The Orc King’s eyes widened in astonishment as I, who was several times smaller than him, managed to parry his ax strike.


It would appear we were evenly matched in terms of power, but I had the advantage in terms of speed.
We clashed blades several times, and each time the Orc King was slashed by me.


I still needed a clean hit to do significant damage.
The Orc King’s remaining HP would be around half by now.


A few seconds left….




The Orc King brandished his battleax in a unique stance.


Perhaps it used a [Combat Skill] for a two-handed ax, or [Hughley], a triple strike.
The more damage it takes, the more powerful it becomes.
Even with my current defense, it would easily cut me down to half if I took on the blow directly.




“I am faster, I guess.”


Pulling out my Break Revolver with my left hand, I pointed it at the Orc King’s defenseless torso as it raised its ax.


“[Death Slug]”




With a roaring sound, a large hole was drilled into the torso of the Orc King.


It was a [Combat Skill]–Death Slug from the Magic Gun skill set.
An attack that increases the power by 5x.
The advantage was that it could be shot without the need for a buildup, which was the characteristic of a magic gun, but the disadvantage was that the hit rate was low.


In the VRMMO, it could miss even if shot at close range, but in reality, it hits properly if shot at close range.


Break Revolver’s basic attack power was 30 + 10 from Copper Bullets, 176 including correction.
Even with the Orc King’s defense, the damage reached over 380 with a 5x shot.


The Cooldown Time of Combat Skills was short, so my arm was sore.


For reference, high-level players with skill limits released up to 100 could solo hunt the Ancient Class Boss Characters.


It consumed a lot of MP, as expected, but not so much that it became a problem for me.




When I returned to the location where Harry was with my magic gun, Break Revolver in my left hand and the Zanbatou Ridil slung over my right shoulder, he looked at me with a stunned expression, his mouth hanging open as if his jaw would fall off.


“Is this the end of the request?”


“…O, Ooh.”


I called out, and Harry, who had finally returned to his senses, replied in a panicked voice.


I thought about shoving a skewer of mystery meat into his gaping mouth.
Nonetheless, I decided against it because it would have been a terrible waste.


I picked up Harry again and ran back through the forest.
I could have returned by myself using [space transfer], so he shouldn’t complain.


The villagers of the Daemon Tribe did not cheer when we returned with the Orc King’s head in less than three hours, and for some reason, they kept us at a distance.
How terrible.


That was the end of the day, and the move would happen later.


I couldn’t make plans right away because the villagers needed to prepare, and I needed to schedule my own half-day away from home.
Could I, however, take that much time during the day?




Two days later, after I realized that it would be impossible, I went to the village of the Daemon Tribe, hoping that they could move at night.




Several Daemons had fallen, and the village was razed to the ground.


I rushed over to them and found a few people who were still breathing, so I asked them what was going on while performing recovery magic.


“Ah, they… a group of humans attacked us.”

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