The Villainess That Was Once A VRMMO player – Chapter 38.2

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As usual, I was asked to do a favor for the elder who had detected the goblin attack… Huh? When did they start calling me by my name instead of [Witch]?

And it was “Witch” before, but now it was followed by “-sama”….well, not like I mind it.

“Well, then, collect the goblin’s magic stone.”

I won’t work for free, either.
I asked them to collect all the magic stones.

” All right, everyone!”


I thought they would be reluctant because there were more than 1,000 bodies left in good condition, but when Harry called out to them, women, children, and even elderly people came running from the village, all smiling and ready to deal with the situation.

What was wrong with them? Could it be that they have become more friendly?

A few weeks ago, I was able to read an old book called “The Forbidden Book” in the church dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy.

It truly was a “forbidden book.” It contained no dangerous magic that could destroy the world, nor any sealed and dangerous existence, but was simply a history book about Daemons.

It was just a history book, but I found out that the area around the Devil’s Forest was originally Daemon land, and that Daemons were not ambitious and crude people, but a very cultured race.

This would make the history taught in this country that [Daemon suddenly launched an invasion war and seized the territory of the human race] frowned upon.

It was a dangerous book for the nobility of this country.
The fact that this kind of thing remained unburned, must mean that there were still sane people left during those days.

…The upper echelons of the church today, though, were already beyond help.

Not only that, but I was also able to obtain some of the magic letters that I had aimed for.

The [Dragon Breath] I used this time was one of the spells unlocked by that, and other self-enhancement spells such as automatic MP recovery as well as speed increase were also unlocked, so I think I got much closer to my time on the VRMMO in terms of physical combat.

Well, it looks like they were done taking the magic stones, so I’m leaving… I should hand over about 30% of them to the Daemon Tribe for the hassle, and take the other thousand or so.

…Pochi seems to want more praise, so I should put the big goblin in the bag too.
Pet discipline was not only about scolding, but also about praising.


I went to the adventurers’ guild in the Royal Capital a few days later to sell some magic stones, and it seemed that the big goblin I sold was of a higher species, so I got a pretty good price for the material.

I was told that this kind of high-ranked goblin didn’t appear very often, and that laboratories and magician guilds would buy them at a high price as experimental materials.

The rest of the magic stones, on the other hand, did not sell for much, most likely because I was using the larger ones and there were only small ones left.
I estimated that if I could sell them normally, all of them would amount to five large gold coins, but I had heard that if there were too many of them, the price would plummet.

So I had no choice but to sell only enough to the Adventurers’ Guild to keep the price reasonable and the rest to the Magician’s Guild.
I had my bag, so it didn’t matter much if I didn’t sell all of it.

“Ah, Witch-san, welcome!”


As usual, the male staff members didn’t like me, so when I entered, a female staff member would take care of me.
Since then, there have been a few encounters with Alice here, but even though it was in her character as a heroine, could she please stop talking to me normally each time? Every time she did so, the male staff members would look at me in an increasingly annoyed way.

“How can I help you today?”

“Please purchase this.”

I jingled a small bag of magical stones in front of the usual lady, who was surprised by the quantity and frowned slightly.

“We can’t buy them in such large quantities.
We use them for experiments even if they’re slightly broken, but if they’re too small, we can’t use them.”

“I see.”

That is to be expected, I guess.
I kept the larger magic stone for my own use as well.

“If it was this magic stone…”

The sister took out something that looked like a notebook and started checking something.

“If you go to the research building in the magic academy, I’m sure they would buy even small magic stones, since students use them for their classes.
Should I write you a letter of introduction?”


I felt that some nobleman might get involved, and it might be troublesome, but I want to open up new sales channels, so I should be lenient.

This lady has been a great help to me, you know.
My appearance remained the same, but it had been five years since she took care of me.
The lady easily wrote a letter of introduction and handed it to me with a smile, then let out a small sigh.

“Witch-san… are there any good men anywhere? Could you please find someone for me?”


It had certainly been five years.

Well, I might be rambling a bit, but this time I visited the Magic Academy.

I had a letter of introduction written for me, but it was for outsiders to enter the academy, so it was of little use to me as a student.

But there was a simplified map, so I relied on it and went through the school, which was quite large and unnecessary.

“…Where is this place?”

I was lost.

What should I do? At worst, returning in adult form would be easy, but if a subhuman adventurer was found in a place like this, it would be a problem again.

Should I have used the letter of introduction in my adult form from the start? I didn’t like the idea that they might say something about me being a subhuman….

“Ah, Carol-san.”


I turned around when I heard my name being called and saw a cute-looking but skinny and tall boy looking at me with a surprised expression on his face.

“I recognised you right away because you don’t look much different as an elf.”


Who was he…? I felt like I recognized him from somewhere.

I tilted my head at the boy, and he chuckled before introducing himself again.

“Can’t you tell because I’ve changed a little? I’m Maro.”


I remembered.
It was a sickly boy I met in the garden of the magician’s guild a long time ago.
Even now, he doesn’t look so healthy.
…I don’t remember much about him.
Did he have a strong shock to his psyche?

“Maro has grown up, hasn’t he?”

“Only in height.”

We used to be about the same size, but now there was quite a difference.

“Carol-san, where are you going? I know the area pretty well and I can show you around.”


Since he was here, I should take advantage of his kindness.
But…did I ever tell him my name?

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