Then, with a groan of pain, the man opened his eyes.
I could clearly see that he was a member of the Imperial family.
Disheveled wet blonde close to ivory hair and good face.
No, the word ‘beautiful face’ suited him more than ‘good face.’ His eyes were more intense in comparison with other features.

‘I guess you can find someone with a look like this only in the novel.’

Although I’m not moved by the appearance of others, it was different with him.
It was to the point where I couldn’t think of anyone else’s appearance.
He was so angelic that it seemed like I would commit a great sin if I couldn’t save him.
They said someone who had an angelic face also had a good personality.
Even though I didn’t know his personality, his face seemed exactly as described in the novel.

‘What should I do? Save him?’

The cold wind blew in and woke me up.
Thanks to that, I was able to think calmly.


Being involved with him was like going into a pit of fire on my own.

‘How long have I been living like a mouse trying not to get involved?’

His family only wants my mother to die.
However, the prince’s death on this spot was like calling for bloody fight again.
I looked at the bloodstains soaked in the snow.

‘I will be troubled if there is a corpse here.’

As soon as I thought about it, my head throbbed.


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I’m annoyed.
If a real corpse was found here, I might raise a death flag in the North instead of the execution site.
The news will be like this: ‘The daughter of Lucellai, the villainess, had killed a prince!’

“Why did you have to come here?”

It felt like a cliff was in front of me, and a beast was approaching to eat me from behind.

Let’s save him and let him go before mother comes back.’

If I just treat him without giving my name, I won’t get involved with him again.

“…Wake up.
If you don’t want to die.”

I tapped his leg with my shoe.
Then the man opened his eyes.

* * *

I looked into his purple eyes and thought, ‘If I look into those eyes a little longer, it might be really dangerous.’

“Pull yourself together!”

The man who tried to close his eyes again nodded with difficulty.

‘He’s terribly heavy, really.’

I helped the man into the food warehouse, which connected to the dining room in the house.
I couldn’t ever take him to the living room as my fear of getting caught would become bigger.

He groaned in pain with every step he took.

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After barely laying him down in the food warehouse, I entered the dining room through the small sliding door that followed.
Then I went back to my room, picked up a bunch of neatly folded cloth used for towels, and headed straight to the dining room.
My footsteps were mixed with annoyance.
As soon as I arrived at the dining room, I opened the pot filled with boiling water.
After that, I pour the hot water into a large container with a little cold water.
Then I put all the towels I brought with me there.
After squeezing it with a stick so they were all wet, I lifted the container’s handle.

“It’s heavy.”

But what can I do about what I just did?

With the container of warm water in my hands and towels in my mouth, I put the herbal pouch I always have on hand in the dining room display case.
In the North, it’s not easy to call a doctor even if you’re sick.
Especially in the house where I live.
As I’ve said before, there are cases where even if I call them, they won’t come.
So, if someone is sick, you have to deal with the pain at home.
Heading back to the food warehouse where I took him while swallowing the curse words that rose to the tip of my tongue, I hoped that my mother wouldn’t come back soon.

I roughly pushed the door with my foot.
The man was still groaning and unconscious.

“You can’t die here.”

‘If you die here, I will die too.’

Putting the water container in front of him, I said something threatening, whether he listened or not, and headed out right away.
To get rid of the red bloodstains on the snow, I brought the sand that had piled up for the winter, sprinkled it on the snow, and then went back inside.

‘Please, don’t let my mother come back right away.’

“Ah, it’s cold.”

I’m sure nothing could go wrong when I’m gone for a while.
Fortunately, I could see the man was trying to sit up straight as if his consciousness had come back.
Sitting in front of him with one knee bent, I stopped him, and he raised his head.

“It will only open your wound more if you do that.”

I warned him and pressed the wet towel against him.

“I’ll mash the herbs, so wipe off your blood and apply this on your wound when I’m gone.
It will be effective in stopping your bleeding and disinfection.
It will also reduce the pain.
But you can’t stay here long.
This isn’t a hospital.”

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