Armor of the Saint [Part 1]


What a disaster.


While I was away, the Daemon Village was attacked by a group of humans.


It may appear to be someone else’s problem,but I had already established a working relationship with them, and they were simply wary of me and never thanked me.


“…and where’re the others?”


“Oh, you…”


Still, I was not strong enough to overlook the crisis before me.


I would feel guilty if I left too many people to die.


As I cast recovery magic on the few still alive, I asked them about the situation.
They told me that people in armor had attacked them from the forest, leaving only a few of their soldiers on the ground to hold them off.
At the same time, the other villagers fled deeper into the forest, and the humans chased them.


Were the people I saw recently scouting for them? But armor…Are slave hunters so heavily armed these days? I was thinking of the bandits in furs.
They must be making a lot of money.


The slave hunters seemed to be upbeat.


Then I proposed that we hurry up and go after them.
It would be bad if they caused further damage.


After all, there was no such thing as “Resurrection Magic” in this world.


VRMMOs had spells for Resurrection of the Dead.
Well, that would be given for an MMO game.


I wasn’t certain if this world had a spell like that.
Still, after researching existing spells, I have unlocked the 6th Class of recovery magic, [Resurrection]–that [Resurrection] magic.


But no matter how many times I tested it on monsters, it was no more effective than cardiac electroshock immediately after death.


In the VRMMO, I could use Resurrection even after a whole day in-game had passed…


I wonder if it was a soul problem or a life force problem.
Still, I think it would be acceptable in a life-or-death situation but ineffective in a case where the person had been clearly dead for some time.


For now, I say let’s go after the slave hunters who went after the Daemons.


It would be a hassle for me to feel responsible, so I had no choice but to help them.
Therefore, I should not be misunderstood.


“[All Protection]”


I cast a self-protection spell and headed for the forest.


Originally, I would have applied an automatic recovery type for physical and magical strength and a speed increase type, but they were not unlocked yet.


I headed in the direction I was told to go using body enhancement.
After about 10 minutes, I came upon a group of four people dressed in dark cloaks.


Were these the humans on a slave hunt? I couldn’t tell if they were allies or enemies, so I made a quick noise as I approached.


“There they are, the Daemons!”


“Cheeky Daemons!”


One of them shouts, and two of them draw something resembling a bow.
Yes, they were confirmed to be my enemies.


“[Ice Storm]”






The 5th Class Range Magic Ice Storm was released, without giving them any time to escape.


It was a small round with normal magic power, but it would be enough against low-level humans.
If they were lucky, they would still be alive.


I kept searching and found another group of four people with the same dark cloaks as the ones I had left behind.
They were also silenced with Ice Storm.
[Ice Storm] was slow, but it didn’t make too much noise.




After another few minutes in the forest, I found the same group again, but they had captured two young Daemon women and were pointing their spears at them.


“[Ice Lance]”




“What was that!?”


“Something’s coming!”


The opening [Ice Lance] killed the one who was pointing the spear at them, and then






I used [Blackout] magic with an expanded range to take away their vision, and then hit them with a zanbatou to knock them down.


Even if it was unavoidable, it would be pitiful to take their lives immediately, but since the opponent was only a slave hunter, there was only a marginal difference in our abilities.


Even though they were against Daemons, they were ready to harm others for their own reasons.


“Are you okay?”


“”Ye, yes.””


I called out to them, and the two women, who were a little older than me, responded cautiously.


“Where are the others?”


“Over there, yes.
The elders are being chased by the humans.”


“Please, help us, Witch-sama!”




I’m relieved that I wasn’t mistaken for someone else, since they were the ones who asked me to help them.


While I went after the other villagers, I asked them to take the injured people in the village and evacuate them.
A few minutes later, I heard the sounds of metal clashing a short-distance away.


“I found them.”

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