Moving to a terrace away from the venue, I took a sneak peek at the party venue from there.


I thought there might be some new style because it was a different world, but there wasn’t anything particularly noteworthy.


If I had to pick one thing, it would be that the sound of the musical instruments and the dancing were a little off.


I wasn’t much of an athlete in my previous life, but in my current body, I could move as freely as I wanted to.


I became a little interested in it and began dancing to the music, taking the steps as I saw fit.


It was surprisingly easy to dance with this body.
I was having a little fun, so I just kept on dancing by myself.


“–What are you doing?”




I was completely caught off guard.
I quickly turned around to slash down the person with my Ridil to shut them up, but the person I saw was a dark-haired boy about the same age as my current self–probably 14-15 years old–staring at me curiously.


“Are you… a half-elf?”




“Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean anything bad.
I just didn’t think there were non-humans in this castle.”


The aristocratic-looking boy hurriedly apologized to my alarmed face.


“Half-elf, what?”


“I recently returned from studying abroad in another country and was surprised to find that there were also elves and beastmen attending the school.
Of course, I am friends with them.”


In short, was he saying that there was no need for me to be cautious? He looked very calm even though he was still a boy, and he didn’t even confirm who I was and why I was here, but when I let my guard down, he let out a light breath and looked up at the night sky while leaning his hand on the terrace railing.


“I finally realized that the nobility in this country is strange when I was away from it.
In other countries, it’s not unusual to find subhuman nobles, you know? Oh, and don’t mention this to anyone, okay?”




“Yes, will you dance with me for a moment? Apparently, I’m not well-liked by the nobility of this country, so I don’t have a partner.”


I wonder if he saw me dancing alone earlier.
A little embarrassed, I involuntarily took the hand that was offered to me.


“…If only for a bit.”


In the moonlight, we danced quietly to the music that could be heard in the distance.


My dancing was still inadequate, but he seemed to be used to it and took the lead.


After dancing for a song or so, we both pulled away and distanced ourselves.


“Can we…meet again?”


“…If you stay the same.”


We just exchanged those words, and I disappeared into the darkness of the night, and he stared at the place where I had disappeared.




“Your Highness, Your Highness Camille, there you are!”


“…Prime Minister.”


On the empty terrace, the dark-haired boy frowned at the grinning face of the man who came to call him.


“Today is your homecoming party after returning from your study abroad.
What will it be like without the star of the show, right, Your Royal Highness?”




Camille thought to himself what did the man who had sent him away to another country have to say about this?


He was the younger brother of the current king, and had a different mother.
Born to the third queen, he had been sent away a year before the previous king’s death, and his brother had ascended to the throne during that time.


“And, rejoice, we have at last found a noblewoman to be your wife.”


“I see…”


Of course, a daughter with problems would be assigned to him, so as not to get in the way of the crown prince, who himself was his brother’s son.


Camille, who had walked out of the room without even asking, stopped at the Prime Minister’s final, mocking tone behind his back.


“The abominable child of the Arceides frontier count family.
She’s a half-elf with black hair, though.”

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