br>I stood up from my seat, sweeping away my messy hair, and strangely, it was unusually quiet outside.
It didn’t feel right.
I walked closer to the door silently and shut my mouth.
Then, the door burst open.


Chapter 4.

Valery almost ran over the hall.

“I think she’s in trouble.”

Late at night, there were reports of Blake Ariandel.
It was a coincidence that he had a job outside for a while, so he went out to the capital’s outskirts and got a fairy flower on his way back.

Blake immediately came to his mind when he heard about the fairly flower that glowed itself in the moonlight.
He immediately ordered a person to send the fairy flower to her as a gift before it withered, and there was a report that they saw an unusual scene there.

Upon returning from the capital, Valery, who had been working in his office until then, left without hesitation.
When he realized she was in danger, his mind was already filled with her.

He couldn’t figure out why he was being so blindly toward her.
He already became like that from the moment he saw her eyes.
The feeling of being dragged helplessly to a place where the end is unknown is deeper than the fluttering, pounding emotions.

That’s what keeps him stuck.
But he doesn’t hate it either.
All he can think of now is to find her somehow.
To see her safe face.
It was just that.


It was his brother, Delkian, who faced him in the hallway.


“Where are you going in such a hurry tonight?”

Seeing that Delkian was wearing comfortable plain clothes, he seemed to be returning from going out.

“I have a place to go.”

When there was no one around, they skipped honorifics.
Valery’s breathing was faster than usual.
One of Delkian’s eyebrows rose curiously.

“At this time?”

“… I’ll tell you when I get back.”

As Valery passed Delkian, he hurried his steps even more.
Delkian stared briefly at Valery, who hurriedly disappeared, and tilted his head at the unusual behavior.

“What’s wrong with him?”

* * *

A crackling sound was heard.
It was less than five minutes after Shubart arrived in Bei.


“I’m sorry.
I’ll make sure to find the lady… Argh!”


Before he could finish his sentence, the man fell far away from Shubart’s fist.
The man, who couldn’t get up immediately and staggered, barely managed to get up and lowered his head.

Upon returning to Bei, the news he heard sounded like a bolt from the blue.
Bella was kidnapped.
They had enemies from all sides, so they couldn’t even tell who did it.

Before he came to Bei, Ian said he was looking for the information first.
Shubart was on the verge of losing his reasoning.

“Search thoroughly.”


With a ferocious voice, the subordinate hurried out of the room.

Only a few people can overpower all the guards in the mansion.
Shubart’s chin popped up as soon as he turned around, thinking he should strike the most suspicious place.

The sound of the footsteps was not as elegant as usual.
Cold footsteps headed towards one place.
Her hair, which wasn’t tied, fell heavily under the back of a soft velvet dress and swayed.

Shubart stopped moving.
The sound of footsteps stopped in front of him.



Shubart’s cheek turned relentlessly.

“Get yourself together.”

The haughty voice was as cold as ice.
Soon a red line was drawn across Shubart’s cheek, and blood spilled out.
It burst up to his lips.
It’s because of the ring that Lucellai was wearing.
Shubart casually swept the blood from his mouth with his palm.

“I will ensure Bella will be safe by tomorrow morning.”

It was not long after midnight.
About two hours after Carbella disappeared.
The red eyes fell slightly under the eyelids, then lit up with a clear light again.

“You’ll have to.”

Shubart felt it.
If he doesn’t keep his promise, he won’t be able to see her red eyes again.
He passed Lucellai and left the room.
Another subordinate followed him.

“We’re going to Iskar.”

Shubart’s face hardened like ice as he quickly moved forward.
Iskar’s chief had previously attempted to harm Lucellai but was stopped by him.
It wasn’t that surprising.
Then the man who was the chief of Iskar was brutally killed by Shubart.
That person interrupted Shubart’s work several times to avenge the chief’s death.
It was always a possible story.

Shubart’s eyes darkened. 


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