I wondered if it was OK to show their research so easily, but it seemed like they didn’t care about other people’s research as long as it didn’t interfere with their own.
At the very least, they should have seen who came in, but they didn’t even turn their heads in my direction.


“The door is heavy…”


I knocked and, as usual, there was no answer, so I entered on my own, but they really didn’t pay attention to anything but their research.
The materials were scattered around, and the doors were stuck half open, with some being difficult to open due to rusted hinges.


It seems that in this research building, they were doing experiments on improving the efficiency of spells and creating new spells.
Looking closely, I also found words for spells that I had sent to the Mage’s Guild.


I would not teach dangerous spells to this country, though they would surely advance their research at a rapid pace if I disclosed the spells I had.


I was expecting to find research on spells above the 6th class that have not been disclosed, but it seemed that this was not the case here.


I was disappointed, so I put my hand on another door to look at a few more places before leaving, but it was stiffly locked up.




t I wasn’t just a tiny 10-year-old girl because I, too, was becoming more and more like my player character, and my status was improving.


As I put more strength into my hands while being aware of my strength status, the door, which had not even twitched, made a creaking sound.






Excuse me.
It appeared that the door was unlocked.


As soon as the door opened, something that appeared to be a part of the lock fell out, so I pushed it into a corner with my foot.
Ah, it was rusty.
I was sure it wasn’t because I put a lot of stupid force into it.


What should I do anyway? Sorry, but since I’m already here, let me take a look around the room.


When I entered the room, it was dark, and even the windows seemed to be tightly shut.


I wondered if there was something that would change in quality when exposed to sunlight.
This kind of feeling reminds me of a dark room for photography.


If so, I wouldn’t let in too much light.
I wonder what they were studying, but I should close the door and return it to its original state.




My night vision appeared to be working as well, albeit not as well as my player state.
My eyes, now accustomed to the darkness, caught sight of something that appeared to be a photograph all over the wall.


I felt a sense of déjà vu about something.
As I approached it with a bad premonition, I noticed a large box with the lid open and several cloth-like objects curled up in the middle of the box.




Although I knew I shouldn’t, I used the living magic [Light] and felt a chill run through my entire body at the sight that unfolded before me.


The photo-like pictures on the wall showed many girls and the tops of their feet, and the box I had just seen contained a large amount of small fabrics that were supposed to be for girls.


“…[Fire Ball].”


That day, in one of the research buildings of the magic academy, a magic accident occurred from what seemed to be a 5th class [Fire Ball], and a corner of the building disappeared.




My foggy memory had come back.
It was quite a shocking event, so it seems my brain subconsciously forgot about it.


Maro, he was Maron, the son of the first court mage, the sickly capture target.


There was no description of Maron in the game, but the reality was frightening.
Also, in the game, when I tried to capture Maron, the villainess Carol appeared.


As I was reflecting on my carelessness after returning to the mansion from school, about becoming involved with that thing, and inadvertently burning the evidence of the evil deed, Dirk, who had just returned from school, came to the room where I was with a face full of bitterness, and slammed an envelope on the table.


“…What’s this?”


“It’s an invitation from the royal court, telling you to go to the castle this weekend because Camille is going to meet you.
Don’t get me wrong.
It’s a political decision for a subhuman like you to be the fiancée of Camille.
You’ll be kept by me for the rest of your life.”




Camille…could it be my fiancée who had neglected me for five years?


What exactly does he want to do now?

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