opportunity.


Although I explained the situation inwardly, Carlot’s expression did not ease.


“No, I don’t approve of him.
I don’t like it either.
I don’t accept that!”


“Calm down, Carl.”


“What if I beat him brutally with my skills? So what if he’s the Mercenary King? I can prove that I’m stronger, right? Mhh?”


Carlot’s golden eyes were slightly out of focus.
I drew back in surprise.


“It’s not about who is strong and who is weak.”


“I’m Sister’s escort.
That means I’m my sister’s partner for the banquet.
So, it’s only right for us to attend together! I’m not a kid where you don’t even know where I came from, I’m my older sister’s younger brother!” 


His voice escalated with each additional point.


Was Carlot throwing a … tantrum? 


With his eyes that had turned completely crazy too.

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