urviving in this family who did not care about each other, the reason could not be excused.


I couldn’t live like that anymore.


‘Now I have to stop being a bully!’


In order to survive, it was necessary to abandon my way of thinking and stubbornness that had driven me so far and look further.


I looked down at the smashed pendant.


This pendant, which my mother left behind, was handed over to me by Duke Perdia on my fifth birthday.
In a duke’s house with nothing that was actually mine. 


Of course, you’d think the duke’s lady had some wealth, but unfortunately, I didn’t have a penny.


Reckless spending? It’s impossible.


Luxury? Forget about it.


Every penny spent was done with the permission of the owner, and even the disposition of dresses and jewelry was reported through the butler.
It meant that none of the family’s property, even though wealth flowed like water, was actually my personal property.


Even the only thing I had from my birth mother was destroyed, and now I was truly broke.


‘One needs money to be independent.’ I mused.


I didn’t want anything big.
A small house with a living room and a bathroom in the suburbs of the capital, Somnia.


And enough money to play and eat delicious food for the rest of my life.
It’s okay not to be extravagant.
Because I’m not the former Elodie.


I think a simple, unemployed life is enough!


Do I want too much…?’


But being unemployed is everyone’s dream!


It was after my younger sister, Estelle, was adopted into the family that the book revealed that I was a complete stranger without a drop of blood.


I am currently 19 years old, with one year left before my coming-of-age ceremony.


Three years left until Estelle’s adoption.


Until then, my first goal is to stay still and save money and become independent.


I’m not going to argue with them about whether I’m a real daughter or not, since I will already be leaving on my own.
Then the death ending can be avoided.


Of course, it was also necessary to make efforts to change my future while staying here.


‘To do that, first of all…’


While seriously thinking about what to do, Martha, an exclusive maid, came into the bedroom.


“Lady, a letter has arrived.”


“Who sent it?” I asked neutrally. 


Martha smiled broadly and held out a tray with a letter.
“His Highness the Crown Prince.” 


The first prince, Ademir Presil Wallent.


He was a man who is now my fiancé and the cause of the adoption of Estelle.


In the book, when the first prince pointed out Elodie’s terrible reputation and mentioned a breakup, the Duke of Perdia did not want political relations to collapse, so he sought an alternative.


An alternative to this was to adopt Estelle.


‘Did he think it was his adopted daughter or illegitimate daughter?’


The engagement to the first Crown Prince was entirely accomplished because I wanted it before.
My thinking was that if he became emperor – because he is the most likely candidate to succeed to the throne – then no one will ignore me when I marry him.


Moreover, the first prince was a tremendously handsome man with silver hair and dark green eyes.
I had no reason not to covet him because his dazzling appearance and sturdy physique were also my taste.


The manner in which the first prince treated me was as polite as if I were his fiancée, but that was all.
But I didn’t care about such a trifle.
Everyone dreamed of standing next to him, and so did I.


‘It was a very difficult engagement to procure.’ I thought resignedly.


But no matter how hard it was, what’s the use of it now?


In the first place, the first prince didn’t like me very much and it was obvious that he would fall in love at a glance when Estelle eventually appeared.


I don’t want to cling to a man who doesn’t like me.


If you’re going to ask anyway for a breakup because of my reputation, wouldn’t it be better to part ways quickly, without bothering each other?


Estelle came to the orphanage only a year before she was adopted, so even if I break up with him now, Estelle won’t come now.


Looking directly at the letter on the tray, I smiled.


I was sure what to do.


First things first.


‘Let’s get away from the fiancé.’




Somnia, the capital of the Wallentian Empire.


Proudly surrounding the tallest tower seen anywhere near the capital, it was the Imperial City of the Empire.


The first prince, Ademir, pushed the papers back to take a short break while working in his office.


Although he was tired and frowning, his appearance was still rather languid and sexy.


Ademir glared at the papers and spoke in a rather irritated voice, “It’s Rodrigo Angellus again.”


The Wallentian Empire had four families that had been together since the beginning of its founding.
Angellus, Severes, Krundel, and Perdia.


Among them, the Duke of Angellus, who stands out in commerce for aggressive investment, used to cause incidents frequently.
Most of the events took place to satisfy his greed.


Ademir pressed his mouth into a dissatisfied line and thought, ‘It seems like we should just pretend to give in this time and move on.’


In fact, there was another family that was more difficult to deal with than Angellus.


The Duke of Perdia.


Perdia was the owner of the underworld, who owned all the shades of dark transactions, including black markets, auction houses and gambling houses in the empire.


On the surface, they primarily supplied military supplies to the imperial family and owned large mines in the empire.


With their inhuman appearance and their merciless hands, they were even called the villain’s family as a joke among the imperialists.


When Ademir thought about the Perdia family, he naturally remembered his fiancée.


There was no one who did not know about Elodie Perdia.


The first thing that came to mind was the beautiful appearance of an angel.

Her platinum hair, which was so bright that it looked like silver at first glance, and her warm pink eyes like blooming spring flowers – her appearance was so dazzling that it could not be compared with anyone else.


But what was more famous than that was… well, it was Elodie’s temperament.


Unlike her gentle appearance like a puppy, she often spit abusive language whenever she opened her mouth, and she couldn’t control her temper.

There was no one who could stop her, as there was no one who dared to confront the Perdia family.


‘I’ve said everything I can, to the point where even I, the prince, am rude.’


Ademir’s idea was that regardless of individual likes or dislikes, he should be serious in his role as a fiancé.
Even if his fiancée was a hairless, nervous, dirty woman.


However, if one day he would become emperor, the woman who would marry him would be the empress, and he was skeptical about whether Elodie would fit in.


He sent a letter asking when it would be okay to go to the Perdia family, because there was something to discuss about the upcoming Emperor’s birthday banquet.


“It’s about time for a reply to come.” 


The moment he muttered like that a servant entered the office.


“Your Highness, a letter has arrived.” 


A letter arrived.
The sender was Elodie Perdia.


Knowing that she had a crush on him, Adenmir opened the letter, thinking that the time for his visit to the Perida family would be written on it.


But the contents of the letter were not what he expected.


[Unfortunately, I don’t think I can make time for you.]


‘What’s going on?’ With a light question, he read the bottom line.


[Can you sign the enclosed form and submit it for me?]


“An enclosed document?”


At the words, the servant pointed to the documents overlapping the correspondence.
As he opened the document, Adenmir doubted his own eyes the moment he read it.


A written annulment.


It was undoubtedly declaring that the marriage be broken off.
Elodie’s handwritten signature was meticulously written.


“Ha.” Adenmir burst out laughing.


‘…What kind of trick is this?’



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