The roar of a great goblin lord echoed through the magical forest, and thousands of goblins and hobgoblins marched in like a tidal wave.


The goblins attacked and defeated the lizardmen and ogre settlements in the same way that army ants swarm large insects or a pack of rats attack a wild dog.


Innately, goblins were cowardly demons that were only crude and cunning, and if their opponents were strong, they would quickly run away.


The reason why these goblins were fighting without fear of death was the existence of goblin lords born from among goblins, and above all, the collective mindset of goblins who had thousands of allies—there was no way they would be defeated if they had allies.
Even if they die, someone other than themselves could be killed.
The nerve centre that felt fear was paralyzed, and they were just intoxicated by the violence and blood.




One of the hobgoblins, the group’s leader, notices something on the cliff.


Goblins were omnivores and would eat anything, even dead meat.
The hobgoblins soon forgot that there was anything on the cliff, thinking that they could eat soft meat like the “elves of today” rather than hard, stringy meat like the ogres.


“――[Dragon Breath]――”


A crimson ray of light shot out from the cliff, cleaving away the great army as if drawing a line straight across with its rays, and the earth that received the ray boiled up like magma and erupted in a blast of flame.




The goblins who had been burned by the high heat let out a decisive scream, and among the goblins who were screaming in confusion and fear, the goblin lord saw the figure of a girl in a crimson gown on the cliff from which the rays had been released.


Her knee-length skirt and long hair flutter in the heat of the flames, and long ears peek out from her black hair.


She was a young half-elf with dark hair.
Looking up at her who was on the cliff’s edge with her golden cold eyes peering out from her well-groomed, expressionless features, the Goblin Lord feels “powerful intimidation” and takes a step back.


[Gu…, Gugaaah!]


The Goblin Lord roared in anger at himself.


As king, he should not be afraid of a single elf.
She was a fearsome foe who had slaughtered hundreds of his own people with a single blow, but there was no way she could use such great magic over and over again.


At the Goblin Lord’s yell, the goblins who had escaped from the magical damage rushed toward the cliff at once.


There was only one enemy.
With so many goblins to deal with, such a thin elf would turn into a piece of meat in seconds.




Great magic was unleashed again—The impact of the blast simply scattered destruction, and the hundreds of goblins who had been steadily closing in were blown away, tearing apart the surrounding trees as if they were all being torn apart.


Looking down at them coldly, without showing any emotion, the half-elf quietly raised one hand and snapped his thin fingertips with a snap.


“Do it, Pochi.”




A jet-black dragon with the silhouette of a wolf appeared from behind the girl and attacked the goblin pack with a roar.


The roar of a dragon that terrified the weak.
Terrifying speed.
Fearful power.
A fearsome form.
Spitting fire from its mouth, the black behemoth swept through the goblins like a gale.




Instantly, the goblin lord’s huge body was crushed in the jaws of the dark dragon, and the remaining goblins, as if awakened from a dream, cried out in terror as they fled the way they came.





I used [Dragon Breath], the strongest flame extermination magic of the 7th class, for the first time in the real world, and it was a hell of a magic.


Even in the VRMMO, the part that was fired explodes, signaling the end of the romance cannon in the game, but in reality, the earth turned into lava, spreading even more death.


I almost said [burn them all down] like some demon lord.


Goblins were weak, but one strike from the attack neutralized 30-40% of the army of about 4,000, you know? After that [explosive blast] and Pochi’s pursuit made them run away, I doubt they would consider attacking us again.


While I was stunned by the result that I had achieved, Pochi, who had been running around and playing in the flames, came back to me.


[Carol, I did my best.
Am I strong?]




Placing the large goblin it had caught in front of me, Pochi wagged its tail vigorously and puffed out its chest as if it was proud of it.


No, even if I get this big goblin, I couldn’t help but wonder…would I be able to sell it? But Pochi wants me to praise him, so I pat the fluff around his throat area.


“Uh, Um…Carol-sama.”


“Nn, I’m done.”


The elder Daemon and Harry, the warrior head, approached me as I was rewarding Pochi.
Their dark skin paled at the sight of the devastation below the cliff.

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