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The magic power was too low for it to be a demon.
If it were such a weak demon, I doubt it would try to attack a carriage with 10 or so escorting knights.


Oh, but a goblin or something would most likely be stupid enough to attack.


“Stop the carriage.
Prepare to intercept.
They came in the most direct way, didn’t they?”


“I thought that they might prepare a suitable knight squad to make a mess, but Camille-sama seems to have agitated Count Arceides a bit too much.”


“I’m just a bit surprised that he made fun of my fiancée, you know.”




I wonder how serious he is…? 


Camille-sama probably didn’t want to marry me, and I was still wary of him being a nobleman of this country, but I think we were close enough to talk casually.


[A demon is aiming for us!]


I heard a voice from outside that sounded like the Arceides’ guide.
But, he was speaking in a very hushed tone, wasn’t he? There were no TV dramas broadcasted here, unlike on Earth, so I guess acting performances were only seen a few times a year, but it was too predictable.


Camille-sama gave me a questioning look when I got off the carriage after the two.


“You should stay in the carriage.
Even if you can use magic, the danger is…”


“[Ice Lance]”


I unleashed [Ice Lance], which shot through the guide who was trying to sneak away.




“They’re about to appear.
It’s the Dark Knights division.”


As if my magic was a signal, knights in black armor appeared from the forest.


They were a unit specializing in counterintelligence from the Arceides territory, who had attacked me many times before when I was a Witch.
At one point, they were on the verge of extinction, but it would appear that their numbers have increased again since then.


“How does the young lady know about the dark side? “


“Nn~? “

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