ing out from the surface of the grilled meat, and although the only garnish was watercress, the rich red wine sauce was sparkling.

But just meat? There’s no salad or bread, but I’m a toddler, so do they think the meat alone is enough to fill me up?

“Come on, I’ll carve it for you.”

I nod my head as I hold the cutlery, and Ilaria cuts it into small pieces for me.

The meat is cooked to a medium rare, slightly red.
The juices flowed from the cross-section, and the aroma of spices and sauce tickled my nostrils.

I put a piece of meat in my mouth, wondering what was wrong with it, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw Meria and Maia turn away, looking pained.

I slowly chewed it.
It’s good beefy meat, and it doesn’t seem to be poisonous.
I continue chewing the meat normally, and–


I couldn’t take it and spit out a piece of meat.

What is this? It smells so foul.
It was delicious at first, but every time I chewed it, it smelled more and more foul, and the inside of my stomach started to churn.

“Young Lady!”

As Meiya and her daughter were about to run up to me, Ilaria interrupted them.

“Oh my goodness, young lady.
You can’t be selfish just because you’re a half-elf.
The Mistress has instructed me.
You mustn’t leave any behind.”


…Oh, right, the VRMMORPG.
In the setting, the forest elves do not eat the flesh and blood of beasts, even if they hunt them.
To be precise, it was a setting where they were constitutionally unable to eat meat.

Half-elves are still good and can eat bacon, but I can’t accept meat that smells like blood.
…It was the same in this Otome Game…

Is this just a form of harassment? I don’t want to kill her for something like this, but I do want to punish her just because I don’t like her.

I’m sure Ilaria won’t allow me to throw up until I’ve eaten everything.

Can I use VRMMORPG magic? I wondered.
But with my young body, I might be in danger of going berserk.

Can I use any of my items? The size of my armor is too different to be of any use at the moment.

I’m sure there were some items of interest, but I feel like I’m about to throw up, and I’m too sick to remember anything.

Something–something that I normally used and that–

“Set [Break Revolver].”

I whispered the command, and a black lump of metal appeared in my hand.

But it was too big and too heavy for me, and as it fell under the table, it bounced on the floor–and fired.


The bullet from the gun that was fired drilled a bullet hole in the ceiling, blowing a tuft of hair off the side of Illaria’s face, who had still sported a nasty smile on her face.

Oh, by the way, I don’t have the safety mechanism on with the gun loaded so that I can pull it out at any time to shoot.
That’s dangerous.

Ilaria’s red hair was blown off and scattered all over the place, and the fragments of debris fell from the ceiling.
Ilaria looked up awkwardly with a frozen, nasty smile still plastered on her face, and then she looked at me again and–

“Kiiiiiyyyaaaaaaaa!? It’s the curse of the “Abomination”…!”

She screamed and ran away, leaving me with my cutlery and Meiya and Maia with their mouths open.

By the way, what happened to my food?

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