forgot my side wound because I applied it on the more painful spot.”

She crouched down in front of him.

“Open your shirt.”

Valerie hesitated with astonishment.

“… you’ll be surprised.”

“Open it.
Because I have to see your wounds.”

“It must be disgusting.”

After hesitating for a while, Valery eventually revealed his wounds.

“You did a good job walking here.”

“There are no settlements around here… except this house.”

“Because this place is not a place for people to live.
Take it off and wait.”

‘If only Marlon held out a little longer, he could have been treated like this.’

His heart suddenly became stuffy.

If Marlon had held out a little longer, he could have been treated like this.
My chest suddenly became stuffy.

“Could you lift your shirt half more?”

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* * *


As she said, the medicine brought enormous pain.
It was the same pain as if your body were being cut by a sword.

Valery groaned and frowned.

“It doesn’t really hurt.
It’s bearable.”

His pride was hurt for no reason, and he could see her smirked when he added his words.

“Do you know how to wear bandages?”


But his hands couldn’t move as he wanted.
He felt really incompetent.

“…give me that.”

“I’m sorry again.”

“Take off your shirt.
I have to wrap it all.”

Valery hesitated.
He had never taken his clothes in front of a woman, and it was rude to take them off, no matter how injured he was.
But at her urging, he reluctantly took off his shirt.

“Can you raise your arms?”


Valerie followed calmly.
As she got closer, he could feel the scent.
He holds his breath in patience.

“It will be over soon.”

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Being helped wearing bandages and even being served meals.
He felt that his body, which had been on the verge of death, was gradually recovering.

“May I ask what your name is? I want to know the name of the person who helped me, may I? You can call me Valery.
I will definitely pay you back.”

“You don’t need to know my name.
Because I’m just here to help.
When tomorrow morning comes, please leave and completely forget about this place.
Don’t die,” she said cynically.

When the morning came, he was going to leave and take Marlon, but he felt bitter without realizing it.

‘Am I still out of my mind?’

“Don’t even come here to give thanks.
Forget this place like someone who never came here in the beginning.
But if you really want to remember, just remember that I saved your life.
Forget everything else than that, okay?”


“I’ll leave another bag of herbs over there, so if you need it, take it with you along with the blanket.
It will be fine to use it as a coat for a while.”

He didn’t see her again after the end of her words.
Valery took a little more rest and left the door with some herbs and blankets.
Then he hurried to the place where Marlon lay.


Chapter 2.

I’m really satisfied with the new house I moved into.
There’s no need to cut firewood, and it also has a garden, so I don’t need to cover the window with curtains.
The garden’s scenery was wonderful, but it was impossible to see its end.
It made me not even want to go back to the previous house.
Since it’s already been a long time since I’ve said goodbye to that house.

My mother went out several times after moving in.
Sir Shubart also came here more often.
So, of course, the two of them went out together.
Whenever that happens, I spend my whole day looking for ways to hide or prevent the manifestation of my power from time to time.
However, it has become quite difficult to ‘pretend to do nothing’ because there are more eyes to see than before.

Fortunately, there were no rude servants because the servants who worked there were brought in by Sir Shubart himself, so it was comfortable.
It would have been tiring to deal with them one by one.
Still, I don’t really like the youngest-looking servant, but I’m going to leave them alone or fire them if they make two more mistakes.

Everyone was busy preparing for the change, but I was the only one standing there.
Even more so because I have no desire to change.

The flowers we received before moving in had withered within two days.
I didn’t know if it was because of winter or if it originally withered quickly.
I thought it was Sir Shubart who sent it, but it wasn’t him who sent it when I asked.
He just smiled nicely, but seeing his eyes become cold, I gave up asking more questions.
I wondered if it had been sent by someone who admired my mother.

Anyway, the flowers were pretty.
Ah, of course, I already threw them away. 

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