In my previous life, I was also a quiet person with long black hair, so a stalker had been following me since I was in the upper grades of elementary school, convinced that I was someone else, so based on that thumb rule, I think the possibility was high.


Even though I didn’t know who the stalker was, I obtained information from an unexpected source just as I was about to start a full-fledged extermination mission.


“Hello Carol, how have you been? Oh, Bunny-san would be fine as long as she eats grass, right? I envy you savage sub-humans.
It’s not easy for a human body because it can die so easily.”




Are you talking about yourself or the people you tried to kill?


Flare came to our house after a long time, spitting venom.
What the hell was she doing here?


The cosmetics I wholesale to Flare were collected by the assassin maid under her command, so there should be no need for us to meet in person.


“The next batch isn’t ready yet.”


“Oh my, do you really think I’m going to show up for something as trivial as collecting an order? If you’re so incompetent as to miss a deadline, I’ll send an assassin out that very day, just like I did with the merchant who tried to find out about your relationship with me.”




Flare was being Flare as usual.


It was not a bad situation, but she didn’t seem to understand the importance of at least giving a warning before visiting.


“…What do you want?”


“You’re so boring.
I’ve come to warn you because my friend Bunny-san is in trouble.”




“Recently, a certain noble family has been looking into you.
The Bunny-san here.
He’s the same age as us, but I think he’s taken an interest in you.
He’s got bad taste.”




Did you think I’m going to tell you that? They are looking for a young, dark-haired half-elf, so I told them.
That sounds like fun.




Sigh, yeah, Flare is just being Flare.


Flare had apparently come to inform me that I was being investigated and to see me in distress.


And it was me who was being stalked.
What nonsense.


Flare did not tell me who this aristocrat bonbon was anyway.


I didn’t remember encountering that dangerous-looking person….


Okay, time to get rid of the stalker.
Stalkers must die.
Stalkers should not be given human rights, so I doubt that eliminating them would be a crime.


“Setup [Arjuna Cloche]”

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