“Are you a friend of Luka-sama?”


“No, she’s not my friend because I haven’t paid her yet, but she’s a guest of my grandfather’s.”


“Oh, is that so?




Are you sure you were working in the right place?




“Yes, I am, aren’t I? I have been a member of this church since I was a child.”


Since you were a little girl? Then, as a woman, what do you think of the orphanage?


That orphanage…


“Did you see it? It must have been a wonderful place.
I am from an orphanage myself, and the Archbishop was very kind to me.
Now that I am an adult, I am serving guests from the outside, I am sure you could be the Archbishop’s favorite as well.”




Apparently, the occupation was not wrong.


Growing up with the Archbishop’s love as a child, and then as an adult, being in the business of giving love to outside customers – perhaps the nobility? It sounded like a very reasonable system, that was, if you were fooling yourself.


Well, it was better than being thrown out and ending up in a much worse situation when you grew up, wasn’t it?




At that moment, I heard footsteps approaching me from the hallway, and after thinking about what to do, I decided to pretend to be asleep.


A few seconds after I pretended to sleep, there was a faint knocking sound and the parlour door gently opened.


“Oh, well, I see you’ve had a good night’s sleep.
This can’t be good.”


I thinly open my eyes and see that old archbishop.


He looked at me and Maia, then smirked at Maia, who was more relaxed than I, who was curled up in a ball.


“Hmmm, it’s hard to miss eating a fruit when it’s ready to eat, so shall we have this one first? It’s okay.
They won’t remember anything when they wake up.”


As he said this, the archbishop extended his hand beneath Maia’s feet.


I see, so it was not a kidnapping, but an intended one-time mischief.


“Setup [Saint Cloche] all.”


Equipped with Saint Cloche, the saint’s armor, a pure white armored china dress, instantly, I interrupted him by swinging my staff that resembled a huge war hammer between them.


“What! Who are you? How did you get into this holy church?”


“…You don’t need to know.”


I transformed right in front of him, but he was so focused on Maia that he couldn’t recognize that me and Carol were the same person.


“You dare to interrupt my holy ritual, you treacherous, God-fearing infidel! Look at you, you are still an immature young girl! With my love… Gufu!”




I lightly nudge him with the handle of the war hammer, and the archbishop rolls away.


“Koh, to do this to me, gofuh!”


After being lightly hit with the war hammer again, the archbishop rolled on the carpet.
It would seem that the purging was perfect as there was no sign of the guards coming even after all this.


“Ki, you, gyaa!”




“My love, gufu.”




“S, Sto, Stop, Gyaaa.”




I was so uncomfortable that I beat him several times in silence.
He was, after all, an archbishop, and so he nipped at my feet as he collapsed with fortitude.


“Hit, hit me more.
My Goddess…”




…Did I hit him a little too hard?


Apparently because I was wearing Saint Cloche, the archbishop misidentified me as a goddess or an incarnation of one, and I was able to obtain powerful connections and the Book of the Inner Sanctum without incident.


…I really hate this country.

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