around level 70, so it was a threat to me at that time, but later in the game, when level caps were increased, a high-level player could hunt him normally with only three people.


I did not know the level of this dark dragon, but I should be serious for now.


I ignored the breath of fire.
The defense of Witch Dress works great in times like this.


“[Death Slug]”




When I unleash a [Combat Skill] with my magic gun break revolver, the dark dragon lets out a pained groan and retreats.


I was also damaged by fire breath…huh? It didn’t hurt that much, and not even 10% of my HP was dropped.


‘You dare to inflict this much pain on me!’




The dragon screamed in pain as I caught its fangs with Ridil and slashed at it while spinning with [Sword Dance].


What happened? The dragon did not look much different from a level 60 dragon.


No, it may be high level, but it seems to have raised its level through non-combat skills.
The level 90 Nidhogg was 90 with mostly combat skills, so its attacks were extremely painful….


“…Set [Saint Cloche]”.


Changing into Saint Cloche, which had the highest defense, I slowly approached the dark dragon, who looked alarmed now that he had felt the pain.


”Don’t come near me!!!”


“Nn [Enchant Strength]”


I caught the roaring dark dragon and cast a spell on myself to temporarily increase my muscle strength, then pushed the dark dragon to the ground.


‘Ki, you!’


“Yoshi, yoshi, yoshi!”


‘No, stop, let go of me! Don’t stroke my chin! Don’t stroke my belly, stop it, oh……–”


After enjoying the fluff of the dark dragon for a while, I realized that two hours had passed, and the huge dark dragon was limp in my arms.


”…Stop, stop…”


“Oh, right.


It seemed that I had won before I knew it.
It was no wonder that the dark dragon’s fur was more fluffy than I had expected.


At any rate, having made peace with the dark dragon, I decided to stop trying to eliminate it and keep it as a guard dog here.


It had lived in this land for thousands of years, but it didn’t have much experience in battle because everyone ran away when the dragon came.


`Even the demon tribe that lived in this land ran away just at the sight of me, so…’




There was another perspective of history found here.
Weren’t these areas the land that the daemon tribe took from the humans during the war a hundred years ago?

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