Frail Young Boy [Part 1]


Exclusive equipment – [Saint Cloche].


This was one of the three types of exclusive equipment I created in the VRMMORPG, and it specialized in recovery and defense, and it also had “radical” performance.


Head [Recovery Magic MP Consumption Reduction 40%] MP consumption is reduced only for recovery magic.


Body [Physical Attack and Magic Attack Resistance 20%.] 20% resistance to all attacks.


Waist [HP 10% + MP 15% Increase] Increases maximum HP and MP.


Arm [Increase effectiveness of light attribute magic by 20%].


Feet [HP/MP recovery speed increase 20%] HP and MP natural recovery speed is increased.


Wand [Magic Activation Range Extended by 3 times] The activation range of ranged magic is increased.


The performance was quite risky, and a little too focused.

The idea was to be able to heal without dying during boss fights.


The defense was Rank B at 350, equivalent to a shield, allowing the user to continue the recovery process even if the boss attacked the user due to gaining too much hatred from the boss, or if the user was caught in a ranged attack.


That’s why I got the nickname [Indomitable White Tower] when I equipped it….


But, in order to achieve this cheat-like performance, I had to pay a pretty steep price, and I couldn’t even run while wearing this equipment.


Let me say it again.
I cannot run.
I couldn’t jump, I was unable to avoid attacks, I was unable to move, I could only walk.


I would need to change my clothes after arriving at the site, so my [bag] was ready.


And as for her appearance, of course, it strongly reflects my gamer brain.


The body equipment was a pure white Chinese dress with fine silver thread embroidery.
The hem of the dress goes down to the ankles, and the slits on either side go all the way up to the top of the thighs.
…I often wonder what I was thinking when I created this.


The bodysuit was cloth, but the shoulders and arm guards were silver metal armor, or gauntlets.
It even had spikes on the fists, but I have never used them to hit anything.
By this point, I had only raised my grappling skill to about level 40.


The head was a silver half-helmet covering my ears, forehead and eyes.


The feet were silver metallic short boots.


And the waist equipment was… white stockings.
They were not bare legs, so please stop shooting photos of them.


Lastly, the two-meter-long wand was disguised as a war hammer.
However, the cane’s power was mediocre.
I used it to defeat the assassins who attacked me suddenly and without warning.


With this, I have finished transporting the daemons back to their original village and received the magical tools as a reward, but I wonder if I could still use them.


There was a simple defensive barrier for the base among them, which was also found in the VRMMO, and although the shape was slightly different, if it was usable, it could be used when I leave this country.


With that in mind, I grabbed some magic tools and headed for the magic guild.


But before I left, I felt a little tired, so I decided to take a long nap later, which was why I left in the middle of the day.


Well, I was actually tired.


Although it was an unexpected situation, I had to fight against dozens of people in a chase.
I even used 8th-class magic at the end, so I felt fatigued.


It was not a problem for my original player’s strength, but Carol, the five-year-old one, was in tired mode.


Anyway, it was fine if I went out for a bit.


I changed into the witch’s equipment and went out.
This was still the most reassuring, when it comes to strength.
The saint’s armor had better defense, but I couldn’t run! (Important)




Taking a peek at the entrance to the Magician’s Guild to see if Alice was selling pretzels… I was seriously starting to get traumatized by that presence.


Apparently, she won’t be here today.
Is she at the Adventurers’ Guild? Not that I was going to go there to check.

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