the frontier.”

“Hou, it really won’t cause any trouble for my family, will it? What would the neutral nobles say if His Highness were to die in my domain…”

“Well, some trouble is inevitable, but I don’t think it will be that bad.
It would have been more troublesome if he had died in the capital, but the Devil’s Forest is extremely dangerous, and there are no nobles in the capital willing to blame you and then face the demons on your behalf.”

“I wish that were the case, but…”

“Well, it’s a shame to lose a tool like that…”

“Carol’s a fool! If only she could live, so that she could be used to negotiate with the other nobles again.
Who do you think is to blame for the ridicule of my House of Arceides? I raised her, and now she’s repaying that debt!”

“Well, I’m sure your wife will feel better once that thing is gone.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Gallus, the prime minister’s chief advisor, inwardly scoffs at the outraged Count Arceides.

It was absurd to ask his own daughter to feel indebted to him after he had persecuted her almost to the point of not giving her adequate support.

The [Abomination] was such an abhorrent existence in the Kingdom of Caenista, but thanks to this abomination, the Count of Arceides could not refuse to do Gallus’s dirty work.

(And yet…)

The abomination was a bit of a letdown, he thought.
She was a half-elf, so she still looked very young, but in ten years she would be a beautiful girl with the grace of a noblewoman.

The nobles who wanted her as a slave would pay any amount of money to get her.
Not only that, but she possessed great magical power and was said to be favored by the spirits of darkness, so she would be a valuable asset to their army if she could be trained to become a slave.

Gallus, as the prime minister’s faithful advisor, was glad that he could get rid of Camille so easily, while sneering at the Count of Arceides, who did not know the value of a golden egg and was willing to sell it off for a low price.

(Then, shall I also see the end of His Highness?)

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