I did not have a choice.
I made sure there were no other people around and mumbled a “Command”.


“…Set Off [Witch Dress].”


The Witch Dress popped off and went back into the bag, and I was back to my five-year-old self, dressed in a regular one-piece dress.




After returning to normal, I felt really sleepy.
Would it be inappropriate if I slept here? I walked out of the rest area and into the backyard, where I lay down under a tree near the pond.


After a half-hour nap, I should feel much better.
Good night.




“――Hey, hey, you”




When I opened my eyes slightly to see someone shaking my shoulder, I noticed a small child staring at me with a slightly terrified expression on his face.




“…have you awakened? My name is Maro.
…you’re an elf, are you alright? “




The boy, Maro, was about my age – I was a little smaller than most five-year-olds, so Maro must have been about four.
I wondered if he was one of the staff’s children.


“You were asleep, are you hurt?”




“…I see.”


Apparently, he was worried about me.
Is he a typical, well-behaved kid? But I think he was a bit timid and lacked courage.


“I’m a Half-Elf, are you scared?”




I asked him, and Maro looked a little surprised, then shook his head hurriedly.


“No, I’m not scared.
…I was scared when I saw Elf-san for the first time, but you’re not scary.”




I had been involved with so many unusual kids lately, like Alice and Flare, that it was a relief to see a normal kid.


“What’s Maro doing here?”


“I’m staying here until my father is done with his business.
I’m a little weak.”


Because of his fragility, he was told to relax in the backyard.
He must be concerned about my health because of this.
He was a fine young man.


But since he said [Father], maybe he was a child of a nobleman or a great person? However, he did not seem to be a sub-human hater? If that’s the case–


“Maro, do you want to play?”



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