When I sneaked out of the house at night in hunter mode, I saw two men standing outside the mansion, along the wall of a neighboring mansion.


It was suspicious.
I should take them down as soon as possible.
If I could find evidence after defeating them, I would report them as guilty (Distraction).


“Set [Snipe Bow]”.


I took out a bow with a special effect from my Bag.
I didn’t want to get the area around my house dirty because if it was the magic bow Gandiva, the main armament of Arjuna Cloche, it would just turn them into pieces of meat if I made a bad shot.


Arjuna Cloche had a white Body and Legs, but it would be much better to completely cover it with my dark green cloak, which would increase my concealment.
After all, the set is basically paper armor.
Covert snipe would be ideal.


From the top of a tree, I slowly draw the bow with a copper arrow and shoot the two of them.


“[Double Shot]”


This was a Range Skill Level 40 [Combat Skill], Double Shot.
This won’t change the power, but it allows the user to shoot at two targets at the same time.


Only one arrow is consumed by this….
I wonder how this skill does it?






One of them collapsed, and the other one, bewildered, gave up on his motionless partner and quickly ran away.


Tsk, he was alive…what a joke.
Well, I actually didn’t intend to kill them that easily.
The other one was just knocked unconscious by the special effect [Paralysis] from the snipe bow.


I descend from the tree and examine the unconscious man’s belongings.




How come this guy had a girl’s underwear that seemed to be Maia’s?


There must be some mistake.
How could he do such a thing? I was so upset that I took the underwear and put it on his head, broke the bones in his arms and legs, and left him there.


Now then, time to start tracking down the other one.


That was right, I let him go on purpose. 


I didn’t change my plans because the Paralysis effect didn’t work.


I pursued the man by sprinting on a wall while wearing the Arjuna Cloche.


I wondered what I would do if he ran into the guards, but it looked like he was able to make it back to his base.


He was circling through various locations while fleeing, perhaps fearful of being pursued, but after a while he entered a large mansion.


I wonder whose mansion it was? It was quite heavily guarded.
Still, it would not be enough to prevent a high-level player like me from tracking him.


“[Eagle Eye]”


I used the Range Skill [Eagle Eye].
This allowed me to increase my hit rate in low visibility areas and find hidden objects.




I found what looks like an entrance to a basement in the garden.
Should I try to break in from there?


“[Open Lock]”


I used a lock-opening spell, probably an original one from this game, to break in.
It was the first time I used it in real life, but I wondered how it works.


It was dimly lit inside, but to a player’s eyesight this was not a problem.


After a while, there was a door again, and after confirming that no one was there, I entered it and found some paper-like objects… pictures? I went into a small room with a large amount of paper.


I wonder what it is… I turned on Magic Light to see what it was.




I froze for a few seconds before leaving the hidden passageway and walking away from the estate, climbing to the top of the clock tower, which was about a kilometer away.


This looks like a good place.






A roar echoed from the city, and people screamed.


After confirming that I was able to destroy that basement from the outside, I ran away before I was discovered.


No mercy for stalkers.

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